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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On QB Jake Luton's performance, especially the last two-minute drive) "We take one thing at a time. I think that I was impressed with a lot of things, just the plays in-and-out, no delays of game. I thought he made some really nice throws. I thought there were some that, obviously, you're going to want to have back. I think when you're first-time starting and you're down by a score and a 2-point conversion and you lead your team down the field to potentially tie the game with a 2-point conversion, I think that's another checkmark. So, there's a lot of checkmarks. And everybody's going to ask me—I got asked on the radio show which I do prior to this—Gardner [Minshew II] right now is not throwing, so there's no decision, really, to make right now. So, I'm not really looking at the future because it's going to take me a while to get over this one. I'm kind of pissed."

(On whether K Josh Lambo had an injury during the onside kick) "Yeah, he did."

(On whether K Josh Lambo's injury was on the same hip) "It sounds like the same area that it was before. I don't know any more about that. What I do, just so you guys know, not like I'm hiding—by the time I do the radio and I come here and do this, when I get back, the doctors get through everyone and then I meet with them. And that's when I have a better idea of what it is. But it didn't look good."

(On the explanation from the officials on the delay of game on the touchdown to Texans WR Will Fuller V) "Yeah, they—nope, none. I mean, they didn't see it. There's only one person responsible for it. That's what he—the back judge is responsible for the play clock. The other officials don't look at it, it's only one person."

(On if that is why he's upset) "I'm not going to do anything. I'm not going to say anything stupid. I think you guys realize it."

(On the positives of the team playing well on both sides of the ball) "I mean, these guys have played hard. I mean, and I know, a lot of times in this, that's what the coaches all say. But I think it's—you guys are good enough, smart enough, to know. If they weren't, you'd call me out on it, or call them out, and they are. I hope that you can see that we're trying a lot of different things. I mean, we tried a lot of different things, different packages today. I think you were able to see that and some of those packages helped us get pressure on the quarterback. At times, we had really good calls and credit to Deshaun Watson, he got out of it and made some plays. So, those things and then Laviska [Shenault Jr.] got injured early in the game, he has a hamstring and you know, we had a lot of things planned for him to do things with. But I thought we did a decent job. I think the thing that you get disappointed with—all of us, I'm not just saying it's me—it's 10 points in the first quarter were those drives were penalties. I thought the other one was an uncatchable ball, but it was deemed catchable, so it's the pass interference on that. I thought [Chris] Claybrooks made the big return. We were able to get points right before the half. Jake [Luton] at least made the play to put us there. So, really, you think about 2-minutes before the half, 2-minutes at the end of the game, the guy made two plays there. Then, I thought the swing on the potential delay of game was big, because now it goes to third-and-really long. And instead, it's seven points the other way. So, those are the things that happened. And like I said, you're tested, I feel like I'm tested because you don't expect those types of things. But it's hard. I mean, you talk to a football team afterwards, what do you say? I talked to them and I've just got to figure out a way and we've just got to keep going. But we've got eight games left and there are some things, obviously Mark, there were some things that went well and there were some things that we need to clear up. We've just got to keep going, keep going forward."

(On the defensive performance with the changes in the defense this week) "Yeah, I thought we put Doug [Middleton] out there because his production has been high and had a little bit amount of snaps, going in. but the production was high, so we wanted to see if we could increase the snaps where his production level is. I thought he did a couple good things in there. I don't know the exact counts, you know what I'm saying? Doug's productivity was high, and we didn't have a lot of snaps, so we wanted to increase his snaps. And I thought he did a nice job. I mean, I'm going to have to go and really watch it because it's an interior play. So, I'm looking at the total concept of it. But he was a guy that we felt pretty good about. Think about it, he was a free agent and we put him on the roster of 53 at the start of the season. So, we did that. And then, basically we were trying to play both Josh [Jones] and Daniel [Thomas] down today, more heavy down in the box. So, we felt like, 'Hey Josh has played well.' So, I brought Josh in and Josh has done a nice job, he's made a lot of plays for us. But Daniel is also a guy that's a playmaker and we just have two guys that are really one position. So, I just wanted to make sure we had Daniel in there. And I thought that playing Daniel every couple series would make—my thought process was to get better production out of that."

(On his personal assessment of his goal to accomplish 'some crazy stuff' this week) "Yeah, I think we did some different things. I think they helped us, so I think we'll take a good look on whether we'll expand on it. I think it's a little bit more difficult to do that stuff on offense. You know, we've got a young quarterback, we want to make sure we train him properly and get him off to a good start. So, I think a lot of those things go into play. But I think when Laviska went down early on, like I said earlier, we had some things with him, but that got nixed. So, at the end of the day, we just judge. We've got to win. I mean, we've got to figure out how we can keep this thing going and keep these guys playing and put them in positions where they can make some plays and we can get a win."

(On whether giving S Doug Middleton more snaps was part of the 'crazy stuff' category) "No, I think that stuff—you know, after I said it, when I said that, I knew I was in trouble. I knew that I was going to get a lot of these types of questions later on. And that's why earlier in the week I tried to say, 'Listen, I know what I said,' but [Associated Press Reporter] Mark [Long], I believe was the one that asked and I'm like, 'Ugh. Here we go, this is going to be a big thing. We're going to be judged on it.' And then, obviously, Gardner had the injury and Jake came in. So, that's just poor public relations, poor communication on my part. I apologize for that."

(On QB Jake Luton's poise and performance) "Yeah, I think you're going to have that. You're going to have some of those plays that aren't going to look good. But there are some of them that are really impressive. I think what I try to do is, or how I'm going to try to explain this is how to give you just the mindset or the—You guys can see body language or you can see them on the field, right? So, there's not an issue with that. So, for me, all those other things that I talked about – the first time he gets hit or the first time all those pressures come, or someone winds up coming free—which happened early in the game and you see him roll into the right and you see. So, one of the things I was impressed with was his eyes down the field. He missed [Keelan] Cole on that one play down the field that could've been a big play. So, when under duress, you see him still working to push the football down the field. And then, at the end of the game, you saw him have the ability to take off and go. So, I think those things go to one of the things that you look for, checking the boxes. I thought communication-wise, just his getting in-and-out, not getting delays of game—a lot of that stuff happens early in someone's career, you could have those situations. So, being able to spit the plays out, get everybody lined up. And then really, the two two-minute drives, especially the one at the end, he's a guy that has zero work. We tried to get in some extra work with him on two-minute at the end of the day and I thought he really handled himself well throughout the four quarters. So, there's a lot of things that you can check; good here, good here, good here. [His] communication on the sideline, what he's seeing, what's going on, there's a lot of that. And I'm sure he wants some throws back, but some of those throws, like you guys were able to see, some of them—you know, the one to [Tyler] Eifert was a heck of a throw and obviously there's a couple more."

(On whether he ever envisioned QB Jake Luton having the ability to scramble run from 13-yards out like he did) "On radio I got asked and someone said Jake said he wasn't that athletic, but he looked athletic on that play. I think when I watched him in college, he was athletic enough. He had pretty good pocket poise, keeping his eyes down the field, which I think is important. I think that run showed that he can move. He looked like he had pretty decent pocket presence as far as left, right, stepping up, all those things. So, I would say, on that play, he made a spin move and scored. So, I mean, it's hard to say that he's not athletic, being able to do that. Ball security is one. He was getting ready to throw it, he was about to rip it and the guy knocked it out of his hands. Those things occur. So, there's a lot of things but I would say it's impressive when you think about no offseason, just training camp, not receiving any reps and then getting thrown in there. So, there's a lot of ways to write that story about the kid."

(On message to the team after a tough, close, frustrating loss) "Yeah, I think it's the same thing. I mean, I understand. I told the players I understand there's no moral victories and we're pros and everybody's fighting hard and we understand that you don't need to go there. And I just told them, I said we're going to keep doing what we're doing, meaning: hanging in there, playing our [expletive] off, playing hard, finding ways that we can get better and improve as the year goes on. And I just told them, I said, sometimes fortunately or unfortunately, you know, I've been through stuff like this before and I think it says a lot. And I told them, we may think how hard it is because we're in the NFL and we're playing and we're trying to get it, but I try to put it beyond. There's going to be a lot of things, a lot of adversities that we're dealing with in our lives, and everything that we're going through right now is going to be part of that foundation that's going to be able to make us better. And at the end of the day, whatever happens at the end of it, we'll be better coaches and better players for it."