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O-Zone: A little slack

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jacob from NY

Should Jags fans tune back in during the 2022 season? This is not fun.

I never know how to tell fans what or when to watch, or how to feel – but there indeed has been an expected amount of fan angst since a 23-13 loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday at TIAA Bank Field that dropped the Jaguars to 0-2. My sense during the offseason was that the Jaguars would be improved this season with a chance to win six or seven games if they stopped the run better and if the offense was improved with the addition of rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The defense is stopping the run better, but it also has a shown a tendency to allow big, momentum-turning pass plays because the pass rush isn't quite getting home enough – and because the secondary hasn't made enough plays on the ball at key times. As for the offense, it hasn't been as dynamic as hoped – which isn't unusual for a team with a rookie quarterback but nonetheless has caused games to tilt in favor of the opponents. The Jaguars haven't made enough plays in key moments. That's true on defense and on offense. Do they have the playmakers to make them? So far, the answer is no. If that answer changes, then the season could be more fun. If not, then maybe not. That perhaps doesn't answer your question. Oh, well. I don't bat 1.000.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

It's been nice having Lambo with us over the last few years. I'd like to wish him well in his future endeavors. Change kickers like you change clothes if needed and it's needed.

Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo missed field goals from 52 and 48 yards Sunday, misses that came after a 55-yard miss in Week 1. Those are his only field-goal attempts of the season, and there now is much speculation about Lambo's future with the Jaguars. Meyer after Sunday's loss expressed confidence in Lambo, who had converted 76 of 80 field goals in four previous seasons with the Jaguars. He reiterated that confidence Monday. I don't expect a kicker change this week. Stay tuned.

Ricky from Duval

Hello, my name is Ricky will you sign my petition that Josh Allen shouldn't be in coverage?

I'm not a big fan of pass rushers dropping into coverage, either. You don't see Allen do this much. I doubt it will be a trend.

David from EC

Another game closer to 0-17. What week will the Jags set the consecutive loss record?

The Jaguars have lost 17 consecutive games, a streak that began with 15 consecutive losses to end last season. The most consecutive losses since the 1970 AFL/NFL Merger is 26, set by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976-1977. The Jaguars would need to lose their next nine games to tie that streak. The Jaguars are 0-2. I don't expect they will start 0-11.

Bryan from Lutz

James Robinson is at 4.5 ypc but has run the ball 16 times in two games. Can't blame game script Sunday. Run the ball.

I don't know what "can't blame the game script" means. I do know the Jaguars need and want to run running back James Robinson more than they have run him in the first two games of the season. I also know that the Jaguars only ran 50 total plays Sunday, so running 16 of those plays – which they did – isn't that negligent when you were down double digits the entire second half.

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Brett Favre's passes were a bit "hot," and he seemed to do OK. I don't care how hard Lawrence throws the ball; the receivers need to catch the damn thing. They have one job!


Biff from Jacksonville, FL

ESPN Jaguars beat writer Mike DiRocco noted there is a lack of playmakers for Trevor Lawrence to work with. There are also glaring needs on the defensive side of the ball, primarily a reliable pass rush. Is DiRocco correct w/respect to the offensive playmakers? How do you assess the likes of wide receivers Laviska Shenault Jr., DJ Chark Jr. and Marvin Jones Jr. – and the glaring need at tight end?

Whoever Mike DiRocco is, in this case he has a point. Shenault, Chark and Jones on Sunday combined for nine receptions for 71 yards and a touchdown – with four of those receptions for 49 yards and the touchdowns by Jones on the opening drive. That's five receptions for 22 yards for the group the rest of the game. It didn't appear the group was getting enough separation Sunday, though that's sometimes hard to see on the television replay. Either way, the Jaguars haven't made nearly enough plays this season. More is needed on many fronts, including wide receiver.

_Scott from Medford      _

Excluding this year's draft class, I don't see a single player drafted in the last four years deserving of a second contract except Josh Allen.


Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Sloppy ... again. The Jags are still playing JV ball. And believe what you want, but there are too many "men" on the team that don't have enough pride to play in the NFL. This is a mentally weak team without grit.

Nah. If you want to say the players aren't good enough to make plays, or that they're too young, or that they're too a lot of things, that's fine. But not enough pride? First, you wouldn't know that even if it was true. Second, there's no basis for it. They've lost games. There's no evidence that they lack grit or pride or anything of the like.

Royce from Jacksonville

Is it me or are the Jag coaches asking Trevor to make more midrange-to-long throws than normal for a rookie quarterback? Is James Robinson in someone's doghouse?

It seemed on Sunday that Lawrence threw downfield a bit too often compared to taking the shorter throw. Robinson isn't in the doghouse. The Jaguars want to run. They just haven't done a good enough job staying in games long enough to do it as much as they want.

Austin from Jacksonville

Trevor doesn't check down? Good. We had Blaine Run for Your Life Gabby, Check Down Chad, Can't Throw Bortles and No Arm Minshew. They all checked down when there were opportunities to go deeper. You have questions in the history of this forum with fans whining about all the checkdowns from each of those quarterbacks Sunday after Sunday. Now that Trevor looks and continues to look downfield we have to start checking down again? Let the 21-year old figure it out. The talent is there if you just open your eyes, right? Looking downfield is a good thing, right?

There certainly have been times Lawrence would have been better off taking the checkdown, but within the big-picture context in which your question is posed … yes, a young quarterback looking downfield very definitely is a good thing. Lawrence's eyes stay downfield. His instinct is to throw downfield. It's better to have that instinct and learn to be safer and read coverages/situation better than to not have the instinct or ability to throw downfield.

Robert from Middleburg, FL

It pains me to say it, but I think I am convinced at this point. Josh Allen is just a guy. He's an okay player. But he's not a game changer. He's not someone that offenses have to plan around and they certainly don't fear him. With so few cornerstones on this team, we needed so badly for JA to be a stud. Sadly, I feel like we would see it by now if that were ever going to be the case.

I'm not there with you yet on this one. Allen has two sacks this season and has looked impressive at times. I see your point that he hasn't stood out as a playmaker, though. I would like to see the Jaguars' defense play with a lead late in games where teams are forced to throw. Either way, he's certainly better than OK.

Gary from Centerville, OH

Being 0-2 sucks but, we're only one game back in the division, with games in hand against the teams ahead of us. #playoffs #controlourdestiny

Bless you, Gary.

Eric from St. Augustine, FL

Impatience is the rule now. Used to be that fans understood that it took rookie quarterbacks time to adjust, often until the second year. Give Trev a little slack, he will be great. Also, did the Jags pursue Bryan Leftwich at all? He will be a great coach. Wish he was where he started.

I don't know that fans ever have been all that patient with quarterbacks, but yes … I agree Lawrence will be fine. The Jaguars to my knowledge never have pursued Byron Leftwich as a coach. Could he ever coach the Jaguars? Most NFL coaches coach a lot of different teams in multiple roles in a long career. We'll see.