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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, December 2, 2020

(Opening Statement) "We've been remote these last two days. It's a little bit different for us as coaches, but [it's] not an issue with getting things done. I talked to [Offensive Coordinator] Jay [Gruden] and I spoke to [Quarterbacks Coach] Ben [McAdoo] and obviously we met offensively remotely on moving forward who gives us the best chance to win right now, today, so we're going to go with Mike Glennon. Mike will go into this next game [as the starter] and we just feel like he gives us the best opportunity and thought he did some really good things last week and hopefully we can build on them and move forward."

(On an injury report) "Sidney Jones [IV] will be out there today in a limited role, so that's a good sign. DJ Chark [Jr.] and Chris Conley will be out there. Dare [Ogunbowale] will be out there at running back limited. I think Dakota [Allen] will be out. [Kamalei] Correa will be out. Obviously, DaVon Hamilton we know about. Brandon Rusnak will be limited today. Abry Jones is designated to return, but he'll be out there on the side today. Shaq[uille] Quarterman is out there, he's full. Josh Jones is full. J-Dub, Jarrod Wilson, will be limited. [Brandon] Linder has his normal scheduled day off. [Tyler] Eifert has his normal scheduled day off. Jawaan [Taylor] is better, but we're going to keep him on the side today. He'll do walkthrough and those situations but just take some pressure off it so we get him ready to play. Obviously [Ben] Ellefson, he's out."

(On taking more risks in the play calling) "I think week to week it changes because sometimes you feel good or you feel like there's a good opportunity where you can maybe take advantage of something, so we look at that hard during the week. Obviously, we always have things in in all different phases of what we do. I think the other part that comes into play is sometimes just the game management part of it where all of a sudden you're down and you don't have enough possessions and then you have to figure out a way to either keep possessing the football, which is the fourth down plays, or trying to steal a possession here or there. That's my thought of how I go into it because I try to make sure I keep the game in the players' hands and I don't take that away from them. That's one of the things I've always believed in my whole life."

(On if the starting quarterback role will be a week to week decision) "I just think it's tough to say. It's just like anyone. You guys have asked me before, 'Hey, are you finishing the season [with this player]?' I mean everything in this league is day to day, week to week and I think especially when we're having the season that we're having right now and we're trying to get ourselves focused on Minnesota for a win. I think it'd be naive of me to say that. Every position has to play well from week to week and if we feel like someone else behind them can produce better or give us a better chance to win, then I think we'll go ahead and make that move. I don't want to put it just on the one position, it's really all positions that we're looking at being able to do that. That's the truth. When you go out there and you play well, you don't have to worry about it. You go out there and you play poorly and you've caused that by your decisions or what you've done with assignments, alignments, you're missing tackles or whatever it may be, or turning the football over, then obviously you're going to be in jeopardy."

(On if the backup quarterback position will be a weekly competition) "I think we're working through that. There's so many different things that we're working through with guys coming back, guys coming off IR, which is all good things. We have some guys going to IR so we're working out all those situations and when we get out on the field, we'll see how it goes during the week."

(On the emergency quarterback situation) "We did discuss that. We actually did discuss that. [Offensive Coordinator] Jay [Gruden] and I had that discussion. We feel really good about what we're doing from a protocol standpoint, so I think right now we'll keep it the way it is. We have an emergency quarterback pretty much most of the year, but when that player was injured, then we had to go to other players. That's the only time we switched."

(On who the emergency quarterback is) "Laviska [Shenault Jr.]. We have to put that on sheets that everyone has, so that's not giving away anything."

(On the decision to start QB Mike Glennon over QB Jake Luton and QB Gardner Minshew II) "I just think that he's been there, he has experience. He showed that he can protect the football. He showed that he can make throws, take shots, has some accuracy. I thought he played well. I think that he's been practicing well, and he went in there and played well. Like I told him, I said, 'Hey, we expect you to play better this week.'"

(On QB Gardner Minshew II's progress with his thumb injury) "According to the trainer, he told me he's full."

(On how players who got increased playing time last week performed) "Nathan Cottrell, we've really liked on really special teams for us. He has speed. When we lost Daniel Thomas and started to lose some of our gunners, some of our guys that are disrupters on our kickoff coverage, we brought him up to the roster to be able to fulfill those requirements that we needed as far as the body type and speed. That's why he's come up and he's made plays, he has. He's going to make plays by his hustle, his effort, his speed, so that's his situation. With Josiah [Scott] and Luq [Barcoo], I think you saw at times where they were in somewhat of a good position but weren't able to make as many plays as you need to make when you're out there playing. It was the first time that they've played so you hope that you can see a great increase. Like I've always said, practice is fine, you can see those things, but it has to carry over into game days. I think they got their first taste of it. I think anyone that has played a real game, and I'm talking about my whole career, it's always interesting to watch how they come back and the next one and the next one and the next one because then I think you get a good feel of how that player's progressing."

(On DE Adam Gotsis) "He's been solid for us all year. I think that he's been solid on his production pretty much all year, and I'm talking about when he has the ability to make plays because sometimes you don't always get that opportunity. We manage him a little bit during the week. He takes a day [off] to keep him going. Like I said before, because of some injuries we have increased some of the snap counts for some of the players. Adam's a guy that he plays the big end for us but we're looking to get things inside, looking to see where we can get things because fundamentally, he's a good football player. He has good strength, he has good hands, he can play low, he can take on double teams, he can hold up versus the tackles in the league, so I think he's been real solid for us."