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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Friday, October 23, 2020

(On DE Josh Allen's return from injury) "Yeah, I think obviously it's going to be big for us. Coming back, he's worked hard, he's had a good week. So, I know he's excited to get on the field. So, it definitely can give us that boost that we need."

(On K Josh Lambo's return from IR) "Yeah, I think a lot of times, you watch what's going on during the week and it's gone well, and then you get out there in a game and you kind of get thrown a little bit when someone—you know, if they miss an extra point or they miss a field goal. I think that's when it really starts to really change for you. Where a guy like Josh [Lambo] has been really consistent. He's had a good week, he's been able to strike the ball well, feels good, came back in the next day, felt good, because the next day is always a tough one when you get a bunch of work. And it's good. I mean, he's been really consistent for us, you know, one of the top guys in the league as far as percentage wise. And like I said before, I never really used to think about it when we sent him out there—to be able to make those field goals. And I think it's a point now where I trust him, he feels good, and it definitely puts your mind at ease that you're not thinking about that as that team takes the field to kick an extra point or a field goal."

(On the excitement to go to a new venue or new city in the league) "No, I don't know. I don't think I'm as big as—I'm more into the older places, stadiums and things of that nature. I think the history about a place to me are things that intrigue me personally. So, when I go to venues as the older ones, I like to think about the history that's been done there. Where this brand new, so the only thing—like I said, I talked to the quarterbacks today, trying to make sure we know where the clock is. I think that's the one thing that I've always tried to make sure that we knew where those clocks were in the end zone, so we know where to keep our eyes. And then the expectation now, when you go to all these new stadiums, is it's all state-of-the-art; the locker rooms are great. You don't have to worry about, like years ago, where everybody was on top of each other, or everything was close, or it was dirty or whatever it may be. These stadiums now are really unbelievable and I expect this one to be the same."

(On the substitution plan if OL A.J. Cann cannot play on Sunday) "Probably—We're looking at a substitution plan right now; which obviously can change during the course of a game. If someone's really playing well or playing hot, we think we can get good production out of it. And again, it's not a knock on Ben [Bartch]. I thought he did some good things last week, there's times that he did really well and there's times that he got beat; which is going to happen with young players. But I feel that he's going to come along well. And to have a guy like Tyler Shatley, that's really been a staple, has really stepped in for Brandon Linder at center and played really well. And you know, he's played guard at times. So, we're just going to look at the matchups in there and see who we feel good against. But right now, our plan is if A.J. can't go, then we would get in some type of substitution."

(On the plan for the free safety position on Sunday) "We'll have Brandon Watson. He'll start at free safety, we'll flex Doug Middleton."