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Memory lapse

Let's get to it . . . John from Jacksonville:
Holy moly. Gus Bradley has me drinking the Teal Kool Aid. Man crush. Full-on man crush.
John: You're excited, John, and it's easy to see why. Gus Bradley had his introductory press conference as the Jaguars' new head coach Friday. As was the case with General Manager Dave Caldwell's press conference the week before, it would have been hard for Bradley to make a better first impression. He was everything you wanted to see as a fan, and likely as a player. He was engaging, inspired confidence and showed characteristics that make you believe he can lead. He said the right things, and owned the room, as they say. That's all he could do on his first day. Now, on to Day 2.
Brian from Atlanta, GA:
Why do so many people only react to big names? Gus Bradley and David Caldwell were two of the hottest names on the market. All you'd have to do is watch ESPN to know that. Yet, so many people on this website start raging about how these guys are unknown. Why are so many people upset the Jaguars didn't hire someone who was fired from another team for not meeting a standard?
John: It is not my place to explain the lack of knowledge of the masses. I can only do my best to educate, and at times, to entertain – that, and give people a place to go on the web when they get tired of going somewhere else.
Phil from Woodmere, NY:
I wish our head coach was more goal-orientated.
John: You know what's cool about that? I think Gus Bradley would think that was funny, too.
Brian from Jacksonville:
What constitutes a lateral move? If the Jaguars wanted to bring in an offensive coordinator from another team who is under contract, could they give that person the title of Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator to get around the existing contract?
John: No. Technically, all moves involving assistant coaches moving to another position as an assistant is considered a lateral move and can be blocked. Teams often will allow position coaches to move to coordinator positions with other teams, but it's not required.
Marcus from New York City via Jacksonville:
Bradley's defense in Seattle utilized a 31-year old defensive end at the "Leo" spot to rush the passer. The "old" guy ended up with 11.5 sacks and three forced fumbles. Am I wrong to think this bodes well for the recently acquired 32-year old defensive end in Jacksonville?
John: You're asking if Jason Babin could play the Leo spot, which loosely defined is a defensive end playing outside linebacker when the defense plays a 3-4. Babin could do that, though he played as a 3-4 linebacker early in his career and has flourished since moving into a 4-3 scheme.
Daniel from Jacksonville:
Do you think when Caldwell hired Gus Bradley he was mirroring the Mike Smith hire in Atlanta?
John: Not by design or intent. Caldwell set out to hire the best coach for the job, and I believe in doing so he kept an open mind. Now, having seen the hiring of an unknown coordinator who was a football guy work up close in Atlanta, it certainly stands to reason Caldwell was comfortable with the idea that approach could work. So, sure, that played a role, but Caldwell went to the interview process believing that when he found his man, he would know it. That happened Wednesday when he interviewed Bradley.
Joe from Orange Park, FL:
Does the Rooney Rule need to be acknowledged when filling all coaching positions (i.e offensive coordinator, tight ends coach) or is it just for head coach and general manager?
John: It's just for head coach and general manager.
Jeff from Wake Forest, NC:
Now that the pieces are falling into place, I think we all can agree the obvious question now is not about our QB or the 3-4 vs. 4-3 but rather this: With a new regime and philosophy being established, how will this affect our vaunted punting attack? Will they be happy with Anger or will they be looking to bring in fresh talent for competition?
John: No, I think Bryan Anger is pretty safe.
Joey from Middleburg, FL:
How much input or control does a general manager have on picking coaching assistants (particularly the offensive and defensive coordinators)? Would a general manager need to sign off on any hires? Are assistant hires discussed/reviewed in the final interviews with coaching hires?
John: Caldwell and Bradley will work together in this area. Bradley will have final say, but I doubt there would be a whole lot of disagreement.
Bob from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Do you believe that at the time of Dave Caldwell's selection of our new head coach he had any indication of Greg Roman NOT being a viable candidate for the Jags head coaching position following the Super Bowl?
John: My understanding of this situation is that the whole Greg Roman-Dave Caldwell connection has been a bit overblown (I know, shocking, right?). Caldwell and Roman were indeed teammates at John Carroll and roommates in Carolina, but as he said Friday, it's not as if the two text or email all the time. Caldwell indicated Friday he would have probably interviewed Roman had the process not been finished by the weekend, but when he interviewed Gus Bradley, he felt right about it immediately. It's probably overthinking it to try to assume much more than that.
Aaron from Jacksonville:
Towards the end of his tenure it was generally reported Del Rio didn't have a grip on his locker room and players, which lead to off-the-field issues. The next coach hired goes 2-14, and reports surface he didn't have control of the team or locker room at times. Does this seem to be a problem with the team and players themselves, or the coaches that have been hired over the past years since Coughlin? It seems a negative culture has set in with this team over the past few seasons and I look forward to Caldwell cleaning house and starting fresh from the top down.
John: I've heard this theory and I'm just not sure I buy it – and actually, I don't know what lost control of the team means, exactly. The Jaguars' players as a group are pretty good guys, and for the most part, I thought they played hard the past two seasons. Not playing well is different than being out of control. I don't think the Jaguars were out of control the past two years. I just don't think they were very good. There are good players and good people in this organization, and some undoubtedly will be part of the future.
Ebreezy from Jacksonville:
Seriously Gus, just get us competitive on both sides of the ball and I'll be satisfied.
John: He won't be.
Don from Newport News, VA:
Do you see us in a hybrid of the 4-3 and the 3-4 because of our new coach? I know that the defensive coordinator may want to use his own system, but with the "keepers" on defense, you think we can succeed in it or the 3-4?
John: It sounds as if Gus Bradley will be heavily involved in the defense, and it sounds as if he and Dave Caldwell are going to spend a lot of time going over the roster in the coming weeks. Bradley said he expects to shape the scheme around the players on the roster, but considering the success the scheme had in Seattle, it would be surprising if the Jaguars don't use some elements of the 3-4/4-3 hybrid.
Schnel from Jamaica:
Between constantly hearing about Manti Te'o's "girlfriend" and Tebow's future, I am tired of TV. Aren't you, John?
John: TV is my friend – sometimes, my only friend.
Perry from Orange Park, FL:
I just don't understand how people aren't excited about Bradley. Everything that I've read and heard about him has been overwhelmingly positive. Everywhere he's gone he's excelled and people rave about him. He's also charismatic which, no offense, has kind of been missing from our previous head coaches and is also something fans have complained about. What more do people want??
John: The only thing Gus Bradley doesn't have is name recognition. That's OK, though. It's also the one thing that matters not a bit when it comes to being the right hire.
Jack from Jacksonville:
JDR had charisma. JDR had swagger. How do we know Bradley's not another JDR?
John: You don't, just as no one really knows anything in real life 100 percent. In this case, not even Dave Caldwell or Shad Khan know for sure. You trust your process. You talk to people you trust. You make your hire. You then work and hope all those factors that went into the hiring are dead on. This is not scripted television. There are no guarantees.
Ron from Orlando, FL:
Not a question, but just thought the entire staff there needed to know how incredible of a job you guys do on this website. Between the video interviews, press conferences, questions with the new general manager and coach, etc., you guys are amazing! Well done!!!
John: We have a team of very capable people working on the website who deserve a lot of credit for all of the things you mention. I work closely with them every day, and without them, I would be nothing. I value these people greatly. I'd give you their names, but I can't remember them.

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