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Jaguars Linebacker Joe Schobert: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On potential solutions to help the defense going forward) "Speaking from the weeks before this week because I haven't watched film yet obviously, it comes down to execution. Today, first half, I don't know how many third down opportunities we had to get them off the field. Not just third-and-1s, but third-and-6-to-10-to-12-pluses, and we've just got to be able to get them off the field in those situations, know those situations and make plays on the ball. Matthew Stafford, they were going down the field trying to isolate people and we were in position a lot of times, but we've just got to be able to make plays and get off the field."

(On how bad untimely penalties hurt the team) "I mean, you can point out some of the penalties today that obviously hurt. That's just something that you have to be able to limit in football. We're a young team, you've got to learn from these mistakes and execute it fast. The NFL is a rough league if you make those kinds of mistakes over and over again. You've got to be able to turn it around and learn from your mistakes and not do it again. I know I trust the guys on defense, their will and their want-to. I know they're going to do their best to be able to correct that, and I know I'm looking forward to seeing how the guys keep on building and keep on going."

(On how the defense changes without Abry Jones and Josh Allen) "Those are two guys – obviously, Abry (Jones) has been here, I think the longest-tenured guy on defense. His leadership, not just on the defensive line, but for the whole defense, is sorely missed when he's not there. The NFL is a next-man up mentality and you've got to have the guys who come in, stepping up and making the plays that Abry would be making if he was in there. And then obviously Josh (Allen) is a one-of-a-kind guy coming off the edge. So, it always hurts not to have them, but I think we've still got talent coming off the edge, we've still got guys who can do their jobs and I've got full faith in those [players]. But obviously, when you have Abry and Josh missing, you're missing something on your defense and are looking to replace it."

(On the vibe in the locker room after the loss) "I mean, after the game, obviously you're disappointed. You put so much work into this, not just during the week but in the offseason coming through. So you're disappointed, there's a lot of things out there, especially game like today where you left things on the field for our defense on third downs, like I said before, limiting big, explosive plays; we were in position and if we could have executed just a little bit better, we would have been off the field that much quicker, giving the ball back to our offense in an advantageous situation. I think the vibe, while disappointed, I think the group is still together and everybody's working towards the same goal. Everybody understands the message and we'll be right back to work on Tuesday."

(On what the biggest problem stopping the run was, especially against D'Andre Swift) "I feel like you're going to get tired of me saying it, but it's just execution. You've got a gapped-out defense, everybody has their gap and everybody has to do their job. And when one guy pops out of his gap, somebody behind him doesn't have the chance for the quick reaction to make them right, whether that's D-line, linebackers or secondary. You're going to get plays like that, especially against a talented runner like him [D'Andre Shift]. It's just, it comes down to execution, you've just got to keep going over it and you've got to trust that guys that they're going to do their one-eleventh, and everybody has to do their one-eleventh. You've got to be accountable. We've got to get better at that, and it's been preached and preached to us. I think guys take it seriously, but, like I said before, [we're] a young, young team and sometimes you've got to learn trial by fire and how quick that can hurt you in the NFL."

(On the frustration of the defense making repeat mistakes) "You've got to be able to correct the mistakes in this league to be a winning team, and the reason we're not winning is because some mistakes have happened over and over again. Speaking from a defensive perspective, I don't know if it's the same guys every week because we've got new guys playing at every level every week, it seems like, just with the situation that we're in right now, and like I said earlier, next man up mentality. You've got to just come in and be able to do your job and be accountable to the guy next to you. That's something we all have to work on and get better at."