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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, December 16, 2020

(On watching an opponent's game on a TV broadcast for film study) "I think around the league, a lot of times now, there's a lot of microphones being pointed at the field. I think most teams, and it's not a big secret, always go through the game copies to get cadence, to get alerts and calls, and just match everything up. That's where I think you can kind of keep a book on each coordinator and each team. This way, as the years go by, coordinators may change jobs but you're just looking at that lingo and if you can catch something, whether it be hand signals or anything like that. I think people are always looking at that. I don't think that's a big secret in this league. To answer your question, everybody does that. Now, do I do that? No. We have people that go through all the games like that."

(On the Ravens versus Browns game on Monday) "I wound up being able to watch some of that game live. I look at the games obviously differently. I really felt [like I was] on the edge of my seat and it was exciting, there was drama. [Ravens QB] Lamar [Jackson] goes out and they show him going to the locker room and then he comes back. It was almost like a perfect script to an unbelievable game. I just took a step back in that moment and just really appreciated it like a fan and really enjoyed the game, honestly."

(On if having no fans in the stadiums has helped in picking up other team's cues and cadence when watching film) "Yeah, but a lot of times internally your people are putting mics on players, so you're always getting internal stuff, whether it be the center, whether it be a guard, or whether it be a nose guard or a three technique. I mean most teams, according to their website and things like that, they put that stuff on players. You guys have probably seen some of that on receivers or whoever it might be. But there's a lot of things that are going on communication wise that I think you could pick up. That's why you're constantly trying to change those things so no one's getting a beat because all you have to do is just break that once. You have to be careful as a coach because you go in there and you say, '100 percent of the time when they make this signal, this is what they're doing' and you tell the players that and then all of a sudden, they don't do it. Well, now you've lost trust and now they're not sure about the game plan. Now they're not sure what's right and what's wrong. I've always just tried to maintain a balance with all of that."

(On facing former Jaguars and current Ravens DE Calais Campbell and DE Yannick Ngakoue) "Half [of] this team I don't even think was here when they [Ravens DE Calais Campbell and DE Yannick Ngakoue] were there [in Jacksonville]. I think in this league, there's so much transition, coaches, players moving around that these things happen. Everyone knows what I've said in the past about those two players. I have a ton of respect for them, I really do. I hope that they're doing well personally and everything and I hope they're happy. I think anyone that coaches and coaches their players, whether they stay, whether they leave, whatever goes on, at the end of the day, you just hope that they're happy. There's always the competitiveness where you do always want to play well against your team and your team wants to play well against you, but I have a ton of respect for those guys. You can't get two better guys in a building than those two."

(On QB Gardner Minshew II getting the start this week) "I think when you're a coach and you name someone that's going to play and go in there and you put whoever on the field, I think you're always going to have full confidence. I don't think you're ever going to get someone that's going to say, 'Well, I'll put him out there and I have my fingers crossed or I hope he doesn't [mess up].' You know what I'm saying? I think that anyone that you're putting out there to do a certain assignment, whatever it may be, special teams, defense, offense, you have to have that type of confidence in them."

(On his son Mack's high school team, Bolles, playing in the State 4A Championship game tomorrow) "Hey listen, I'm focused on this one. I just told my son [that] all the pressure's on you for this Christmas holiday, or family holiday. I said, 'I'm not pulling it home this year, so it's all on you whether we're going to be a happy family or a miserable family.' That's exactly what I told him too last night."

(On DT Doug Costin's progress) "I think that there's production in that position. I think that the experience that he's getting is going to be really valuable for him as far as the future and how he keeps working. I think that he's done well against the run and he's had some bad [moments]. I always say this, if you ever played, you're going to get beat, but he's been very consistent in the way he works at it. His snaps obviously have gone up and that's another thing that you're looking at to see where that production level is in it. Doug [Costin]'s a little bit like James [Robinson] as far as when he came in here with not a lot of opportunity, to continue to work, and I've always said this, to a point where we're sitting there saying, 'Hey listen, do we put him on the practice squad thinking that no one's going to see him because we haven't played any preseason games?' We made a decision that let's not even take our chances, let's put him on there [the roster]. We saw something that we liked obviously in that period of time we're in training camp and then just waiting for the opportunity to put him out there. I think that he's performed at a good level, a level that is doing well. I think that if we can get a little bit more of the pass rush, develop that, but please don't write that because when you say that about a player, then all of a sudden, they start thinking, 'I have to start rushing the passer every time'. I'm happy with the progress. When you get anyone that's a free agent, he comes in and he starts playing better than some of the other players you have, that's a big plus, or minus depending on how you look at it."

(On simulating Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in practice this week) "This is how I look at it, I think it's not difficult to simulate the actions, meaning the scheme, the schematics of it. What is difficult is the speed of it and I think that's the one thing that you see with [Ravens QB] Lamar [Jackson]. You know he has a good arm and he can throw, but the speed of him on the field, he always looks like the fastest guy on the field and that's a credit to him. A 3,4-yard gain turns into a 16-yard gain the other day. You're just like, 'Hey, do they have a good angle on him?' I think what's hard to simulate is those angles and the way you have to come to kind of corral him or try to keep him in a web that you can get him down. I think at this stage of the year, the physicality of knowing that and why should I [get a good angle], you can see that on film. You're not going to be able to produce that during the week because you're trying to get your players to be healthy for the game. I think that's the main thing that's tough because you don't practice [like that]. This was always difficult; I'll give an example. I was an o-line coach, later in the year, my tackles would have to go against those speed rushers so what I would do after practice, I'd line up some of our scout team wide receivers out there just to feel the speed coming at you. I think that's the one thing that happens during the course of the year is that you start losing that speed in your practice because your team's going through the season and you have bumps and bruises. I think that's what's tough to simulate because if you take the wrong angle, him or [Ravens RB J.K.] Dobbins, they have some speed. You take the wrong angle and you don't go the right track, they can take it to the house at any time." 

(On who is simulating Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in practice) "We'll have a couple guys back there I would think. Jake [Luton]'s been working on his 40 time, so he's increased it a little bit. In order I think to simulate him [Ravens QB Lamar Jackson], you'd have to go out there and get truly an Olympic sprinter. If you were in a college program, you might go and ask someone on your team to go ahead and simulate that and run around. I remember in college when we played Boston College and they had Doug Flutie, we would just run him around and have the defense run and chase him all over the place. I think it's hard. I think everyone has a difficult time doing that, so we'll take a good look at that and get somebody back there with a little bit more speed at times where we need to do that."

(On what to say to players if they do everything right to contain Ravens QB Lamar Jackson but it still doesn't work) "You have to respect it, but you have to come back and figure it out. I used to always tell the players when I was a position coach, once in awhile you just have to tip your hat and say that's a hell of a play. I think the first thing you do is evaluate what could I have done better to stop that play. This guy made a great play, how many great plays can they make in a game and then try to limit those plays. If you ever feel like you're going out and there and all of sudden you're like, 'Ugh, I can't do this, can't do that', it's going to be a bad day, not a long day, a bad day to do that. What's interesting [is that] schematically they do a very good job of they have a lot of things going on. He [Ravens QB Lamar Jackson]'s a big weapon, but they have other weapons. They have linemen pulling one way, running the opposite way, or him holding the football. They put a lot on you as far as making sure that your eyes are right and your responsibility's right. I think that's one of the things, it's almost like if you're playing a wing T or a triple option team. The first thing you have to make sure you're right on is your assignments and then obviously the execution and be able to make the play."

(On using Offensive Quality Control Coach Denard Robinson to simulate Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in practice) "That's a good thought. Maybe we'll look into that. We'll give you the credit for it."

(On OL Andrew Norwell playing this week) "I think there's a good chance, there really is. I think he's worked really hard. His mindset right now is he's playing, so something would probably have to happen to him during practice during the week for him to not [play]. But right now, that's what the plan is."