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Offensive Lineman Jawaan Taylor - Sunday, August 23

(On being under Offensive Line Coach Warhop for a second year in a row) "Coach Warhop's been doing an amazing job teaching me pretty much every single day since I've been here last year [on] just how to be a better athlete, a better pro, a better player overall. I learn stuff from him every single day. I soak up everything I can soak up from him because Coach Warhop's been coaching in the league for over twenty years now, so he's coached the best of the best at this point. I'm just learning as much as I can learn from him. I'm enjoying it."

(On the physicality of the offensive line group so far during training camp) "I've seen a lot of that [physicality] in training camp so far from the group. We're definitely putting a big emphasis on getting more push off the line, being more physical at the point of contact. We've definitely been focusing on that every day and Coach Warhop's been preaching at us every single day that we need to get more movement off the line and create more space for our running backs because we have a lot of good backs so we have to make some space for them and create plays for them."

(On going against DE/LB Josh Allen in camp and what he has seen from him and the rest of the defensive line) "For one, Josh [Allen] has been doing an amazing job this camp. [He's] stepping up and being more of a leader this year, filling in the void for the guys that were here last year. He's doing a great job. Every single day he's coming out there working hard. [He's] getting me better, I'm getting him better. He toned his body up more on his offseason so he's a lot quicker now off the ball, he's got a more quick twist to him. I'm excited about him this year. He's going to definitely get more sacks this year than he did last year. And what I'm seeing out of the rest of the defensive line this year is they're all just jelling together and playing well together. We have a few more new young guys in there [and] they're all adjusting pretty well. We're all out there having fun pretty much at the end of the day so we're just getting each other better every day."

(On having the confidence of a veteran as only a second-year player) "I've just been around veterans. The whole offensive line was veterans last year except me, so just hanging around those guys every single day and learning what I can learn from them. Plus [with] the experience I had last year and the guys I went against last year, I just learned a lot and I'm still learning. I'm still the young guy around here but I do have confidence in myself and in my play. So, I just go about my business the same way every single day and being a pro and getting better every day."

(On what he's seen from DL Taven Bryan this year in camp) "Taven [Bryan]'s doing an amazing job. He's been running with the ones a lot this camp. He's showing up a lot, making a lot of big plays for our defense so we're excited about Taven. Of course, everyone knows how strong he is and how physical he can be so we're definitely excited to see what he's going to do this year. He's definitely stepped it up this year."

(On if there's anything specific that's different in DL Taven Bryan's play in camp this year in comparison to previous years) "Well Taven [Bryan] attacks every day headfirst and he does great every day with the way he goes about his business so he's just getting better every single day. We're all out there getting better so he's definitely doing what he has to do to get better every single day."