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O-Zone: All of the above

JACKSONVILLE – One more day to Look-Ahead Wednesday. Get it aaaaaaaaall out. Grrrr…

Let's get to it …

Chuck from North Augusta, SC

Overall, I don't think Lawrence is living up to his pre-draft hype. I can't really say I see franchise quarterback qualities. He has fumbled 28 times in two-and-a-half seasons. Eighteen of those fumbles were lost. That seems a bit high, and he doesn't seem to be getting better in this area.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence struggled in a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at EverBank Stadium Sunday. He said afterward it was one of the worst games of his career, and it was indeed a rough game. Really rough. Because Lawrence hasn't compiled huge statistics this season, many fans and observers have begun to question him in recent weeks – and Sunday absolutely is the sort of game that turns smoldering chatter into flames. Those flames are hot right now. Remember, though: The flames were equally hot midway through last season before Lawrence played well for the last half of the season, led the Jaguars to the AFC South title and played in the Pro Bowl. My thought before Sunday's game was that Lawrence was playing well for the most part this season, making smart decisions and showing growth. Statistics don't always reflect how a quarterback is playing, and it didn't feel from this view like Lawrence's statistics were a great reflection of his season. Lawrence's game Sunday is part of that season and must be analyzed as such, but it's not his only game this season. Yes, he must reduce his turnovers – particularly protecting the ball when under pressure. He does seem to want to make a great play on every play, and that has caused some mistakes in critical times. Yes, he can play better. But he absolutely has franchise quarterback qualities. They're there, even if they were hard to see Sunday.

Rob from Middleburg, FL

Serious question here. Does a conversation need to be had with our QB1 about his callous disregard for the football. Look, we are blessed to have Trevor, but this has become a fairly regular theme for him, and I'm not sure this team can reach the ultimate goal if he can't improve in that area.

Lawrence threw two interceptions and lost a fumble Sunday. The last interception came on fourth down with the Jaguars trailing late, so whatever. He also had an interception go off running back Tank Bigsby's hands. Lawrence threw the ball too hard, but the resulting interception was a bit of a bad break. His second-quarter fumble could have – should have, actually – been avoided. That's the breakdown from Sunday, but the overriding reality remains: Yes, Lawrence must protect the ball better. Absolutely and without question. He has 13 turnovers this season. Some have been tips and understandable fumbles. Others have been more Lawrence's issue. But whatever the reasons, Lawrence is the quarterback. Turnovers happen at the position, but they can't happen at the frequency they have been happening. The same goes for the Jaguars' 17 turnovers as a team. The Jaguars had overcome eight turnovers during a five-game winning streak. That was remarkable. They couldn't overcome their season-high four turnovers Sunday. Such an outcome seemed inevitable at some points and it's a trend that could ruin the season.

Daniel from Geneva, Switzerland

O-man, how many more games can Trevor have like that before you start thinking about delaying "paying the man" at the end of this season?

A few. More than a few, probably.

Rob from Jacksonville

The amount of confusion was a bit odd Sunday.  At times it looked like they had no clue where to line up and the end result was disaster. Getting beat is one thing, but the Jags didn't look even remotely ready, which is concerning.

Head Coach Doug Pederson addressed this following the game and again Monday. He said Sunday the team felt ready, and players echoed that sentiment. Pederson on Monday detailed multiple execution errors on the first two series: delays, missed assignments, missing a signal for a play, etc. Is that not being ready to play? Concentration? Not being prepared? Hard to say. It must be addressed. Plays and series are too valuable in the NFL. Wasting them early, then giving away four possessions later, is no way to beat an NFL team – particularly one that has played in three of the last four NFC Championship Games.

Donut from Saint Johns

KOAF, I fully believe the Jaguars will respond favorably to the loss and make the necessary changes. The crazy part of my brain thinks Doug is playing the long game with the 49ers and planning for their matchup in February. The game last week will give them a false sense of confidence and the Jags take home the Lombardi!

Pederson was not playing the "long game" Sunday. The Jaguars have responded to losses well in the past under Pederson. Nothing has happened this season to make me think they can't do so again.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

If you're wondering whether or not the 49ers were taking us seriously at the end you need only to look at force feeding CMC so he can handle his individual stats. CMC can kiss my …

I was a little surprised 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan was forcing plays to running back Christian McCaffrey late in the game to extend McCaffrey's NFL record for consecutive games with a touchdown. Coaches can do what they like in that situation. Judge it as you see fit.

Brendon from Jacksonville

I'm in the military and can't be at the games because I'm stationed on the other side of the country. I pay for Sunday Ticket and watch every game. It sucks that we can't get enough fans to the stadium to feel like a home game. There's no home field advantage for us. Looked like there were more Niner fans, sounded like a home field game for the Niners. Am I off the mark? Not sure it would have made much of a difference today but disappointing.

The 49ers are a traditional team with a large fan base. Such teams often have many fans at stadiums of nontraditional teams. This is true no matter how passionate the fan base of the non-traditional team and no matter how good the non-traditional team. This is a league thing. It's not a Jaguars thing.

Jeff from Jacksonville

Please tell us again how good the Jags are? Until they get a defense, build the offensive line, get some offensive playmakers and a franchise quarterback they will not win a Super Bowl. I am not sure they win another game this year.

Stop. For your own sake.

Chuck from North Augusta, SC

I don't want to overreact, but it's hard not to think the Jags are not the team we are hoping for. I understand how hard it is to win in the NFL. The Jags have put together a nice run, but it almost felt like it was in spite of the offense. Maybe the o-line is not good. Maybe Lawrence is not the quarterback we want him to be. I whatever the problem is, I just don't think the Jags are there, yet.

The Jaguars are 6-3 and entered Sunday with a five-game winning streak. Four of their victories were over teams with winning records entering the game. The only opponent they have beaten not currently at or above .500 is 4-6 Atlanta. Sunday was bad. There has been a lot good this season. The Jaguars aren't the best team in the NFL right now. They're a loong way from the worst and they lead their division. Breathe. Breeeeeeeeathe.

Jason from Suffolk, VA

How can you say that turnovers were a minor issue before now? They have committed more turnovers than most teams in the NFL. Many people for weeks have been writing in about turnovers, lack of time for Lawrence to throw, bad red zone efficiency, and an overall lack of offense compared to what was talked about all offseason. The people who wrote that were cast off as "fanning." This is not just one game of bad turnovers. They just ended up playing a team that was more dominant and able to expose them. The Jaguars are better, that's a fact as their record shows. But if they don't fix this offense to the level those "fanning" were expecting then they will not be Super Bowl contenders. They may not even win the division with Houston playing as well as they are. Thats a big game coming up!

Turnovers always are an issue. They were a comparatively minor issue when the Jaguars were winning despite them. They became a more major issue when they lost because of them.

John from Cape May Court House

When you have an offensive line that can't block, receivers who can't separate and a quarterback struggling through progressions, you're going to have a bad time. That is all. As you were.

Sunday was a tough day.