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O-Zone: All of the above

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tom from Mandarin

Please enlighten me. Urban Meyer may have a high ceiling, but all coaches have a high ceiling. What stands out is his very low floor. He bailed out at Florida and he bailed out in Ohio with claims of health issues. If indeed he has health issues, that is reason enough to pass him over. If he doesn't really have those issues, his honesty becomes the issue. What exactly makes him so attractive as a head coach? Yes, he has a proven college record, but as you have pointed out before, success in college does not mean success in the NFL. I, for one, don't believe that his upside is worth the gamble. There are too many good options that are more proven and experienced.

There's no reason to believe Meyer hasn't had health issues – and if you're hiring him, you must assume he and his family have decided he can handle the stresses of what lies ahead. What makes him attractive is he won at every level of college football and is highly respected in the coaching community. He is the biggest name in this coaching cycle, so he comes with instant credibility from a national standpoint; that could be appealing to ownership considering the results of the past two seasons. And no … there is no guarantee that college success will mean success for Meyer in the NFL. But there's also no guarantee that successful NFL coordinators such as Eric Bieniemy of the Kansas City Chiefs of Robert Saleh of the San Francisco 49ers will succeed in head-coaching positions. There are no guarantees in NFL coaching searches. Meyer comes with risk – as does every candidate.

John from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

What makes a college football coach great? Is it his knowledge of the game, hiring good assistants, the preparation of his players and ability to manage a game? Or is it establishing a program that recruits the best athletes? How good would Nick Saban be if every year he had to coach Vanderbilt players? If what makes a great college coach recruiting, how does that translate into success in the NFL?

Many elements that make for a good NFL head coach are the same at the college level – vision, ability to motivate, leadership, ability to make level-headed decisions during times of crisis. Knowledge of the game, preparation and game management are important, but perhaps just below leadership as a critical quality on both levels. Recruiting without question is the major difference in the two levels, and recruiting without question is critical to college success. Coaches such as and Urban Meyer would be good at any level of college football. Both proved that throughout their careers. Would they have been as dominant and consistent every year without recruiting elite players? Likely not.

Sean from Jacksonville

Ha! Trade the No. 1 pick to the Texans for Deshaun Watson is a theory, but not mine. I think it's ludicrous to trade away that pick for a good quarterback that already has three years of use. I don't think the Jaguars are in a win-now mode, so it would be useless. Your magical thoughts? (Are you tired of these types of questions yet?)

I wouldn't trade the No. 1 overall selection for Watson. But it's not a ridiculous question and I could see the argument for doing so.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John, do you think it's possible that the new general manager will trade up with the Los Angeles Rams' pick and their second rounder to get a defensive lineman or safety or cornerback if they really like them? Or is this completely out of possibility because they want to have as many picks as possible?

Anything's possible.

Michael from Middleburg, FL

Hey O, What are your feelings and thoughts on the Lot J decision?

My thought is that Lot J is important to the financial stability of the Jaguars in Jacksonville and important to downtown Jacksonville, so I'm for it. I'm biased, but those are my feelings and thoughts.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, can we interview coaches who are coaching other teams? Perhaps Khan has enough billions to show Bill Belichick Jacksonville?

I assume you mean head coaches from other teams. No, teams may not interview head coaches from other teams.

KC from Orlando, FL

_KOAF do you think that Boselli's lack of success in getting in to the HoF may be in part due to how terrible our Jaguars have been for the past decade? I was curious if we would have been a team like the Steelers with many good years that he might have gotten in sooner? _

I can't say that a franchise's long-term success wouldn't help a former player's perception; votes such as this have a subjective element, so anything is possible. But I think former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli's difficulty getting into the Hall is almost entirely because of his lack of career longevity. Had he played three or four more seasons at his level, he would have been a first-ballot lock.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

So, cutting to the blunt truth of it. How much do you believe being only the Jaguars impacts our better players from being considered for HoF consideration? Another name you NEVER hear. Jimmy Smith. Him and Keenan McCardell led the league in tandem wide receiver stats for a time. He was a legit No. 1 wide receiver (possibly the last time we had that). Not to mention the snub on Fred Taylor. I mean come on man, how long is this small market thing going to keep us from being legit or respected? Players have been good here and should be acknowledged for that regardless of being Jaguars. Here is hoping Bo gets in. Oh, and my friend made me laugh when he reminded me, "If Torry Holt gets in it would be the first Jaguar in the HoF." Reminded him that was ONE year, and he would most certainly go in as a Ram.

The "small market" thing doesn't hurt Jaguars players all that much more playing in Carolina, Tampa, Indianapolis or any other non-traditional market hurts players who played for those teams. The Fred Taylor snub has a lot to do with him never being the clear No. 1 back in the league when he was playing, He spent most of his career just outside Pro Bowl voting because other players such as LaDainian Tomlinson, Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes were having monster years and nosing him out for the honors. It also didn't help that the Jaguars didn't make the Super Bowl when Boselli, Smith and Taylor were playing. As far as Holt … players in the NFL don't "go in" with any certain team; all their teams are listed in their Hall of Fame biographies and on their busts. You're thinking baseball, where Hall of Fame plaques feature a cap of the honored player.

Jason from North Pole

As a lifelong fan who has never lived in Jacksonville, I was surprised to see that some Ozone readers seem to strongly dislike Urban Meyer. I know he turned Florida into a powerhouse and a national champion. Would you be willing to enlighten me on why he isn't a slam dunk hire?

Many Florida fans dislike Meyer because he left the program and because the program he ran there had many off-field issues. He's not a slam-dunk hire because his health has caused him twice to leave programs – and because he never has coached in the NFL.

Matthew from Saint Augustine, FL

May I say, "Bye Bye to Todd Wash now? Too soon? Hahah Never too soon!!! Great job this season John!!!!

Defensive coordinator Todd Wash, like all Jaguars assistants from last season, remains under contract. The new head coach will decide whether to retain them. I don't expect either coordinator to return because it's unusual for coordinators to return under new head coaches. We'll see.

Tony from Farmington, UT

Todd Wash, "...did a nice job..."? I think you're baiting me into an argument here. I think Joe D should stay, and I'd put in a nod for Keenan McCardell to stay. To say Mr. Wash did a nice job when this defense has consistently been gashed for huge play after huge play during his tenure is hilarious. Good one Zone!

My answer about Wash Friday was obviously designed to tweak a lot of fans who disliked Wash. Still, I thought he absolutely was a good coordinator and I think he did a nice job. I don't think a different coordinator could have improved the Jaguars' defense based on the personnel.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - I might have selected the wrong highlight sequence to watch but I didn't see the WOW factor with Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. What am I missing? What sets him apart from other quarterbacks to make him a possible "generational" quarterback (Other than some good stats)?

His entire skill set and three years of consistent performance on the collegiate level.