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Jaguars Linebacker Joe Schobert: Thursday, November 19, 2020

(On the defense's improvement) "I think we've taken steps in just everybody doing their assignments on any given play, just being able to function as a whole unit successfully, everybody knowing their jobs, doing their jobs, and executing. I think we've taken big steps in our execution. I think what we need to still improve on would probably be explosive plays. There's still a couple times a game I think the last two weeks where those explosive plays are the ones that really got us because we've proven if we make teams drive down the field, even some of the best teams in the league, that we'll be able to get a stop, make them punt, give the ball back to our offense or create turnover. But when we give up those explosive plays and we don't give ourselves a chance to hold them out of the end zone or defend every blade of grass, that's something that we really need to improve on."

(On Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger) "Like you said, he's a very accurate quarterback. Just going against him two times a year for the last four years, he very good at like the backyard, school yard football kind of plays where things break down and him and his receivers have a good understanding of what to do post their initial routes, whether they're turning up the field or they're coming back, and he's able to put the ball on them. It's really hard for defensives to cover guys for more than two, three, four seconds, so he's really good at extending plays. He's been big and strong his whole career. He can move around just enough. He has the arm talent to be able to put the ball out there and he has the guts to be able to make the gutsy throws."

(On his experience going against Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger when he was playing for the Cleveland Browns) "I never sacked or tackled Ben Roethlisberger when I was playing. I got a sack on (Steelers QB) Mason Rudolph, but not Ben Roethlisberger. But when we were playing with the Browns, we had some big d-linemen, like what we have here. You have Myles Garrett and those guys who were able to bring him down and we were able to get after him pretty good in a couple games, which hopefully we'll be able to replicate here. We have the talent and the guys we have upfront here are physical specimens as well, so I think they'll be the ones handling the job. If I'm able to get in there and get my hands on Big Ben, I'll do my best to get him down as quick as possible."