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Secondary Coach Tim Walton - August 22nd, 2020

(On CB CJ Henderson's growth) "Well, he's a very good athlete. He's [got] great movement skills, he is smooth out of breaks, and he studies the game a lot. So, you know, the thing that I like is the technique. He came in and worked on his technique and I saw the improvement from the first few days moving forward of how he can improve each week, each day on the techniques and things that we ask per coverage."

(On CB CJ Henderson's biggest stride in his technique) "Well, being patient at the line, in his press coverage, understanding when to use some of our techniques, our bail techniques, our palm stuff, and then when to use it and apply it and being patient. He lets the game come to him and is real patient and [he has] been good with his eyes. That's the thing with this league, everything is about deception on offense. So he's able to put his eyes in the right place, good at his press technique, being able to be patient, not getting off-balance a lot and being at the right spot down the field on the receiver to put yourself in a position to make a play on the ball."

(On describing CB CJ Henderson as being a little further ahead) "Yeah, yeah, he's done a great job at it. Because the main thing is learning the different techniques at the time. The learning of the football will come, but applying the techniques with the right coverage, and being able to get decent with those things, are the hard part. Because you're trying to maybe break some habit and some things that were taught differently throughout your whole college career."

(On CB Tre Herndon's personality and his strides) "Ah, he can make big strides for us; he has an all-business approach personality. He's serious about his craft, he's serious about his work, he takes pride in doing the right thing. He's a detailed player, good understanding, good football IQ. So when you can apply those things and he really works hard on his technique, that leads to steady improvement over time. So I look forward to him taking a big stride this year, from last year, because now he's a little more seasoned and now he can apply those things with a more confident level."

(On different personalities in the cornerbacks room this year) "Yeah, well it's just a little different now. And so now, even a guy like Tre Herndon, he's become one of the leaders of the room, so to speak. Because you have him, D.J. Hayden, I mean, those are the guys now that have played the most ball for us right now. So, the leadership role – and those are both more quiet personalities, which is good, those guys that go about their business and stuff like that. Like I said, I look forward to it and they can continue to lead the young guys, and they're more 'lead by example' type guys anyway."

(On the importance of having a veteran presence like CB Tramaine Brock) "Oh that's important. Like I said, the hard thing is to give guys experience. So the veteran leadership, the veteran experience, those things are vital. But what I always tell guys is that the young guys have to step up too, because you never know—some guys, young guys mature early. The reason I say that is because of a guy like Tre Herndon; he's a guy that doesn't have as much playing experience as some guys, but he has the right approach. And if you watch his mental approach, his physical approach, and the way he goes about things, he approaches it like he's been a 6 or 7-year vet already. So I think it's based on each person, but the experience in the room is vital."

(On CB Tre Herndon's improvement) "Well the good thing about that, he got that experience last year. It's hard, the thing you can't give guys is game day experience, he got that last year. So now a lot of things that he saw for the first time, he has already seen now. Now, coming in this year, he's more confident, he's understanding things, he knows the different spots he needs to be at. Now he can apply—and like I said, his personality is already business-like, he's very mature, he's very into his stuff. So with that experience that you have, and the work ethic and the maturity level and this approach, it's nothing but an upside for him. He works on his technique [and] he's works on his craft a lot. Like I said, he's a true pro in his approach to this game, so I look for big strides from him this year."

(On CB Tre Herndon as a leader) "Oh, no doubt. He has to be the guy that does that – him and DJ [Hayden] are the guys that kind of are the veteran guys in our room right now, as far as being in this system. So now he's trying to take on that role, and trying to speak up more, and trying to show the young guys the ropes on how to do things. And he's a great guy to be in that role."

(On Coach Ben McAdoo) "Oh it was great being around him. Obviously Ben has a great personality, man. We had fun up there with him, he's an outgoing personality, I had a great time being with him. So it was good to get back with him. Like I said, he allows us to coach and have fun and the energy and the positivity that he brings, and the excitement, is contagious. So that's the thing I like about him. You know, every day is a good day with Coach. He's always positive about everything and excited to get the chance to play ball and coach ball, because you know, we don't get a chance to do this every day, it doesn't last forever."

(On crossing paths at all in the past few years with Coach McAdoo) "No, but we talked, we talked all the time. Like I said, we have a great relationship, so we would be in contact all the time for the past couple of years."

(On CB CJ Henderson's personality and his interest in the game of football) "Oh he loves the game of football; he's totally dedicated to the game of football. He's into it probably more than most guys you know. It's a high priority to him, he's really dedicated to learning, studying the game. He's a football—he's a gym rat when it comes to that stuff. So he does an excellent job of that and I have no question about the things that I've seen and me being around him. That it is super important to him, that he's dedicated, his notetaking, his questions that he asks, he really takes the prepared approach of how he goes about his business."

(On the notion that defensive backs having to be talkers) "No, I think you have to be who you are. You can start going through examples of some guys that use it to their benefit. So I can name good players that have been outgoing personalities, that talk a lot and use that as an advantage for them. And I've seen good players that have the more quiet, business-like demeanor. And I think you have to be who you are in this league, go about business as you, because that's where your comfort zone is, and you go about and play that way. And I've seen guys have success both ways."

(On DB/KR Chris Claybrooks's progress) "Oh definitely, he's making progress. Chris is a guy, he's very conscientious also. He's [got] a business approach, all about his business also. [He's] dedicated to it, obviously he has a long speed, he has strength, we're continuing to work with him on his technique. But he's a guy that has a big upside. I like what he's doing so far, he's very competitive and it's very important to him. So I look for big things to come out of the future with Chris."

(On CB Luq Barcoo and what it would take for a player like him to make the roster) "Oh just keep progressing every day. He's a very talented young man. And that's just now of everybody, like a guy like him. Just keep being able to apply the techniques, learn some things that you did differently in college. But he has a high skill set, upper-level talent, ball is important to him. He has the traits; he just has to keep working on the technique and do those things. He has ball skills, you know he was very productive in college, so I think he has a big upside and he has the skill set that you're looking for at the position."

(On what he likes about his room) "Football is important to them, they're all very conscientious guys, and they can handle coaching. You know, you have to allow yourself to be coached. It's important to them, they've got good work ethic, and you know what happens when you put all of that stuff together, and it's important to you and you continue to work on technique, they will continually get better every day. You know, it's a different thing that shows up, that some guys get better every day. So they learn to fix their problems, they improve in other areas. So I think over a period of time, that with that kind of work ethic and dedication, at some point it's going to gel and come together. And you'll see guys start to, individually, start to rise in their play with that approach."