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O-Zone: A little vague

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jeffrey from St. Johns County

Josh Allen of Buffalo has been able to succeed and compete at a Most Valuable Player level running a predominantly run-pass-option/zone-read offense. He has also not been significantly injured. The Bills have had some setbacks this season due to the decline of their run game, but it remains a dynamic and effective offense. Do you think that style may be the best fit for Trevor if he does not show improvement as a classic drop-back quarterback over the next few years?

The Bills and Allen indeed are an example of an offense thriving with RPOs and zone reads – and with the quarterback thus far staying healthy and avoiding injury. The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson are another. There are others, and I don't doubt that the NFL will produce more examples. Still, while Jaguars rookie Trevor Lawrence is capable as an RPO/read-option quarterback, it just doesn't seem from this writer's view that him playing predominantly that style is ideal for his long-term career. But hell … what does this writer's view matter? That view has been wrong before. Maybe that view is that of an old man not seeing the overwhelming trend of the NFL. Maybe all these RPO quarterbacks will avoid the wear and tear of taking hits. I just prefer a quarterback win from the pocket. That still to me bodes best for a quarterback's long-term future. I'm sure there will be exceptions. But that's a pretty time-tested NFL rule.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Is this the worst Jaguars offense that you have seen? If not, then who do you believe is? I'm struggling to think of one worse and we have had some truly horrible offenses.

It's up there. A lot of them run together, frankly. I started to dig deep into the last 10 years to compare and it honestly didn't sound like a very pleasant task. So, I stopped.

KC from Orlando, FL

KOAF, do you expect much of a difference concerning tight-end production with Dan Arnold being out? If I remember correctly, wasn't James O'Shaughnessy having similar production prior to his own injury? On the flip side, there could be some adjustment as Lawrence has had continuity with Arnold. Moving forward, do you still see this as an area of need similarly as we approached last off season, or do you think what we have will suffice for next year?

I expect a slight downturn in production at tight end with Arnold out. He had become Lawrence's go-to target and had turned into a player routinely capable of five or six receptions for somewhere around 50-to-70 yards. O'Shaughnessy never has quite reached that level of reliability, though he certainly seems capable of doing so. If Arnold is projected to return to full health, then I don't expect tight end to be considered as big a need as was the case last season.

Brian from Greenwood, IN

I guess I don't understand people who say, "I didn't watch the Jags this weekend because I'm mad at them. etc. … They owe me." Why would I want to do anything else on a Sunday than watch the Jags? They must be young ...

Bless you, Brian.

Robert from Middleburg, FL

Your answer recently regarding James Robinson left out the main reason that fans don't buy the whole "it's because he isn't healthy yet" excuse for not giving him the rock. And that is, even at less than 100 percent and even with less "juice" in his legs than Carlos Hyde, Robinson averaged over five yards a carry Sunday while Carlos Hyde averaged under three. Anyone with eyes can see that JR at 80 percent is a much better option. There's something more to this.

Robinson is better than Hyde – and yes, he's better limited than Hyde healthy. Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer has repeatedly said in recent weeks that Robinson's not 100 percent – and that that's why the coaches have rotated the players at times. That's the explanation. I have no evidence of there being "something more to this."

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Road game on the West Coast against one of the best teams in the NFL. In addition to that, the Rams have to deliver after their last games. I don't see any positive for the Jags in this one. Can you give some hope here?

Of the Jaguars winning? Realistically? Probably not. I do think there's a decent chance they play better than they have the last two games.

Tom from Charlottesville, VA

The Jags have drafted two tackles from Alabama who so far have not lived up to the hype. Now it is being projected that they might draft another. Two questions: Are these tackles a product of Alabama's system and skills not transferable to the NFL? Is Alabama a tackle factory and the Jags just have not been able to bring forth the talent? It is of note that the former Jag coach is now the Offensive line coach at Alabama.

I don't know that it's fair to say that Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson hasn't lived up to hype. He was a second-round selection and has been a four-year starter. He has played fairly well most of this season for the most part and he seems likely to start in the NFL for the foreseeable future. It's not notable that former Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone now coaches offensive line at Alabama. I expect the Jaguars will do as they should – which is to scout players and select the ones they believe best regardless of school.

Dave from Moundsville, WV

Hey, Zone. This offense is putrid. Football players make plays – even rookies occasionally. We need more football players.


WJBIII from Yulee, FL

On a positive note, we've won twice as many games than last year! Things are looking up …


Robert from Oneonta

Losing sucks! Let's try winning, see how that goes.


Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

Since you're not a big pie guy, nobody is perfect, is the pecan pie the go to for holiday desert? Or is it eggnog?

I've come around on pecan pie as I've gotten older. Any time in December is a good time for eggnog.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Someone mentioned recently it would be a good idea for Jaguars Owner Shad Khan hire someone to oversee the football side of the Jaguars operation. The perception is he is so involved with all these other responsibilities (Jacksonville Development, running his many businesses, the wrestling league, soccer team, I could go on). It does stand to reason maybe one the problems is he just doesn't have enough time to actually devote to the success of this team. I know you are going to say that is what a general manager, head coach and all those front office people are for. Well, obviously that approach has worked SO well. Do you think it would be a good idea to bring in a football experienced person to just be a liaison between the team and Shad? Not actually making decisions and getting their fingers in the pie like Tom Coughlin did. But observing and just reporting on the overall approach/effectiveness of the operations or team? It just seems that we seem to keep seeing the same crappy movie with different actors when maybe it is time to bring in some new producers to give a fresh perspective.

The structure you suggest is one that can work in the NFL – and it's essentially the structure the Jaguars had when Coughlin was the executive vice president of football operations. As far as having that position without the person's fingers being "in the pie" … I suppose that's possible. I've never seen that be a reality first-hand, but it's possible. But the structure that the Jaguars currently have – head coach and general manager reporting to ownership with head coach ultimately responsible for decisions – can work, too. So can the structure of general manager having final say. Or head coach/GM essentially being equal. The owner can and does get information to keep abreast of the organization in all situations. But it's still ultimately the job of the people making football decisions to determine the direction and success of the organization. Khan has tried multiple structures. None have worked well enough over the long-term. Perhaps this one will. We'll see.

Sam from Orlando, FL

Pretty Jacksonville of us to say we don't have enough speed at WR while getting rid of a couple of the fast WR's we have in the offseason.

Former Jaguars wide receiver Keelan Cole, now with the New York Jets, probably could have helped this receiver corps. I don't know that he would have solved the entire Speed Issue, but yeah … he could have helped.

Bob from St. Augustine, FL

The rating on the 2021 draft picks were pretty low. I was surprised how low. Your thoughts.

Please reread your question and tell me how I am supposed to answer this.