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O-Zone: Angry old man

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Don from Marshall, NC

After all this time, nothing about the NFL quarterback has changed. If they run enough at the wrong time, they will not be in the league very long. Do not be fooled by the dancing shoes on a bear.

There's truth in what you speak, oh wise one. NFL traditionalists for years have preferred pocket passers and looked upon mobile quarterbacks with merited skepticism because of the injury risk to the sport's most important position. Many fans and observers often have looked upon this skepticism with their own merited skepticism – and a dose of derision – and pointed to multiple examples of effective mobile quarterbacks. The discussion eventually comes down to the short-term versus long-term. Yes, quarterbacks who "run enough at the wrong time" often will be very effective for a short time. They might dazzle on occasion and be SportsCenter darlings. But the running invariably leads to heavy hits, which typically leads to one of two things: an injury serious enough to cost the quarterback games in the short-term or enough wear and tear in the long-term to cause the quarterback to not be as elusive as he was when he was younger. At that point, the mobile quarterback needs to have learned to operate effectively from the pocket. If that's not the case, his effectiveness typically is limited. This isn't to say there aren't exceptions to this rule, but they're exceptions – and as such, they're comparatively rare.

Cliff from Everywhere the Helicopter

I don't want to argue, but I believe both Joe Strummer and Robert Duvall agree: "Conley Don't Surf."

And we think he should.

Richard from Lincoln, NE

No question. Just some advice. With your contract coming up for renewal, you really shouldn't be saying that you NEVER know what's going on. You're welcome!

I don't have a contract, so it doesn't renew. My Jaguars status pretty much goes like this: I walk into TIAA Bank Field every morning hoping the security code works. So far, so good. I can't explain why. Because I never know what's going on.

Marvin from R vin

Do you like life? Answer yes; life is good.

Sure. Why not?

Josh from Jacksonville

O-Zone, I just read an article talking about the Hall of Fame considering expanding the 2020 class to 20 guys for the NFL's 100thanniversary. If this were to happen, wouldn't you think Tony Boselli would be a shoo-in? Also, this has probably been asked, but do you see any other Jags down the road getting any serious Hall consideration? Thanks.

It won't work that way, unfortunately. The expanded 2020 class is something many involved with Pro Football Hall of Fame voting want to do – and while it still must be approved by the Hall board, I expect it will happen. But it won't have much impact on former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli's candidacy. Boselli is a modern-era candidate; five such honorees get in every year, and that's not expected to change in 2020. The expanded class would break down as follows: five modern-era candidates, three contributors and two coaches along with 10 senior candidates. The main effect of the expanded class would be to clean the backlog of senior candidates, which has been an issue among prominent Hall voters for some time. But fret not: Though the expanded class won't specifically help Boselli, I don't think he will need the help; I expect him to be elected in the next two years. As for other Jaguars who eventually could get serious consideration, the obvious two are wide receiver Jimmy Smith and running back Fred Taylor. I expect Taylor will begin to get some serious consideration in the foreseeable future – likely once Boselli is enshrined.

Sam from Winter Park, FL

Two things. I don't think even Aaron Beasley would say he was as good as Ramsey. Second, Taysom Hill runs a legit 4.4 at 220 pounds. That can't be overstated in the Saints' ability to use him.


Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

If you were a wide receiver lined up across from Ramsey, would you use your trash-talking wit and sheer physical presence to get in his head right away, or just outwork and outperform him?

This is a legitimate question. Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey typically only covers the opponent's No. 1 receiver – the alpha dog, if you will – so your instinct is correct that he likely would draw "the Zone" were my team matched up with his. Ramsey likely would start the game in "full-talk" mode in an effort to "get into my kitchen." This tact coupled with Ramsey's rare combination of size, speed and strength likely would cause me to immediately weep and ask for forgiveness before shaking his hand and meekly leaving the field lest I be injured beyond repair.

Crash from the Westside, GA

Is it true that Gene Frenette was the Unknown Comic on The Gong Show?

No, longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette was "Gene Gene the Dancing Machine" on The Gong Show. I assumed everyone knew this.

Kevin from Jacksonville

Fans are weird. They want players to be totally, fully devoted to playing. They want players thinking 24/7 about how to get better, to be great, to get paid. They want players to push themselves to the absolute limits of human ability for the sake of glory and getting paid. But when a reporter asks about getting paid, fans want players to lie and pretend like money doesn't matter?

I'll assume this question at least partially references Ramsey, who is a polarizing figure not just for national media but for Jaguars fans. While many – if not all – Jaguars fans love what Ramsey does on the field, many are uncomfortable with his behavior off the field. This is understandable. Ramsey is unconventional and likes to say what's on his mind; such players leave themselves open to criticism, something that generally doesn't seem to bother Ramsey. Here's the thing about Ramsey: He indeed is
"totally, fully devoted" to playing. He wants to be the best cornerback in the NFL and he's willing to push himself toward that goal. And he does push himself to the absolute limits of his ability. He's everything you want in a player – but while what he says in interviews and on Twitter doesn't change that, it's going to cause a few people not to like him. That's the long answer to your question. Short answer: Fans gonna fan. Always.

George from Salisbury

Not really a question. You failed to point out 62-7 was Jimmy Johnson's last game as well.

Those little lights aren't twinkling.

Scott from Daytona Beach, FL

I hope Jalen doesn't read this O-Zone column. He might not like that a few of your 64 readers don't like his attitude.

I have it on good authority that Ramsey not only reads the O-Zone, but that he considers it his one-stop shop for the hippest, street-est, truth-spitting-est Jaguars information, comedy, insight and cultural references. Wait … that's Ned Ramsey. I don't think Jalen reads the O-Zone.

Brian from Gainesville, FL

Big O, I went to law school at the University of Florida. I loved it so much I stayed and now live happily in Gainesville. My closet is full of Gator gear, I have season tickets to Gator football, I have a hat signed by Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim Tebow, and another hat signed by Emmitt Smith, and still another one signed by Dante Fowler Jr. My two-year old daughter knows how to do a Gator Chomp already. I met you in person a few years ago at a Gator Pro Day before the draft. To be clear, I am a Gator through and through. But even I know that Florida (and, especially, LSU) does not regularly produce talent like Ramsey. He's the best at his position in all of football. Why would anyone dare to even think about the Jaguars trading him?

So, go Dawgs?

Sean from Jacksonville

It's the Dead Zone; of that I am aware. So ... with that caveat out of the way, are there any updates on Josh Allen's lengthy "knee bruise" injury?

Allen, an edge defender and the No. 7 overall selection by the Jaguars in the 2019 NFL Draft, missed much of organized team activities and minicamp with a knee bruise. It was not considered a serious injury and Allen was held out because there was no point in risking any further injury in non-padded, non-contact work. Head Coach Doug Marrone didn't address Allen specifically when discussing injuries as minicamp closed, but all players except wide receiver Marqise Lee and offensive tackle Cam Robinson are expected to be ready for training camp.

Brian from Cranford, NJ

John, you ever wanna knock down the doors and break thru the walls? Tear out the phone? Run from it all?

I am anger personified. When you're around me, watch yourself.

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