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Jaguars Quarterback Mike Glennon: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

(On getting on the same page with WR DJ Chark Jr.) "Obviously, DJ [Chark Jr.]'s our No. 1 receiver and a big part of our offense, so we will have more success. We had a bunch of targets, not a ton of completions, but some games are like that. I don't know if it's especially me and him, it's just some games that's how it works out and we'll continue to build on it and get better."

(On his cleats for the NFL's 'My Cause My Cleats' initiative) "I'm doing Project ALS and the person is Chris Combs. Chris used to work at the NC State Booster Club, got diagnosed with ALS a few years ago, and unfortunately passed away a couple months ago from it. I became friends with him and it's a terrible disease that hopefully we can raise awareness for, help find a cure, help find ways to lower the suffering people go though. It's just a nasty disease that's kind of gained some attention over the past decade with the ice bucket challenge, [former New Orleans Saint safety who has been diagnosed with ALS] Steve Gleason and some guys, but [I] just wanted a way to honor him and the battle he fought."

(On throwing to WR Collin Johnson) "I think that first go ball to him is a case of my trust in him that even though the corner kind of bailed on it, that I trust him to go up and make a play. I know you guys probably saw it all of camp, but he had plenty of those plays through training camp. Me working with him a bunch, I have a ton of trust in him. Like you said, he's a tall guy that plays even taller. I don't know what his wingspan [is] or whatever it might be, but he covers a lot of ground between his height and when he's in the air with his long arms. He definitely plays to his strengths and is something that hopefully we'll continue to feature."

(On his style of play) "I still think even though we lost the game and had some plays, there was still a lot of good throws out there. I think there's always going to be stuff to build on, but I feel confident in myself in both games."

(On being the starter for the third week in a row) "I felt comfortable both weeks and I feel comfortable again this week."

(On his comedian Frank Caliendo making jokes about him on 'Hard Knocks' when he was with the Raiders) "I've heard the jokes my whole life, it's nothing new. [He was] throwing a recycled joke but he was hilarious. [I] had a lot of fun with him. We talked after and he's a good guy. I'm more than used to it."