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Jaguars Linebacker Joe Schobert 

(On how the defense rebounded from a tough start to the game) "Coming into it, you knew it was going to be interesting, the first couple series of the game, because it's really our first look at live action since December, for me at least. We didn't go live a lot in training camp, trying to protect the bodies, keep everybody healthy. We were just kind of getting used to it again, and once we were kind of able to weather the storm, everybody on the defense – Abry (Jones), Myles (Jack), me – everybody's keeping everybody up on the sideline and we were able to start turning it around and create some momentum, and you could just feel it start changing."

(On the play of CB CJ Henderson and S Andrew Wingard) "CJ's (interception) was huge, obviously, in the first half. That's kind of the first play that turned the momentum around for us after those first couple series that I was alluding to. He got his first pick. He just threw the ball on the ground, so I had to go run back and grab it because I had to make sure he got that for his keepsake – I didn't want the Colts to steal it from him. That was huge for our defense, kind of started to set the tone, like I said, in our turnaround. And then, Dewey (Andrew Wingard) coming in… The NFL is a next man up mentality, you always have to be ready, you always have to be able to play to go into the game and make the plays when they come your way, and he did a great job of that, obviously picking off Philip (Rivers) there in a key crucial moment for us, allowing our offense to go down and score some points."

(On the biggest adjustment the defense made) "In terms of just adjustments on defense, I don't think it was anything. It was just settling down, getting used to playing football again in an actual game environment, and then I thought our communication was great all day. There's going to be hiccups, it's the first game. There's going to be a lot of un-scouted looks, but I think we did a great job as a whole defense in communicating from the front end to the back end on the stuff we practiced and worked on all week, and we were able to chase down the things that we didn't see, like all those 18 screens that they ended up running."

(On if the talk about the Jaguars tanking motivated the team) "I think when you get on the field, I don't think anybody said anything about it. You're in a one-track mindset. It's something in the preseason and going up, when you see your family texts you about it, 'Look what this person or this news outlet said,' it's something that you always take and put on your shoulder. It creates a bigger chip and it's something that you can use to work a little harder, work a little bit better, a little bit faster, it's something we can use. I think Coach Marrone did a great job of not putting a ton of pressure on that kind of stuff that was said, but kind of allowing us to build that chip ourselves, allowing us to get a team-first mentality in the locker room – like the only people that matter are the people in the locker room and build a culture about that, and you saw that on the field today."

(On how big of a momentum-builder the first win can be) "It's huge. For me, personally, it's the first time I've been 1-0 in an NFL season in my career. It just makes that whole offseason workload feel worth it. When you come out, and you're able to come out onto the field and get a win, stuff that you put into the offseason can feel like it's worth it because you're able to have this feeling after the game. It's huge and it's great for us as a team and we've just got to build on it next week – another divisional opponent, so it's a really important game, so we've just got to take it for the next step."

(On what the defense talked about to play better in the second half) "We came out obviously a little slow in the first half, and it's the first time of really live-action for a lot of us on defense since last season. So we always talk about coming out fast, but we knew there could be a lethargic start. But once we started getting settled in, we kept communicating, we kept talking, we were able to play off it and everybody got comfortable. We were able to start knocking out the run and make Philip Rivers try to beat us and obviously CJ (Henderson), Dewey (Andrew Wingard), even K'Lavon (Chaisson), even though it got called back, made him pay. Those were huge momentum swings for us and our team. The offense was able to take the ball down and score. When the momentum's up, it's a lot easier to play football."