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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone - September 13, 2020

(Opening statement) "Obviously, the one thing about this team—I'm sure you'll have a lot of questions and there [were] a lot of good performances and 'Why the young guys?' But the one thing that—even as the game started and the ebbs and flows of the game, I never really—at least for me, I can't speak for anyone else—I always felt like we were going to get better as the game went along. We were going to constantly find someone to make a play for us and keep it moving forward. And I think kind of what you saw today in the game is probably the best indication of what this team has done in training camp. I think this team has been through some things. This team has stuck together. This team relies on each other, for someone to come up with a play. And they continue to keep getting better. When you watch the game and you watch the effort, you tip your hat off to Indy. I mean, they're one of the—they're picked to win the division and they're one of the best teams in the league. They've got really good football players, they've got good skill, they've got good schemes. In a way, we made some plays. I thought we gave up yardage, but when it was time to stop them, we stopped them. They hit us on the two screens, which were great calls, and they got the blockage out there. I thought, we on offense, we took advantage, today, of the turnovers—which is a big key in any game, especially early on. I thought in the beginning, our tackling, we missed some tackles, but I thought we really started cleaning that up as the game went along. We had guys step up. One of our safeties comes out of the game, Andrew [Wingard] goes in there and comes up with a great play. I mean, really great play. He's sitting all over it, he sees it, he drives on that ball. Fourth down stop early was a big play—I mean, you're going to wind up talking about a lot of plays within the game. But at the end of the day, I was just worried—not worried, I was just thinking to myself: well we're just going to the next play whatever happens here, and we'll get something done."

(On the play that DT Abry Jones made on the fourth-and-1 that flipped the momentum of the game) "Yeah he came up big. And you know, when I got over, when he came off the field on the sideline, I got the iPad on the side and I flipped it up right away to see who made the play. It was Big Abe [Abry Jones] sitting in that hole. I'm like, 'Gosh, Abe. What'd you do before that? There was nobody on you, you better have made that play.' He's a guy—he's been solid. And I think this is the point that I'm trying to make about this team. If it wasn't Abe, it would've been someone else, it would've been somebody else in there. And it was a great effort, like I said, you look early on—I mean, the effort on that field was outstanding. And I think—but you guys are out there, you watch how these guys practice. They practiced with great effort. So that was able to carry out onto the field. And it wasn't the ups and the downs, you totally just felt like, 'We're in it, we're battling, and we know it could come down to the end and we're just going to keep going.' So those guys did a good job. Early on we were on the field quite a bit, but I thought the rotation was good and we were able to get him in there, feeling good, late in the drive where he's able to come up with a big play at that 4th down stop."

(On RB James Robinson's performance in his NFL debut) "Yeah, I'm probably the toughest guy to talk about James from the standpoint that—you guys know what I've done. I liked what I saw early on, I went back and watched all of his film and you get people saying, 'Well, hey listen, on Sunday, free agent, it was this, it was that.' And I'm thinking, I don't know a lot about that stuff. Yes, it's all true. All I can tell you is what I see the guy do on the field, and unless he just, for lack of a better term, 'poops the bed' when the lights are on, I feel that this guy is going to be a good football player. And I think—I didn't realize that one play, when he jumped up and came through that tackle, I didn't think he had that in him. So I'm not going to test all that in practice."

(On CB CJ Henderson's performance) "Yeah, I mean, we've seen that from CJ all along. I mean, he's a guy that really has great ability and has the ability to make plays and really be a difference-maker. I think there's probably some technique stuff that we'll keep going and correct. And that's what's great about CJ. He's constantly wanting to learn, he constantly wants to be a better football player, and we think he's a heck of a player now. So I think a young player like that, all of a sudden you get out there, thrown out there, not a lot of people saying things and you get your first pick in the first game, plus-two in the turnover bracket. That's a lot, I mean, he did a nice job. He broke on the ball—but he's been doing that in camp, so the one thing, if someone said, 'Hey were you surprised?' I'd say, 'No.' Because you could see his footwork, you could see what he does, and you could see how hard he works when he's out there. And the greatest part about CJ is just really how important it is to him."

(On whether this is the product of revamping the locker room) "I mean, that's probably a better question for the coaches. I'm looking forward with this team. I've always been constantly pushing this team, I've never gone back, I've never said, 'Hey, we've had this problem, we've had this problem, or I didn't like this, or I didn't like that.' It's just been a really—what's been amazing is—you know, I think a lot of us sometimes we can tend to lose faith in team, just the word team. And this team has really instilled that faith for me. And I can only talk about myself, about how they feel about each other, how close I feel to them—I feel, with no disrespect to any other team I've been on, outside of just being a line coach and having your own room, this is the closest I've felt to a team since I've been a head coach."

(On QB Gardner Minshew II's efficient performance) "Like what did I see from him out of the week? Or? I think he's been efficient for us in camp. I think—one of the first questions, if you remember, when we first came back, 'Hey what did Gardner work on? What did he need to work on?' That was a big question early on, which is normal that people are going to ask those things. We ask for a couple things: 'Hey listen, we want a better completion percentage.' We talked about that, we wanted to be able to score touchdowns when we get in the red zone, we wanted to be able to protect the football. So it's just one game in, you can pretty much check all the boxes of all the things that we were looking to improve upon. And I'm sure there [are] some things early on, there might've been some opportunities or things like that. Gardner is, like I said before, I don't know like that personality that everyone tells me about—which I could see him having a great personality—yeah, I see more of the accountant. So I see a guy that's going to, when he's playing and he's out there, he's going. And then when he's off and he's looking at things, like 'Ugh, I've got to do this better, I've got to do that better.' And that's pretty much the way he's been since he's come here and I don't see him changing. I think when you have that type of attitude, you continue to do a good job."

(On WR Laviska Sheanult Jr.'s performance today) "I mean, just kind of everything that we've seen in practice. I don't think—unless like what I said before in my one statement 'poop the bed', just totally freeze—which does happen, I mean, I'm not going to say it doesn't. Trying to get him the touches, getting him touches in the back field, you can see how strong of a runner he is. But the one thing I knew, when he got the underneath crossing route caught, he's such a physical guy, a big strong receiver that I really felt like, 'Hey listen, it's going to be hard to tackle this guy,' going into the season because we haven't done any live tackling in that situation. I think he made a really good play on the sideline with the big gain, that was a tough catch. He turned his body around, caught the ball, so it's good. I think he's a guy that can do a lot of different things."

(On the offensive line's performance today) "Yeah I think we put a lot on them. I mean, we've been talking about it the whole time. I think—I thought that there were times that we had really good protection, there [were] two breakdowns, Jawaan [Taylor] broke down on one, on a good inside move and [Justin] Houston got around on Cam [Robinson] on the one and we could've done a better job there. I'm talking about coaching-wise to help them out. Jay [Gruden] and I talked when the play was over. But overall, I thought early on, they did a really nice job. I thought they were opening some holes, they were moving around on a couple of those plays, you could see that Gardner [Minshew] had time. We knew going into the game, I've said it before, we were going to be challenged schematically by what Indy does on defense. They do a really good job with their leverage, they really do a good job on crosses, they really do a nice job. So we needed some of that protection to be able to push the ball a little bit. So I thought it was a really good start for those guys. But again, they're like everybody else, they're hard on themselves and they're going to want to play better and that's good. But I think they got off to a solid start against a good football team. You know, they're good up front, in the front seven."

(On LB Myles Jack's performance in his new weakside "Will" linebacker position) "Yeah, I felt good about that, during the week I felt really good. I think when you look [at] last year, there [were] a lot of things that hurt us in a certain area of the field, throwing the football wise. And we were able to get Myles there and really work hard on it. You know, [Philip] Rivers has always had a lot of success with a lot of things. And at times, depending on what your call [is], that Will linebacker is the guy that's going to be there one-on-one or be able to make the play. So again, saw the tough physical, saw the tackling coming up, you see Joe [Schobert] directing everyone. So I was very happy with that. And I think, like I said before, the best part about this team—even if I say, whatever I say, I can say it's great and everything, they're going to say, 'Ugh I've got to work on this, I've got to get better at this.' And that's what I'm talking about [with] this football team. And I really – I know we're working to get better every day and we're working to push. No matter what happened today, win or lose—and I know if we lost it would've been awful—and we won. But I really believe that this team will get better as we get going."