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Lions Defensive End Trey Flowers: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On what was clicking today regarding stopping the run) "It was definitely our practice and focusing on our fundamentals, especially on the defensive front, pad level and head placement. We knew it was a test coming into Jacksonville. They were a running team so we knew it was going to be a challenge and we stood up to the challenge throughout practice and here today."

(On getting more pressure on the quarterback due to successfully stopping the Jaguars run game) "It definitely allowed us to control the game. Obviously, like I said in the past, if they can run the ball, why would they pass? We got them one dimensional by stopping the run and now we can pin our ears back. Like you said, we did not get the sack numbers but focusing on the rush and making them throw it fast, it affects the quarterback."

(On the strip-sack play and how good it felt to recover it) "I went into power and then it was a power-to-edge move. So, you sit them down and then you go around them, like the edge. He [Gardner Minshew] had a good game going on the inside so I didn't allow him to step up and so he had to stand there and throw it and I just went for the ball. Going into the 2-minute defense, that was big for us."

(On how this win can springboard the team toward success down the road) "Yeah, we definitely see the equation, when we put four quarters together. We can get a lot better, but we need to keep attacking throughout the game. As for us, being able to do that, we see the equation so we know we have to go back to the drawing board and practice and put the focus on the little things that we did throughout the week that resulted in this win and just keep playing. A lot of people probably discredit us, but it is still hard to win in the NFL. That is still an NFL team and they got a lot of great skill guys, especially on offense and defense, so it's hard to win and this win is a win."

(On how hot it was on the field today) "Yeah, it was definitely a little more humid than we're used to. That's what you expect coming into Florida, but hopefully we can get back hydrated."

(On what he is thinking about when he sees the opportunity for a strip sack) "You want to go for the ball but obviously you want to make sure that you secure the tackle because all the time guys go for the ball and miss the ball and miss the sack. When it is out there like that, it does kind of slow down and you know you can get the ball and make a good play."