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O-Zone: Blurred vision

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Just curious if my personal favorite football player of all-time Fred Taylor has a shot at the Hall of Fame this year? Or are his Hall chances similar to that of Boselli?

Former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor was announced on Tuesday as one of 28 modern-era semifinalists for the 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, marking a fourth consecutive year he has been a semifinalist. I would be surprised – though not stunned – if Taylor is elected to the Hall this season. I expect him to be a finalist soon and wouldn't be surprised if that happens this year. I believe he eventually will make the Hall, but I expect it could take multiple times being a finalist – and therefore multiple years being in the pre-voting discussion – for him to be elected. In that sense … yes, his path to the Hall could resemble former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli, who in August became the first Jaguars player enshrined.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville

I get you can't tell the future. As fans, that is our job. The problem with your answer/approach is as we are "building" this team with youth from the draft, next year we are running into salary cap issues since we pushed all our chips in this year with free agency. Next year you already talked about parting with veteran talent and less free agency. So, how do we improve enough to actually get better? Drafting means waiting for new player to learn enough to ACTUALLY contribute. It just seems like an impossible mountain to climb unless you get that perfect storm of talent maturing at the exact moment you need them. Question: What does the team need the MOST next year to take that next step? I think we need to still invest in pass rusher, also need someone to accompany running back Travis Etienne Jr. because he needs a two to the one-to-punch.

There are many ways the Jaguars could improve next season without pushing "all our chips" into free agency. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence could continue to grow and develop. He and players around him could get more comfortable in the offensive scheme. Wide receiver Calvin Ridley could add an element to make Lawrence better and complement the receiver room. Players such as linebackers Travon Walker, Devin Lloyd and Chad Muma could – and should – be better as second-year players than they are as rookies. You don't need a perfect storm to improve as much as you need young players overall on your roster to improve as projected. What does the team need most next offseason to take a step? Improved secondary play, particularly at corner, and more effective – and consistent – pass rush. I would be surprised if corner and running back aren't both addressed in the draft.

Marc from Duval

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours this week, John! The Jaguars will be able to revamp their uniforms this spring yet again. Do you foresee them doing so, or has owner Shad Khan finally settled on a "look" that will actually last longer than a five-year span?

The Jaguars won't change their uniform designs next offseason.

JT from JT, JT

Why has the idea of placing the franchise tag on right tackle Jawaan Taylor not been mentioned, nor discussed? It is important to have a stable offensive line and entrusting the protection of your franchise quarterback on an unknown commodity may be risky – especially when there is a known commodity in Taylor. With the franchise tag, the player is not locked into a long-term contract in case his performance decreases and to a lesser extent, at some point the organization has to start paying their own players.

It seems I have heard the idea of the Jaguars placing the franchise tag on Taylor, though at my advanced age perhaps I remember incorrectly. It makes sense for the reasons you cite, and I expect it increasingly will be a topic as the 2023 offseason approaches.

Don from Marshall, NC

It's pretty much playoffs from here out if the Jaguars are going to do anything. They look really good moving up and down the field. They can win this year if they learn to score touchdowns. The team is healthy and they're good enough anything is possible. Let's see the team beat Baltimore Ravens and hang in there. Go Jaguars!

Don remains "all in."

Stuart from Cottonwood, AZ

ESPN calls Trevor Lawrence best second-year quarterback. Justin Fields is the sexy pick for his running, but the most likely long-term franchise quarterback is mobile when necessary only. The ceiling is high! Go Jags!

Lawrence has improved this season and seems to be getting gradually more consistent. With that sort of development will come national recognition.

Denmiz from Jax

"People ask questions, Alan. I answer. That's the format and I have no plans to change it. Being "awesome" wasn't a job requirement as much as it was a happy accident. And while my daily objective isn't to irritate you, it is one of the job's cooler perks." I laughed at this!!


Nick from Palm Coast, FL

Besides our normal division games who else will we be playing next season?

Three of the Jaguars' 2023 opponents are yet to be determined because they depend on where teams finish in the standings. Opponents that are determined are as follows: At Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, New Orleans and Tampa Bay – and home against Indianapolis, Tennessee, Houston, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Carolina.

Crash from Glen St. Mary

O bi Wan! Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale or Guinness?

Neither, honestly. I used to be a big Guinness guy. I confess I just can't do it anymore.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

At this point of the season, it seems reasonable to expect three or four more wins. Looking at the current AFC South standings, a playoff berth seems out of reach. The players know this. Given all that, isn't the real challenge now going to be how well head coach Doug Pederson can keep the team "bought in," motivated, and playing hard?

That's always a priority for a head coach, particularly on a team deep in the standings. I get no sense that it's currently an issue and I would be very surprised if it becomes one in the final seven games.

Ben from Cuba, MO

O', I was reading up on the Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalists and a point was brought up about the backlog of great wide receivers up for consideration. Is it going to continue to get more and more difficult for wide receivers of the past – even 10 years ago – to get into the Hall of Fame with so many wide receivers now putting up huge numbers?

Changes in the game over different eras absolutely can change perception. This is particularly true at positions that are judged by statistics.

Ace from Ventura, CA

This is a late observation but we're coming out of a bye week so here goes: In regards to everyone who was freaking out about Lawrence's performance in the game against Denver, the Broncos currently have the top scoring defense in football – and their pass defense has allowed the fewest yards, fewest touchdowns and lowest yards per attempt. Lawrence clearly isn't the only quarterback who has struggled against them this season and in the two games since has looked a lot more comfortable and productive, suggesting an overall positive trajectory (as you've said). Can I get a "good eye?"


Troy from Dover, PA

You said you would be stunned if Walker Little got a start at either tackle position this season. Jawaan is a free agent after this season and the Jaguars are very close to being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I would believe it would be beneficial to see how Walker performs against real competition in actual games. Do you think the difference in talent level is that high between Jawaan and Walker? Are you expecting them to make it a high priority to resign Jawaan with the franchise tag being an option if they can't reach an agreement?

I indeed would be stunned if Little started over either Taylor or Cam Robinson at right or left tackle this season. The exception to that statement would be if the Jaguars decided they wanted to play young backups in a late-season game with an eye on the future.

Roxypunk7 from Down by the Beach

I can't help but laugh when I hear the Jacksonville media talk about Zach Wilson. They say he is terrible and how lucky we are to have Trevor. Guess what. If Trevor were in NY, they would be benching him as well. And if Zach were here, you all would be talking about him needing more time and how great that "one throw" a game he made that so few quarterbacks can make. Oh and my favorite, "This is really his rookie year." Amazing how teal-colored the glasses are around these parts.

How fortunate you are to be you. Enjoy the experience.