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O-Zone: Boxed in

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Arianna from Pooler, GA:
Here are my deepest fears. We already passed on Leonard Williams (the guy I remember you really liked) for Dante Fowler Jr. We could also pass on Myles Jack for Joey Bosa because of pass-rush "greed for need." My fear is Williams and Jack become Hall-of-Fame types and Fowler and Bosa are just solid guys. Drafting need over BAP on defense and having it hurt us … it makes me toss and turn at night.
John: Wow, if that's really your deepest fear I'd say you're a very lucky little Georgian with a very good life … but sure, that's always the risk at the top of the draft. Make the right selection early in the first round and you're remembered as the genius who selected Peyton Manning; make the wrong selection early in the first round and you're the idiot who selected Ryan Leaf. I'd say you just may be jumping to conclusions, though. It's probably not fair to assume that Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell made mistakes in those two drafts – especially when Fowler hasn't played yet and this year's draft, you know … hasn't actually happened yet.
Mikayl from Providence, RI:
Random question. Do you think Sebastian Janikowski was worth where he was drafted?
John: Considering the length of Janikowski's career and his effectiveness, you'd have to say yes. I still wouldn't take a kicker in the first round, though.
Jay from Montreal, Canada:
Recently you wrote that a team doesn't want to be subbing offensive linemen in and out based on downs, match-ups, etc. Why not? This is exactly what you do with the defensive line. What's the difference?
John: Continuity is critical on the offensive line; on the defensive line, not so much. Also, it's much more taxing chasing a quarterback than protecting one.
Seth from Denver, CO:
Is it wrong for me to worry a little about Jalen Ramsey's character? I appreciate confidence in a talented player, but I really hope if the Jaguars are able to draft him he doesn't turn out to be a Terrell Owens-type distraction.
John: What?
Chad from St. Augustine, FL:
If we pick The Big Bear (Joey Bosa), do you think Caldwell would consider trading Tyson Alualu or Jared Odrick?
John: I certainly hope not. The Jaguars don't need to be looking for ways to get rid of good players; they need to be looking for ways to keep them.
Andy from Roswell, GA:
I find the whole angst with the London thing fascinating. However, I'm really happy to be a fan of an innovative and forward-thinking owner and team.
John: #DTWD
Jeff from Wake Forest, NC:
I've seen Ryan Kelly pop up a couple of times as a second-round possibility for Jacksonville. With the talk of the Brandon Linder switch, is center still something they would address early on if the best center in the draft were there?
John: It's possible, but I doubt it. A lot of those mock drafts probably haven't followed the Jaguars to realize how much they like Linder; rather, they see the Jaguars haven't resigned Stefen Wisniewski and assume – voila! – the team must draft a center.
Stephen from Jacksonville:
What is the difference between Dante Fowler Jr.'s knee injury and Jaylon Smith's knee injury? Why is Smith considered a huge question mark to draft this year while Fowler is considered capable of playing this season at the same high level as in the past? You have talked about young players now being able to return to their pre-knee injury form and fully recover in a relatively fast time frame. Why do you seem to have more reservations about Smith than you do Fowler?
John: Fowler sustained what might be described as a simple torn anterior cruciate ligament; while there was nothing simple about what he went through, his injury was a torn ACL and nothing more. Smith's injury was a torn ACL and lateral collateral ligament with questions over whether he had sustained nerve damage. It's the multiple ligament tears and nerve-damage worry that makes Smith's situation different than that of Fowler.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
It sounds like we are in agreement that David Caldwell's board will likely look like this at the top: 1, Jalen Ramsey; 2, Joey Bosa; 2a, Myles Jack. I am excited to see which one of these we get.
John: That would be my guess, but I've been wrong about Caldwell's top-of-the-draft wish list as often as I've been right, so … we'll see.
Mike from Jagsonville:
So Roger went to the Bank and nobody pushed him into the pool? Or did somebody just delete 1.8 minutes of tape?
John: #Shadricksighting
Clint from Mandarin:
After renovations are complete, wouldn't the Stadium Complex be a cool place for the NFL draft?
John: Jaguars Owner Shad Khan certainly believes so, and from listening to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell while he was at EverBank Field Friday, he thinks it's an idea that has merit, too.
H.S. Librarian from Beverly Hills, CA:
John: Hi, Mom.
Mike from Jacksonville:
What do you believe is the possibility of trading up to No. 3 for Jalen Ramsey? Despite the hype I do believe the third pick is where Ramsey fits. I know Jack is the popular pick at No. 5 and he is a freakish athlete, but Ramsey is a franchise player at a position that the Jags have admitted it is hard to find a franchise guy. Yes, there is a lot of talent on the board at the fifth pick but there is only one player with Ramsey's athleticism and skill set. If he slips to No. 3 we should make the play. Your thoughts?
John: Whether or not a team trades up always depends on how much that team has to give up to do so. I think it's possible Caldwell trades up for Jalen Ramsey at No. 3, but I wouldn't call it likely. I think trading back is far more likely than trading up. Caldwell values draft selections and the Jaguars need a lot of fast, athletic players on defense. The middle rounds of a draft are a good place to add those kinds of players.
Anthony from Columbia, SC:
If the Jags go with Jack, Dan Skuta – whether or not he's called a Leo – is going to be used as an edge rusher with his hand on the ground more than he'll be used as a standup outside linebacker, assuming the linebackers stay healthy. The more I think about that, the more I like the idea of drafting Jack because (not sure if you've heard this from any Jags fans or media, but...) I've heard one or two people express that the Jags could use a veteran effective presence providing pass rush off the edge. In my opinion, because it would allow Skuta to be fresher when he rushes the quarterback, drafting Jack helps with our edge pass rusher issue/concern.
John: The presence of Dan Skuta certainly gives the Jaguars some draft-day flexibility, and I do believe Skuta's role as an edge rusher could increase if the Jaguars indeed select Myles Jack at No. 5. But while the selection at No. 5 will have an effect on the depth chart this season, it's more about the long term. Draft Jack if you think he makes you better for the next five years; not because of Dan Skuta.
Rabbit from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Hey O, speaking of prime-time games, I think it would be great if Raiders-versus-Jaguars was the game. I understand the Raiders had better talent when they drafted Derek Carr, but I can't always comparing them to Jaguars: they pick Mack, we get Bortles. They go Carr, we go Dante. I am just saying it would be nice to see two long forgotten franchises have some spotlight especially with two young quarterbacks. What say you????
John: OK.
Joe from Pontypridd, Wales, United Kingdom:
The big focus last year was on Blake going away and spending all his time working on mechanics and how important this would be for him to be successful. Is he doing much of the same this year, or does the focus shift onto some other aspect of his game?
John: Blake Bortles has spent a short time in California working with Tom House & Co., but not nearly as much as last offseason. This year, the focus likely will be more on immersing himself in the offense, improving at the line of scrimmage and improving his decision-making. That's not to say his mechanics are "perfected," because little about NFL quarterbacking ever is "perfected," but Bortles defensively will focus more on the mental aspects of the position this offseason.
Nimrod from Toronto, Canada:
Here's an off-the-wall question, seeing that Marcedes Lewis is a phenomenal blocking tight end, why not give him a shot at playing the interior offensive line? Would he be thrown around by bigger men or is there some other reason? Just trying to think outside the box ... cheers and love the daily read.
John: Get back in the box.

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