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Jaguars Safety Jarrod Wilson: Sunday, November 29, 2020

(On how the Jaguars' young cornerbacks Josiah Scott and Luq Barcoo played today and if they improved as the game went on) "Yeah, they probably just had to get their feet wet. Those guys, that was their first opportunity this year to really get some starter reps, and I think they did an amazing job. Obviously, it's just hard to step into that role, but it's kind of expected of you to have that 'Next Man Up' mentality, and I think they did a really good job this Sunday."

(On the Jaguars' defensive emphasis) "I think the emphasis, really, was to stop the run, first and foremost. Two-seven [Kareem Hunt] and two-four [Nick Chubb] for them are really good backs, power backs. Cleveland's been doing an amazing job running the football all year so that was just the mentality all week. We definitely had to bring our big boy pads and make some tackles. I think we did a pretty good job of that today, but definitely got an L so we've got to improve."

(On the difference in play calling with defensive coordinator Todd Wash out) "I wouldn't say it was necessarily different, it was pretty much the same calls, kind of, Wash just wasn't on the sideline. I know my safeties coach [Joe Danna] was calling the plays from the box. There was no difference, really. We really just got to go out there and execute as a defense."

(On if this was the most bizarre week of practice with so many defensive coaches not available due to COVID-19 protocols) "Yeah, it was a week like none other. You hadn't had the real opportunity to be, kind of like, with our coaches, and them themselves not having the opportunity to be hands-on in coaching us. Everything was really strictly virtual. Coaches didn't get in until Saturday, and Wash is still out. It was definitely a different week than others, but no excuses, man. No excuses."

(On if there was an emphasis for the Jaguars' defense in stopping the pass over the top and also stopping the run) "Cleveland, honestly, I think their M.O. is to run the football. They have vertical threats outside, but, this is my personal opinion, since OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.] has been down, they haven't really took those big shots downfield. They're kind of sticking to what they do best and that's running the football. They took a couple shots but not that many, and we kind of expected that. It was a run mentality for everyone."

(On how difficult it is to play against a power running team like Cleveland) "I mean, it's tough, but I think everyone on the defense and everyone in the locker room will accept any challenge like that. You give us a blade of grass, we'll defend it. So [defending against] running the football is honestly probably a strong suit for us because we pin our ears back and just go, pad onto pad." 

(On where the single-season franchise-record 10-game losing streak ranks for him among the lows during his time in Jacksonville) "Obviously, it's tough. It's frustrating. We've got to find a way to win. Not going to really make any excuses about it, injury situation, coaching, whatever the case may be. We just have to find a way to win on Sundays and I think good teams do that. It doesn't really have to more so do about talent or anything. It's really just a team coming together and finding a way to win. And it's tough right now. When you drop 10 in a row, I don't think anybody in there is happy about that situation, but one thing about the locker room is it's still tight, it's still close. It's still encouraging to come into work knowing that guys, even though we're battling our asses off, we are just trying to find a way to still get a W."

(On what Myles Jack is doing to keep players motivated) "I mean, Myles is that guy. He's a vocal person naturally, and then now, he's in year five with me, got that 'C' on his chest for a reason. It's really him just being himself, and obviously guys are going to look to him to get motivation and get encouragement because he's an older guy on the team now. I mean, Myles is really just naturally stepping into a role that I feel like he's kind of always been in. He just may have been overshadowed with different teams that we've had here in the past."