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Jaguars Wide Receiver Keelan Cole: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

(On his hashtag #ProIsTheGoal) "That actually started my freshman year in college, like 2012-13. It's funny because actually a couple of days ago I just looked at it to see how good it's been going since. It's actually a lot of people on there right now on the hashtag #ProIsTheGoal, but I'm not going to take it from them. They can have it. Somebody will probably stamp it one day and be like, 'Yeah, I started this', and I'll just be like, 'Yeah, okay, you got that.' But that's where it started, it was just a motivation for me and my roommate, just something we were trying to give each other to make it out of the mud I guess you could say."

(On how his career is going so far) "I mean we made it. It's okay to go back and look at it now, but then it was more like a 'keep your head down' every time you look at it. You just have to be ready for every opportunity because, like I said, coming from a small school and stuff like that, you don't really the chances. So, that was really something that I kept to keep me going, to keep pushing me."

(On his college roommate) "Cody Mills. That's funny that I'm giving him a shoutout right now. I talk to him every day. That's my best friend. Cody Mills played linebacker. Fat boy, that's what I called him."

(On the Steelers secondary) "I mean they're undefeated for a reason. It's Wednesday, I've watched tape, but I don't really have to look into depth. There's no point of looking in the depth when you know there's a team that's going to come ready to play. I know they're coming ready to play so I have to come ready to play on my behalf. They're going to do what they have to do, so I'm going to make sure that I'm at the T on what I need to do. Because like I said, we obviously know they're coming to work, so I have to come ready for my 9-0 mentality I guess I should say, tuned in mentality."

(On being in a contract year) "Honestly, you can't give me a specific number, so I'm ain't really hyped about nothing. I'm going to keep going until that number [is] written down right there in my face."

(On if he wants to play in Jacksonville in the future and if the team can return to the level they were playing at in 2017) "I'm down. There's 32 teams. I've been on this one team for three and three fourths of a year and, like I said, it hasn't been the greatest thing but it's football and that's what we're here for. We're here to play football. We're obviously here to get paid. Like I said, you asked about the money, I can't give you the money. I can't really hope for it to come honestly. I just have to do my part and let everything play its role. When it comes to being in Jacksonville, I'm not really a party guy or anything and apparently Jacksonville doesn't have that, so I feel really good here. I like the warm weather, hate the cold, shoutout to Green Bay. I like the warm weather. I like being here, I like being a Jaguar. I'd rather be a Jaguar than a Falcon or a bird or some shit like that."

(On playing with former teammates) "Former teammates? Have you seen the roster? My former teammates are no longer on this team. We have Cam [Robinson], that's it. It's few people that I've seen for more than this year, but let's hope that the whole team comes back the next year because we know how this league works."

(On playing against his former teammates in the coming weeks) "That's funny because those are people I talk to almost every day, every other day, weekly. It was kind of weird that you said that because we talk about it, but I didn't really think of it that way, but yeah, I guess I am playing my old teammates. Most of those names you named are actually good friends of mine too. I'm definitely excited for that but we can't even jersey swap so that sucks."