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O-Zone: Bargain bin

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Zack from Pisgah, AL

This offense is beyond difficult to watch at this point. Am I completely out of line in thinking that the Jaguars need three new wide receivers next year? I don't mean three new bodies that come to camp. I mean three new wide receivers on the 53-man roster next year. I believe this team needs to make a significant investment in that group in the offseason. Maybe sign one in the first wave of free agency, sign one in the second wave AND draft one in the first two rounds of the draft. Is this too big of an investment for one offseason?

You're right that wide receiver must be an offseason priority for the Jaguars – and that rang as true Sunday after a 21-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons as it has after many losses this season. It's the defining issue of the 2021 season. Because of that, it's not at all out of the question that the Jaguars address it at multiple points of the offseason – perhaps with three potential front-line players and at least two. It would be a major surprise if the area wasn't a major target in unrestricted free agency, with the caveat being we don't know for sure who will be on the market come the start of the 2022 NFL League Year. It also would be a fairly major surprise if the Jaguars didn't address the position in one of the first two rounds of the draft – and perhaps twice in the first three rounds. The Jaguars must get better, faster and more dynamic there. It has defined the present. It must not define the future.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

When your team is this sloppy, it's on the coach. Period. Wake me up when we've fired Urban Meyer.

I do not anticipate the Jaguars parting ways with Head Coach Urban Meyer during the 2021 season or during the following offseason. This is a building process, and I expect Jaguars Owner Shad Khan will continue to see it as such.

Bill from Hawthorn Woods, IL

Turnovers, bad penalties, inept offense. What makes it disappointing is that I just described MANY games this season. I saw the Falcons and New York Jets as the most probable to see wins again this season. So … JO, what is your over\under on wins this season at this point?

I could see the Jaguars finishing the season about 4-13. I expect them to play well in two or three of their final six games – well enough to be in those games at the end. If things break right in those games … yeah, they could get to four.

James from Socorro, NM

The Jaguars desperately need an expensive free-agent wide receiver this coming offseason, but I fear they will run into the same problem as the last offseason with tight end: most would rather take less money and play with a better team (like New England snagging both of the top free-agent tight ends). TEs). Jacksonville has such a culture of losing, I don't think I would choose them no matter how much money was thrown at me.

Yes, you would.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

I just looked up team penalties by team on the web and the Jaguars aren't near the top on any count. I assumed otherwise. These are very costly penalties, it's like they have a knack for finding the worst time to commit a penalty.

Good eye. The Jaguars really haven't been overly penalized this season, but they have been penalized at very bad times. They have committed six penalties in the last two games that have extended opponents' drives. Meyer said the team considers those just like turnovers. And he's right. Few things deflate a defense quite like thinking it has stopped a drive and then having to return to the field to stop it again.

Bill from Orange Park and Section 114

It should look better than this by now.


Al from Orange Park, FL

Meyer and Trevor Lawrence aren't accustomed to losing. Do you have any sense of how they are handling this season? Do the Jags have a psychiatrist on staff? I'm not trying to be smart-butt, I have real concerns about this.

I have sensed in Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence's last two postgame media availabilities that the losing and lack of offensive success – particularly in the passing game – is wearing on him. And why wouldn't it? He's 11 games – 14 if you count preseason – into the longest season of his life. He's working hard. He cares. He's dedicated. He wants to be great. And he's not getting much success. That's the life an NFL rookie quarterback, but that doesn't make it easy. Ditto Meyer. So, yes … the losing takes a toll. How are they handling it? The only way they can, by returning to work and trying to solve issues.

John from Boynton Beach, FL

If wins were shrimp, we will be lucky to walk away from this season with enough for a very modest shrimp cocktail. We'll be lucky to have four.

I like shrimp cocktail.

Ken from Arlington

This observation may not be astute, so I pose this in the form of a question. It seems as if the Jaguars lack identity. When we turn over a staff, we change over the philosophy of the team with it. Can't we just have a "10 commandments" of Jags football stating what team we are going to be? Just decide we are a smashmouth football team that orients run-first football and dominates the line of scrimmage and stick to that brand. When Khan interviews a coaching staff, it's under the idea that they fit our philosophy, not change it. Wouldn't that help the seemingly pendulum swing of roster turnover and constant rebuilds?

Theoretically, maybe – but a franchise needs years and even decades of success to get anywhere near establishing that sort of identity. The Jaguars have not had years and decades of success.

Rob from PV

You guys are right that it SHOULD be way too early to talk about the draft. The Jags' receiving corps, however, has us all looking for answers and those answers are apparently coming from either the draft or free agency. Therefore, when the question is asked "What are we gonna do to fix the receiver situation?" it's time to mention the draft isn't it? Isn't it fair for fans to start wondering what could be available? I know darned sure we were starting to talk about drafting quarterbacks around this time last year, it was actually talked about before the season started ... remember Tank for Trevor? Anyways I'm going D-end if we are picking at No. 3 because three is a little high for any receive this year, right?

Fans can think about what they want when they want. I'll start digging deep into the 2022 NFL Draft in January around the Senior Bowl, so I'll have a better idea about your question. But yes … pass rusher/defensive end is always a strong possibility in the Top 5 – particularly if, as I've read in passing might be the case, there are no elite receivers in this draft.

Brian from Greenwood, IN

How is this team so abysmal in the in the first quarter? The sample size is now big enough to make it fact. You go back to Week 1, and pretty much every week since, they have been so awful in the first.

Struggling teams are often bad early in games because they're not as good as their opponent. Those struggling teams sometimes get better late in games because opponents are playing to hold the lead rather than build the lead. There have been times this season when it felt as if that could apply to the Jaguars.

Greg from Boise, ID

It seems that the offense plays better in a fast-paced up-tempo manner. It sure seems that every time the offense shows signs of life and is actually when they play fast and up tempo. UM said he wanted an up-tempo, fast offense, so why don't we see more of it? I get that we need speedy receivers, but they managed to find the end zone when they played fast and up tempo. But then they stop and then the offense stalls.

Playing up-tempo offense is great and I expect the Jaguars to try to do more of this. The problem with it is if you don't get first downs, you're off the field very quickly. That puts tremendous pressure on a defense. Remember, too: Playing up-tempo isn't as much about fast players but running the offense quickly in and out of the huddle. That can be tricky with a young quarterback with a lot of new receivers.

Tom from Nocatee

Hi John, I didn't get to watch the game as I am in the hospital after having my appendix removed. Sounds like I got the better end of the bargain today.

OK. I laughed.