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O-Zone: Big, strong man

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Dave from Jacksonville

Oz, "Hard Knocks?" Is it true? Urban seemed to give a plausible shrug on a radio interview. The circus coming to town? Can we add Ringmaster to your list of accolades, KOAF?

You're referencing Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer's recent comments about appearing on "Hard Knocks," comments made to Rich Eisen of the NFL Network – and Meyer indeed seemed far more open to the possibility than originally would have expected. Meyer essentially said while all football coaches prefer lockdown mode while preparing for the season, he understood fan interest – and understood the Jaguars are a compelling story. I still would be a little surprised if the Jaguars were on "Hard Knocks" this season, but that's because I have this idea ingrained into me that pretty much any head coach would avoid doing it if at all possible. And remember: The Jaguars under league rules don't have to do it this season. But hey, who knows?

Steve from Nashville, TN

I don't see much on social media or Jaguar news sites talking about what players are looking for new contracts. I suppose this is an effect of a regime change, but we must have some players on the last year of their contracts in 2021?

Left tackle Cam Robinson will play under the franchise tag in 2021, a one-year contract that means he will again be scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next offseason. Guard A.J. Cann's contract also expires after the 2021 season, as do the contracts of defensive linemen Taven Bryan, safety Jarrod Wilson, wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. and a slew of other less high-profile players.

Mingus from Duval

I feel so much better knowing that there is still a slim chance that I can realize my lifelong dream of kissing Nick Sorensen on the mouth.

I may have bad news regarding your dreams.

Justin from Jax

Hey, John. You will inevitably get snide questions about the new proposed downtown plan. As a matter of fact, if I had to bet, I'd say if this gets posted, it'll be right after said snide question. But then again, you are unpredictable and wild. But I, for one, hope this all comes to fruition. It would be great for the Jags and for the future of downtown and Jacksonville in general. So, count me as one fer.

I indeed am one of the wild ones, and this week's proposals indeed would be great for downtown Jacksonville. So … hey, one fer the downtown development!

William from Jax

O, do you think there will be as much uproar about the Titans signing Al Coon as there was about the Jags signing Tebow?

No. Few players, if any, would cause the same uproar about anything as Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow. He's as polarizing an athlete as there has been in the last couple of decades. Coon is not.

Mike from Jacksonville

I see the Titans signed a former wrestler that hasn't played organized football since 2013 to play offensive line. How does a team blatantly take a spot from someone that could lose out on making the Hall of Fame as a result? What are they thinking?


Fred from Naples, FL

Are you as surprised as I am that we have yet to sign Malik Hooker as a safety? He has a relationship with Meyer, and we have a rookie safety who is coming off of a torn ACL. At the very least he would be good insurance in case someone goes down with an injury.

I'm not particularly surprised the Jaguars haven't signed Hooker. They signed Rayshawn Jenkins as an unrestricted free agent at safety, and also have an experienced veteran in Jarrod Wilson and a promising young player in Daniel Thomas at the position. They also like rookie Andre Cisco a lot and believe he can be a Day One starter. That doesn't mean the Jaguars are set there, but they feel pretty good at the spot. While Hooker does have a relationship with Meyer from playing for him at Ohio State, he also has had trouble staying healthy in four NFL seasons. It wouldn't have been shocking had the Jaguars had interest in Hooker, but it's not shocking they haven't signed him.

Matthew from Townsville, Australia

Greetings, O, from tropical Townsville (similar climate I imagine). New fan. Got interested after seeing JJ celebrated :-) on The Good Place and then seeing JJ had signed most talented young quarterback since dinosaurs. Question: Given UM has indicated in couple of ways he will use run-heavy offence early in Trevor Lawrence's development (I like how this protects him from being mashed like potato as he holds the ball waiting to pass), and how he wants to use Travis Etienne in a hybrid running back/wide receiver role, it would seem JJ will often use two running backs. So will typical four running back roster be enough in event of injuries? Should there be five? Or can you see wide receivers on the roster who could play the Travis E hybrid role? Could the new guy Pharoh do this?

I would expect the Jaguars to carry four running backs, with wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. getting some carries – if not really in a true "hybrid" role.

David from West Lafayette, IN

O-matic, the questions you get seem to revolve around improvement shown by a line in the sand on number of wins. In 2003, the Jaguars started 2-9 then won three of their last five, and by that point in the season, it was a different team. Five wins at the end of it doesn't look great on paper, but this stuff takes time over the course of a season and with where the Jaguars are in their rebuild shouldn't be defined solely by wins/losses. That team that won five games was 12-4 two seasons later and was a legitimate Super Bowl contender with a roster top to bottom as talented as any in the league. Nothing is better than watching a team come together. If they go 4-12 but when you watch them, they are competitive and show tangible signs of improvement and chemistry each week with promise for the future, isn't that considered a successful first year?


Dave from Oviedo, FL

I recently heard that about 90 percent of coaches and staff around the league have been vaccinated. Do you think players that choose not to get vaccinated will suffer repercussions?


Unhipcat from BBarH, CA

Hi, John. You responded "the former," indicating you feel Tebow has a better chance to "end up on the coaching staff" than to make the team as a player. That concerns me more than him earning a spot at the bottom of the roster. What position would (could) he coach? Certainly not quarterbacks or tight ends. Would it be something like a Quality Control Coach? (What do they do, by the way?) I'm sure (I think) many (some) entry level coaches have less experience than Tim does. Just trying to figure how that would work. And why.

My response "the former" in a Saturday O-Zone question indicated that I thought there was a better chance of Tebow making the roster than of becoming a coach. While I suppose Tebow could coach, I don't have any particular reason to believe that's his chosen path.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, your take on Naomi Osaka was surprisingly insightful and not one I had thought of. What is your take on players who want to spend too much time speaking to the media such as a certain former Jaguar left tackle?

I assume you're referencing former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli, but your take isn't quite accurate. While Boselli certainly spoke to the media and was quoted often during his time as a player – and while the media generally had a decent relationship with Boselli – I wouldn't characterize him as wanting to spend too much time speaking to the media during his career. There were times he didn't love doing it and many times he argued and disagreed with reporters. He was pretty normal on that front, but he certainly didn't overdo it or talk to the media too much.

James from Salt Lake City via Jagsonville

Mr. O. Has Trevor been able to put back on some of his weight since his surgery? These NFL linemen are beast , and Trevor's looking a little thin. I'm 5-feet-9, 220 pounds, still muscular, but not sure I could handle 300-plus pounds with speed falling on me. It's not college anymore.

Lawrence doesn't look particularly different physically a couple of weeks into 2021 Organized Team Activities as he did at the beginning, but it is only a couple of weeks into 2021 Organized Team Activities. I expect he will add weight and bulk naturally because his frame appears to be one that could handle that. Oh, by the way: congratulations on your glorious physique. Stay strong.