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Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone: Wednesday, October 11, 2020

(Opening statement) "I just wanted to say something first before we obviously get into questions. I spoke to the team today and I just wanted to reiterate, I told them that they need to take a moment and think about our veterans today being Veterans Day today. I've always had a great deal of respect for our military and it was awesome to see them well represented obviously throughout the league with the Salute to Service game and I believe that continues on to this week. We talked about these things and how we wouldn't be able to do what we do if it wasn't for them, so I just wanted to make sure that I mentioned that in the team meetings. That's just the way I feel and we're all appreciative of it."

(On the plan for K Chase McLaughlin) "Right now, our plan is that we'll have Logan [Cooke] work with him in all three phases. He's able to do that and then we'll see what Chase [McLaughlin] has. I think out of all the positions probably that you have that you can bring in to do something, that's probably the one position [with the easiest transition]. I'm sure there might be others. I haven't really put a lot of thought into it. Because Logan handles kickoffs, we're really just looking at one phase in just the field goal. I've not seen him live. I've heard a lot of good things about him, so I'm excited to see what he does, and I'll have a better feel on Saturday. I think that's exactly when the protocol will open him up to be here."

(On the carousel of kickers this season) "I don't know if I would say it's fitting. I don't know me being an offensive lineman has anything to do with it. I definitely know that me not being a good person has nothing to do with it, so it's not like I put this jinx on it, but it's unfortunate. I think when I look back on it, I don't see this happening [before]. I don't know if it's ever happened to be honest with you, but I've seen this before here at certain positions where we've dropped guys left and right. I would say though, if it's going to be one [position], obviously it's an important position because it scores points and there's a level of confidence and things that you can do and helps you with the game plan, where you're going to be, where you're going to continue to go, you might take chances and go for it in that no man's land area once you get to the team's other side, but it's the one position that you really don't have to spend time getting him ready from schematic standpoints and everything like that. Like an offensive player, defensive player, you have two extremes. One would be the quarterback, trying to get him ready. One would be probably a safety or a linebacker, trying to get him ready. Then obviously I probably think that getting your kicker because your punter has a little bit more on his plate as far as protections, schemes, and what we're doing and everything of that nature. So, I don't know. I think I don't really have time to look at it, I just kind of react to things right now."

(On taking a rookie quarterback to Lambeau Field without any fans) "I thought about it last week. I think that's obviously less pressure when you don't have fans for a young quarterback, so I agree with that. I've been up there once, we played them when I was in New Orleans up in there. I think it's a great place, they've really done a nice job there. It's all about football. It's all about the Packers. It's exciting to see that because of the history. I'm big on the history. I've got a bunch of Vince Lombardi stuff in my collections. I think there's a moment that you go there when you're driving up, you think about everything that's occurred up there. Then obviously the professionalism, you just kind of stop and you just go play. But I think that earlier in the year I didn't know how I was going to react to no fans. I thought you'd be so focused and everything that's going on with the game that you wouldn't really notice it, but in pregame, even when you walk into the stadium or you're going to a stadium, the more thought I put into it, it is quite different than anything else I've ever really experienced. [It] doesn't affect the game though, but [I'm] just trying to give you guys a little insight at how it feels."

(On QB Jake Luton this week preparing for his second start compared to his first start last week) "No, he didn't show it [nerves] last week. I think he's the same. He's got a business-type approach, doesn't like a lot of 'BS', just wants information. He's just going to take the information and see where he's going. Obviously, it's a day-to-day process and we're just trying to keep the progression going and see where we can go and see how many steps he can take. I think Gene asked a question last week, it's funny, the first time you get in there, if you're decent, you have a pretty good chance to do well. I think the more you're on film and people see you, they start studying you, then you have to really continue to work. I remember I worked with Rob Moore, Rob was with me at Syracuse and Buffalo, and he's the receiver coach in Tennessee now with the Titans. I remember him telling me, he's like, 'You know that first year, you go out there,' gosh, as a receiver, he was able to do a lot of great things, Pro Bowl and all that stuff. He goes, 'That second year was a whole lot harder because those guys got to study me, they got to watch me,' and that's the difference in a lot of positions. You can go in there sometimes, have a little bit of success, then once people really start watching you and going, you have to make sure that your game's pretty tight not to give anyone an advantage."

(On Offensive Quality Control Coach Denard Robinson) "I like him. He was good here when he was a player as far as everything going. He wanted to get into coaching and he wanted to start and it was unfortunate that they dropped the football program [at Jacksonville University] and it was fortunate that we were in a position where we could bring somebody in, and he's working. He asks a lot of good questions. I think he's a guy that wants to do well in this profession, wants to work his way up, which I know that we all appreciate. I think he has a really good understanding. He's played quarterback, he's run the ball, he's played receiver, he's played multiple things, he's read coverages, so he has a good foundation right now that just needs to grow in the schematics world and I think he will. I think he handles himself well. He's a hard worker. He's here early in the morning. I think he'll have a long career and I'm excited for him. He'll be coaching well after I am, I know that."

(On the changes in defensive game plan and personnel) "I think everything's up there, and it's even [the] amount of playing more coverage. There's a lot of things going on. Like I said, I think that if we would've just stayed the same, I think we could've gotten a little better, but we weren't going to get good enough right away to probably make an impact. I think there has been some slight improvement along the lines of what we're trying to get done defensively, but not enough to go out there and start bragging about it, obviously because of our record. But you are starting to see some things and we're changing so many things just to try to make sure we can put our guys in the best position. So we're going to continue to do that because we have to do that. If we can start getting the production, or more production, then things will work out well. If we don't, then we're going to keep trying to search for those answers and find another way."

(On the improvement of the team) "I'd love to answer that question the right way or truthfully, like I answer all my questions truthfully. We're sitting here and we've lost how many games in a row, so I don't want to be one of these guys that bullshits and tries to [explain] the philosophy and doing all that stuff; I do see improvement but it's obviously not at the rate that we need. These guys are working hard, and we have no issues within the building, which gives us a chance, and they're playing hard. How much better we can get them in this period of time and try to win as many games as we can? That's exactly what we're trying to do. So I don't want to be that guy that comes out after you lose a game and is like, 'Oh, we're getting better.' I think people don't want to hear that crap, at least [in] my opinion. I'm sorry but I hope I answered your question the best I can."

(On DT Doug Costin) "I don't know about more reps, but I definitely love what I saw from him. I saw a player that was able to make plays, play square to the football, had good control over the line of scrimmage. For a guy starting his first game, I thought he played well. He's been productive, we've seen that. I think with the amount of snaps, we still had the same production, which is good. He's good but I can tell you guys this, he's not going to be able to make two full starts in a row though because he'll be out this week [with a concussion]."

(On preparing for Packers offense who has been affected by COVID-19) "They're not that way right now, they're full strength. We have a ton of respect for them. They're explosive. They have one of the best quarterbacks that played the game and [their] running back's back, left tackle's back, have probably one of the best receivers in the league, have speed on the outside. They have size. They can block. They can run. They have a Pro Bowl left tackle. They're loaded so it's a great challenge for us. We have to come up there and we have to play extremely well. We understand that and we look forward to that challenge."

(On deciding between QB Jake Luton and QB Gardner Minshew II when the time comes) "Right now we're not at that point. I know this is a hypothetical. Right now, I want to see Gardner [Minshew II] be able to throw first. I want to see where he throws, then obviously I'll be able to evaluate his game, like common sense stuff, and then be able to have a better idea then of what's going on. Because if he's not throwing the ball well because of the thumb, well then, that decision's easy. I think that if something happens and Jake [Luton] doesn't perform well and then Gardner's ready to go, then that decision [will be made]. The question that's going to come is the decision of, like you said, how is Jake playing, how is Gardner looking compared to what he was before, and then making a decision on who's the best player that can win these games. That's probably, logically, how I'm going about it without really thinking about it."

(On the concern of QB Gardner Minshew II coming back from his injury too early) "In the beginning I think he's already done that once, not reporting the injury. I told him, I said, 'Look, when we go out there next time and you tell me you're ready, we're going to put you out there on the field and we're going to look at it. If you're not, or I feel you're not or talking to [Offensive Coordinator] Jay [Gruden] and [Quarterbacks Coach] Ben [McAdoo] and watching it with our eyes, then we're not going to play you until you're 100 percent healthy.' Your point is well taken, I understood that, the competitiveness in him, so when we met afterwards, I wanted to make sure he understood that, 'Hey listen, you need to get healthy.' That's the number one thing because I think it's shown when you come back and he's had this injury, it's not good for anyone, including himself."

(On balance in defending Packers QB Aaron Rodgers) "The plays that work are the ones that look good. The plays that don't, when you make that mistake, you look like crap because he's going to kill you, he really is. I think there's a balance in everything that you have to be able to do. I've played them three times, well really four. Once a year and that game you're talking about, whenever that was when I was here. I played them in New York. I played them when Brett Favre was there. I played them in New Orleans up in Lambeau and then we played them in Buffalo. It's always the big question wherever I've been of how do you defend this quarterback that can do so much? He can throw at every angle. He can extend plays. He can run. Like I said, he's one of the best in the league. I think your question is one to a lot of these great quarterbacks, what do you want to do, whether they can run or not, of how you want to defend them, how you want to pressure, how you want to do it. A lot of it's just the right sequence, right play call, right time, all those things go into the equation. I think it's tough. It's not like you're rolling a dice, I don't want to say that because there's too much work that we put in to making sure of the right calls and what we want to do. But it's challenging, I think that's the best word I can say about it."