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My mistake

Let's get to it . . . Wyatt from Section 412:
Blackmon at No. 7? Looks like Michael Crabtree v 2.0. Shorter than everyone thought, slower than everyone thought, and should be drafted much lower than everyone originally thought.
John: There are many who believe as you do. The concern with Blackmon is indeed as you say, that he's not a true No. 1 and therefore may be a slight reach in the Top 10. But most people seem to think he's a pretty safe bet to be productive. I honestly don't believe Blackmon is a home-run selection at No. 7, and I think it may take longer than people like for him to develop into a 1,000-yard, double-digit touchdown guy. All of that said, I don't see the Jaguars passing on him if he's there.
Tom from Jacksonville:
Is there a "junior writer" on staff that looks up to you as the "senior writer"?
John: There's no junior writer, per se, though Ryan Robinson writes stories for the site on occasion. Even if there was a junior writer, I doubt he'd look up to me. I know I wouldn't.
Chris from Section 232:
Do you think a team like the Redskins would be interested in giving up, say, a second-round pick for MJD if Richardson falls to seven? The Jags could still have an effective running back committee with Rashad Jennings back in the fold. I don't expect this to happen, but anything can happen on draft day and it's a move that wouldn't set the team back at all.
John: I don't expect Jones-Drew to get traded, either. There are many, many reasons that's true, and even if it wasn't, I doubt he or any other running back would draw a second-round selection.
Myles from York, England:
There's still a link for the JDR show if you click on the link for radio shows. I'm not going to lie, it got awkward. I looked at the button, it looked at me. Things got more awkward. It shouted some things, I shouted some things. It closed some tabs, I slammed some doors. In truth John, it got messy.
John: Funny is funny. That was funny.
Jackson from Houston, TX:
Random question for you John, but do you have a favorite player on the Jaguars to interview, cover, etc.?
John: I have yet to find many players in the Jaguars' locker room I don't enjoy interviewing. There are a lot of good people and most try to be forthcoming, which is the main thing I like in an interview subject. The few I look forward to the most? Probably Paul Posluszny, Tyson Alualu and Brad Meester. Not all are what many journalists would call "good quotes," but they all listen to questions and try to answer as honestly as they can. That's always enjoyable in my job.
Scott from Honolulu, HI:
I couldn't agree with you more on Reggie White over Deion Sanders. Now let's go apples to apples, Reggie White or Lawrence Taylor? All due respect to the minister, but I'll take LT every time.
John: Me too. All you need to know about Taylor is during his career and immediately after, teams entered the draft every year looking for the next Taylor. Outside linebackers were overdrafted every year for many years. Finally, the league figured out there was no next Lawrence Taylor.
Bryce from Algona, IA:
It sounds more likely Minnesota goes with Claiborne. Let's say Richardson goes to CLE. TB likely won't take Kalil with Penn there. If Kalil is there at 7, give me the odds the Jags take him there.
John: I believe it's more likely the Jaguars would trade in that scenario.
Don from San Diego, CA:
I like the idea of the Jags taking Cox at seven. However, is he only a DT or can he be utilized as a DE as well?
John: He can play tackle or end, but he's not a pressure-from-the-outside, "pure" pass rusher from the outside. That's the drawback if you're looking at Cox with the idea of filling a need. He wouldn't, but he might be the best available player at No. 7.
Tim from Newton, PA:
Any idea what Gene's "draft board" actually looks like? I'm not talking specifically of where he has players ranked, but is it a bulletin board, excel spreadsheet? What information is contained on the board? Just name and position? Is it located in Gene's office or is it in a safe somewhere (kidding...but I wouldn't be surprised if some GMs took that route)?
John: I've heard it's three yellow sticky pads on the inside of his wife's Good Housekeeping, but that could be a rumor. Seriously, it's a big board on a wall. Players are in order. When a player is picked it, names are taken off of it. It's not as much about glamor as it is getting the job done.
Dustin from Jacksonville:
While I agree with you that Lombardi's article wasn't the most professional piece, I at least respect him putting his name on it. I've grown tired of all of the anonymous sources taking shots at players. Every time I read a piece like that it lowers my opinion of the writer and I can't help but feel the source is weak. I'm tired of people hiding behind the wall of anonymity.
John: I absolutely give Lombardi credit for having a strong opinion on Gabbert. It's his job to have one, and he does it well. As for anonymous sources, there's good and bad. I agree that it would be better if people put their names to things, but a lot of solid, inside information would never get reported if everyone had to go on the record.
Jake from Harrisonburg, VA:
I'm so awesome, I only need to submit one email for the great O-man to post my submission.
John: I posted your email by mistake.
Adam from New York, NY:
If we have played the Vikings four times before, how have three of those games been in Minnesota? That doesn't seem to make sense to me considering the formula in place for determining opponents. Also, I heard a great quote from Pete Prisco recently that I thought the rest of Jag Nation should hear. He said, "The biggest myth in the National Football League is that Tim Tebow can play quarterback and Blaine Gabbert can't."
John: The NFL installed its current schedule system in 2002 for that very reason – to ensure that as much as possible, teams played other teams as often at home as they do on the road. That sometimes isn't the case with teams within the same conference, but AFC and NFC teams now play every four seasons alternating home and away. As for Prisco's quote, I'm not surprised by it, and it's typical Pete – succinct, to the point and as often is the case when it comes to quarterbacking, pretty accurate.
Andrew from Kadena AB, Okinawa:
So Torres was suspended for 25 games for his hit on Hossa. It was explained that the hit was illegal because Torres made the head a target and principal point of contact. Why can't the NFL adopt this rule? Players should be penalized for targeting the head, not for accidentally slapping the QB's helmet.
John: I admit, it sounds pretty darned logical when put like that.
James from West Liberty, KY:
Was your "sneak in" response to Zachary about Melvin Ingram a possible hint that the Jaguars are seriously thinking about selecting him at No. 7? I've been under the impression that the Jags wouldn't select him because he's not a true 4-3 DE and doesn't do one thing "excellent" to offset his "short" comings (pun intended). I know that you've heard that it seems the Jags won't "touch" Coples, so hoping for some insight on Ingram?
John: I wouldn't say it was a hint. I have said for several weeks that while many mock drafters have put Ingram with the Jaguars throughout the pre-draft process the fit is not ideal because Ingram may be more of a 3-4 linebacker. That's why the Jaguars would conceivably pass on a player that many believe worthy of the No. 7 selection. What I said Saturday would be the reasons for taking him. I have no idea who the Jaguars will take. My gut says it won't be Ingram, but I absolutely don't feel as strongly about that as I do Coples.
Spence from UT:
The more and more I watch Stephon Gilmore tape, the more I see him as the Jags pick. What do you think?
John: I think it makes particular sense if they trade down a few spots, and I don't think it's ridiculous if they don't.
Mike from Kissimmee, FL:
I keep reading about some Jaguars fans who are not happy with the Lee Evans signing. The reason they give is "he dropped the game-winning TD pass." Well, if I recall he had the ball knocked out of his hand. Also, didn't the Ravens kicker miss a 20 yard FG to cost them the game? I highly doubt Evans was the sole reason the Ravens lost that game.
John: Even if he flat-out dropped the pass, which he didn't, that's a ridiculous reason to be unhappy with the signing. Maurice Jones-Drew fumbled against the Ravens last season. I once saw Peyton Manning throw six interceptions in a game. I saw Fred Taylor fumble once. I once saw Tony Boselli get beat for a sack. NFL players make mistakes and even have bad games. Criticize the Lee Evans signing because of his age or because you think he can't play anymore. I'm getting the idea those criticisms may be wrong, but at least they're valid arguments. To criticize it because he may or may not have dropped one pass is not.
Julian from Amelia Island, FL:
If Marvin Harrison was a No. 1 receiver, what's not to expect that Blackmon could develop into something close to that level of production?
John: Harrison had elite-level speed and special quickness in an out of his breaks. This is not my way of lauding Harrison as an all-time great, but he did have those things. I'm not sure the same is true of Blackmon.
Brandon from Salk Lake City, UT:
Are you sitting in a bean bag chair naked, eating Cheetos, writing the O-Zone?
John: I'm not eating Cheetos.

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