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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

(Opening Statement) "First of all, since tomorrow's Thanksgiving and we won't be together, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully, everyone can have a safe one with COVID and everything that's going on. It's a family holiday so I'm sure a lot of people have some challenges with that. Second, obviously the COVID protocols have come out and we have our defensive staff working remotely, so what does that mean? That means myself and [Assistant Special Teams Coordinator] Coach Mallory will be running the defense during the week as we practice so we'll take care of that. According to the protocol, three coaches won't be available for Sunday: [Defensive Coordinator] Coach Wash is one, [Defensive Line Coach] Coach Rebrovich, and [Defensive Assistant] Coach Stukes. What will happen there is [Secondary Coach-Safeties] Joe Danna will call the defense. He's called the defense here last year during the preseason, he's called them in the preseason games, I'm sure some in Atlanta, and he's done it at Georgia Southern. Obviously, we work together, I've been on the phone with him. That's something that I think most teams always prepare for in case of an emergency, then obviously with COVID everything is kind of ramped up to making sure that we're all backed up in everything that we do. [Assistant Linebackers Coach] Tony Gilbert will coach the defensive line during the game. [Director of Team Administration] Tyler Wolf will go up in the box and take care of all his responsibilities. So, that's how we're handing that. That's about all I can say about the protocol stuff with COVID, so I'm not going to be able to talk about anything else for league rules, so that's where we are. Quarterback- I spoke to the three quarterbacks this morning. Myself, [Offensive Coordinator] Jay [Gruden], and [Quarterbacks Coach] Ben [McAdoo] spent a lot of time on it. First, I spoke to Jake [Luton]. I told Jake that, 'Hey, we really appreciate everything, really like a lot of things that you're doing, but we're just going to take a step back and just kind of digest things for awhile and just look at things and get you back on track', so he's fine. I think he has a chance to become a good football player in this league. Gardner [Minshew II] said he's feeling good. He's still listed as limited on the report. I just feel like we can't get enough throws in during this week. I want him to have a full week of full load of work before I put someone in there. I don't have a problem with him backing up this week and if he has to go in for a quarter or half a game or whatever it may be if something happens with Mike [Glennon], then at least he's available. Then obviously, Mike will go ahead and he'll get the start. So, that was the thought process there. That's three. Injury wise- Laviska [Shenault Jr.] should be out there limited. James O'Shaughnessy should be limited out there. Sidney Jones [IV] is not going to practice today. Tyler Eifert's limited, he's in concussion protocol. Jarrod Wilson will be out there limited. [Chris] Claybrooks won't practice. [Andrew] Norwell won't practice. You'll see Shaq[uille] Quarterman and Abry Jones working, they're coming back off [IR]. They have three weeks to practice before any decisions have to be made. Obviously, they can be made quicker at any time. DJ Chark [Jr.] is not going to practice, Chris Conley is not going to practice, so we'll see where those guys are. Cam Robinson, we'll see where he is this morning. He just has an illness, not COVID related. Then obviously we put three guys on IR: Daniel Thomas, D.J. Hayden, and Josh Allen. You also know that Chase McLaughlin was placed on Reserve/COVID yesterday so [Aldrick] Rosas, who's on our practice squad, will be taking over those duties. I think that's pretty much everything."

(On the decision to name QB Mike Glennon the starter this week) "I think he gives us the best chance to win, one. I think, like I said before, Jake [Luton]'s going to take a step back. Gardner [Minshew II]'s still limited without a full workload on. I don't want to put anyone out there that I haven't seen do a full work week. Mike [Glennon]'s experienced and that's why we brought him in here to be able to fill in whenever we need him, so he'll get his opportunity."

(On the challenges for the defensive this week with the coaching changes) "It's not a problem. I mean a lot of us when we started coaching, we used to coach both sides of the football. We have all the coaches helping us support, players will do a good job. I don't see it as anything except adversity that you face, but it's not going to affect the way we plan or the way we do things. The only part of what the coaches aren't involved in are going to be actually just whatever hour and twenty minutes we're on the football field. Other than that, they're all in there. I don't see it as a major thing. [It's] something that obviously will be discussed, will be talked about. Like I told the players, the biggest challenge we have is on Sunday. That's what our challenge is going to try to win a football game on Sunday. That's what I told the team today and I'm looking forward to having fun with it."

(On if the coaches in COVID protocol can be involved at all in Sunday's game) "No."

(On if the coaches in COVID Protocol will be running this week's meeting virtually) "Yes."

(On if QB Gardner Minshew II's progress is where it should be) "Yeah, I just think I want to see a whole week's work. I want to get a full week's work in there know that he's ready to go, he's 100 percent. That was the one thing I wanted to do so I think we're at that last stage right now."

(On his decision to change quarterbacks this week) "I don't think it's uncommon when a young guy gets thrown in there and he shows promise and then you look to see a little bit of the technique, a little bit of stuff start to go down, maybe because there's much concern on whether there's protection or whatever it may be. I think that if you keep him out there, like I said, there's a lot of good things I see in Jake [Luton] and I think it's just a smart move to take a step back with him right now. That's just how I feel. It's been done. It's done during the course of games. We've seen it done last week in the NFL, so I think that's understandable and people could understand that, especially people that are in the league understand what's going on. I think people on the outside too. Number two is Gardner [Minshew II] was hurt, he was injured. I've seen him throw a little bit. I want to make sure someone I put out there is 100 percent. I don't want any setbacks. I want someone out there that is 100 percent, that can go because that position's a little bit different. It's not like any other position where you can say, 'Hey we're going to give this guy some reps and he's going to go in there. Maybe he may make it through the game, may not.' But we have a guy in there that's ready to go that's been doing it. That position, because of the game planning that goes into it, that player has to get all the reps and I have to feel confident that that guy can make it through a whole game and can do everything that we're asking him. So, that's what I felt about [it] and Mike [Glennon]'s the only one right now that's 100 percent healthy. Jake is but we're taking a step back with him. With Gardner, this week we're going to increase his throws, we're going to do all that stuff to make sure that he's on track to where he is because, like I said before, I haven't seen him throw fully for a whole week. What I didn't want to do is go in there and say Gardner's going to start and then all of sudden during the week it doesn't look as good, he doesn't look as healthy and then I have to make a switch at the end. I think it was just more not feel, what I feel's best, it wasn't any of that. I just think it was more just here's what it is on paper, what's the commonsense decision to make and what's best for the team?"

(On the kicker for this week) "Chase [McLaughlin] will not be eligible to come back. We're going to go with [Aldrick] Rosas."

(On the COVID contract tracing with the coaches affected in last week's game) "That's a good question. I wish I could answer it accurately right now because I have to deal with so many different things on the COVID front. The league and everyone's working together on it and it kind of just comes down the pipeline, so I try not to be too much involved with it because once something happens, there's so many other changes that have to occur that I really can't answer that question. I really don't know all that, so I apologize."

(On handling the challenges that continue to arise this season) "I'm kind of fired up to be on that defensive side of the ball. I'm going to have the music cranking today, my music I'm going to play. I get to play mine now, so they might not like it, but I'll be all fired up out there. I'm good with it. They understand what's going on, they're professionals. I told them expect the unexpected this season. I'm not one to go ahead and mope around with it, I'm going to have some fun. Shit, I might be calling it too by the end of the week, you never know."

(On his music choice for practice) "We're going all 80's, 80's baby, 80's. Now the players, I don't know if they're going to like it, but that's one of the advantages of being the head coach."

(On if QB Jake Luton could possibly be the backup this week over QB Gardner Minshew II) "If I don't see where I think he [Gardner Minshew II] should be, yeah absolutely. I couldn't split the reps this week and do something like that. I just said that would be beneficial for our team."

(On what would make him comfortable putting QB Gardner Minshew II in the game if QB Mike Glennon has to come out) "I think during the week I'm going to know more about that. I'm just telling everyone what my thought process is. I was just trying to be honest and share all the information that's going in. If he [Gardner Minshew II] goes out there and has a really good week of throwing and does well, then I'll feel comfortable to put him in that position. If he goes out there and doesn't feel well, then I'm not, then I'll have Jake [Luton] being the backup there. I was trying to truly just tell you guys everything that's on my mind and how my though process went. Like I said, he's been throwing, it feels good. Now when we ramp up the throws, how he's going to feel after that I don't know, I really don't. I know he's chomping at the bit to get out there but at the same time, I'm not going to roll the dice. I'm just not going to do that and say, 'Okay, let's split the reps, let's get everything going, and then we'll make a decision at the end of the week.' You have different quarterbacks switching around, it's just too much grey right now for me with that. To answer your question, that's not a definite. I'm not definitely doing that. That's one of the things I'd like to be able to do if he increases and looks good, but I wouldn't be able to throw him in there without a full week of work."

(On the plan for the secondary) "It will look like Tre Herndon at one corner and try to figure out who's going to be in the other corner. I mean that's what it's going to be, so I don't have that answer right now. We have two players on the practice squad. We have Josiah Scott, [Luq] Barcoo, Tre Herndon, that's it. There's not a lot of things we can do so we'll see who we're going to put out there, see how it goes during the week, take a look at the matchups like we've been talking about, and then whoever probably plays the best will play."

(On who will play at the nickel position) "We have a couple of those. I'm not as concerned about the nickel position. We have a couple of those guys that are probably more suited to play inside than they were outside."

(On LB Joe Schobert's performance this season) "It's hard to say. Joe [Schobert]'s doing a nice job. I thought he did really well versus the run last week. I thought he was much more aggressive on it which was great to see. He tries and he plays as hard as he can on each snap so it's hard. There's some good individual performances at times, but like I said before, the consistency of us as a whole is the reason why where we are right now, on us as coaches and us as players. We all own the record and like I said, we have to look forward now and do the best job we can and try to get a win on Sunday and that's what we're concentrating on."

(On LB K'Lavon Chaisson having to step up with LB Josh Allen on IR) "K'Lavon [Chaisson], Aaron Lynch, we have to look at guys that we want to put in those packages out there and get them. Obviously, some players are going to have to increase their reps and K'Lavon would be a great example of a guy that possibly we could increase his reps to go in there and keep up production. One thing is you have a lot of young guys on this team and sometimes you don't have the ability to go out there and play, but because of the injuries and whatever happens, those guys are getting that chance. You have to know early on whether you're going to see if a guy could play or not play or where he's at or what does he need or the development of a player. From that standpoint, everyone's getting to look at the whole roster almost."