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Jaguars Quarterback Jake Luton: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

(On Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's last Super Bowl win) "I remember it. I remember the catch. Similar to the talks we had last week, growing up watching Big Ben, obviously a big fan, a lot of respect for him and grew up watching him."

(On the Steelers organization) "Growing up, I always kind of viewed them as the blue-collar, hardworking, physical team. I think that kind of still stands, it's kind of what they stand for. Like I said, [they are] a great organization I think everyone has a lot of respect for."

(On how to solve the challenge of identifying the pass rush pre-snap) "The study this week, really diving and making sure we're watching the tape that they've put out there this year and making sure we're prepared as we can be. Obviously, they get paid to game plan too. They're going to bring some stuff and try to get home and we'll just have to be ready, have to adjust, have to prepare and be ready for whatever looks they give us."

(On the opportunity to prove himself against an elite defense) "I think it's a great challenge. I think every week is. I think every week's a great opportunity and this one's no different. It's a really good football team coming in here and to have the opportunity as a team to go out there and try to go out and win a ball game, I think it's a great opportunity. We're all going to work real hard this week and get ready for it."

(On if he's more comfortable going into his third start) "Definitely. I think going into my third weekend to get out there and play, I feel more and more confident every day that I get to go out to practice, every day I get to step on the field on Sunday. This week will be no different. [I'll] continue to build confidence and put good stuff on tape and try to put my team in position to go win."

(On how to play against a team like the Steelers who produce a lot of sacks) "I think you have to stick to your game. You can't get too caught up in trying to get the ball out too quick or forcing things or pressing yourself. I think you have to stick to the game plan. We're going to go through it this week and prepare really well and coaches will put a good game plan together and we're going to try to stick to it. Sacks happen, tackles happen, all those things happen. That's football and it's all about playing the next play and sticking to our game plan."

(On Steelers LB T.J. Watt) "He's a great player. He's a physical player, he's fast, he has great moves. That shows up on tape every week, but you can't get too caught up and focus on where one guy is. Especially a team like this, they're good across the board. They have a lot of good players, so, like I said before, we're going to have to game plan and I think we have good players too. We have guys that can go make plays, [an] offensive line that's been blocking really well, and a running back who can run the ball really well. I think we have stuff to bring too and, like I said, we'll game plan and we'll be ready to go on Sunday."

(On a case for RB James Robinson to be named NFL Rookie of the Year) "He would definitely push that question off. He's a real humble guy, he's real quiet, awesome dude, but I think he should definitely be in the discussion. To be in his position to come out as an undrafted guy and step on the field Week 1 and to play like he has, to run the ball like he has, and bring the physical element and the big play ability that he's brought all year long, I think he should definitely be in the conversation. If I was on the committee to make that decision, he would get that vote for sure."