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O-Zone: Can I get a witness?

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

John from Happy Valley, CA

If this team wants to be the smash-mouth running team that it wants to be, why would we keep six wide receivers? I think Jaydon Mickens bring something to the punt return game that Rashad Greene Sr. doesn't bring. He can create something out of nothing whereas Rashad seems to be more of a pure wide receiver who can return punts only 50 percent of the time.

The Jaguars would keep six wide receivers if all have a role – and if the team believes keeping all six players would make them a better team. I think there's a pretty high probability of that happening because Marqise Lee, Donte Moncrief, Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook all have shown they can produce in the NFL – and rookie DJ Chark Jr. is in the process of showing that. Mickens also showed last season he can return punts effectively and Greene remains an intriguing combination of punt return/receiving ability; I believe one of those two will make the roster, with my gut right now telling me that will be Mickens. But don't count Greene out; he has looked good enough as a receiver throughout the offseason and training camp to make this team, and he's capable of returning punts full time. This seems likely to remain one of the bigger mysteries entering the weekend after the final preseason game.

Amar from Buffalo, NY

John, a lot of home-improvement stores are dog-friendly and even have treats for them. GO JAGUARS!

Which makes not a sniff of difference to the reality: just because people like their dogs doesn't mean others do.

Dylan from Avondale

What do you have against dogs? I think there should be more dogs at Home Depot! Our defense is straight dawgs!

I love dogs. I don't love being around the dogs of other people in public places if I don't choose to be around them.

Tucker from Nashville, TN

Can we get someone to constantly watch the play clock? It cost us in New England. It happened in Minnesota. It has to be better.

You're right it must improve, but getting someone to constantly watch the play clock isn't a solution. Communication between sidelines and quarterback must be efficient, then communication between quarterback and offensive players, then offensive players must all comprehend the play, then the offense must get the ball off quickly. If there's a breakdown, it usually leads to costly penalties or wasted timeouts. It's absolutely something that must happen, but lack of awareness about the play clock isn't necessarily the issue.

Scott from Medford, NJ

If a podcast is on and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

We remain hopeful … what?

Matt from Bracknell, UK (via St. Augustine)

Hi, John. The Jags won't cut Jaydon Mickens, will they? Sure, as a wide receiver backup he might be somewhat limited. But special teams he has X-factor right? My guess is that he is an excellent general presence around the team.

I have said throughout the offseason I believe the Jaguars will have a hard time releasing Mickens. To do so would mean releasing a player who showed he absolutely can do a very good job – and make explosive plays – as a punt returner and it would mean giving that role to someone who hasn't shown during the regular season he's as good at that as Mickens. It would mean keeping potential over production, and I think that will be a difficult thing to do.

JB from Jacksonville

Does Siliga make the roster? He's a big 'un.

You're talking about Jaguars defensive tackle Sealver Siliga, a sixth-year veteran from Utah who has played 44 games for Tampa Bay, Seattle, New England and Denver in five NFL seasons. The Jaguars signed him in early August – and yeah, I think he has a chance to make the roster.

Jordan from Lincoln, NE

I love the jerseys! The all whites looked great!

Hey, another for the unis …

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty 'O' / King of Funk, those all white uniforms. Awful. Utterly awful. Is it five years we are stuck with them?

… and one apparently not fer …

Rob from Jacksonville

The white on white is awful. Black pants, teal numbers?

… and another.

Mark from Archer, FL

John, I think one thing that would have helped with all these new rules and should have been done is taken a full year to figure it out exactly. It should have started next season. This could have allowed teams to practice new techniques this offseason and next. Instead they are asking guys to suddenly change how they have played a game for years in a matter of months.

Teams don't hit in "live" situations enough in practice to practice how this rule will play out. The only time to do it is in games.

Bill from Idaho

Who do you think will win? The Jaguars or the Giants.

The Jaguars, but I think it's a very tough regular-season opener.

Brad from Jacksonville

O Man, it makes me sad to see readers calling the NFL's drive to make the game safer a reflection of "losing masculinity". There's nothing manly about players in wheelchairs or disabled at age 55. I for one am heartened by the league's efforts to promote the safety of the players I love and I'm glad you're on the right side of this.

I don't know that I'm on a side on this one. All I can do is try to educate people about why the league is taking the approach it's taking. It's not that anyone in the league office wants to create confusion over rules. It's not that the league office wants violence out of the game. But the concussion issue is very real – both in terms of its impact on players and its potential impact on the league on a long-term basis. The result is that it's now trying to find a way to make the game safer. It's not easy and the lowering-the-helmet rule is the conflict point played out in real time. There is no way to simulate in advance how the rule will play out, so the only way is to put a rule in and adapt as time goes on. We're in that phase of the process now.

Kamen from Bethel, CT

It might interest Chris from Orlando to know that all those wide receivers he listed have never won a Super Bowl. You can even throw in some historically great receivers like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and Calvin Johnson. Still, no Super Bowl. Sure, Jerry Rice won a few, but he was drafted by an 18-1 49ers team. My point being: No.1-caliber receivers are nice to have, but they are never the make-or-break factor of a championship team.

Fair point.

Nate from St. Petersburg, FL

Are people really complaining about Jalen Ramsey? To anyone tired of his "antics," I suggest imagining a world where he's NOT on your team. Either that, or remember all the good times we had with Demetrius McCray and Dwayne Gratz. #nope

Also a fair point.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

How does Myles Jack look? What do you think his impact will be by the end of the season? Who will be the better linebacker this year in terms of impact, Telvin Smith or Myles Jack?

Myles Jack has looked really good, and really active, throughout training camp. I think as he continues to get more and more comfortable calling the plays in all situations from middle linebacker he will continue to get better.

Bradley from Carson City, NV

I spent Saturday at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. I put virtually no stock in preseason games but was impressed with the uniforms. I was there to make "future" wagers. I did very well last year thanks to the Jags having an over/under of six wins. I almost felt guilty not even having to break a sweat. This year it's nine and a half. I still like it. What I really like is the 18-1 to win the Super Bowl. The Jags are fun. I'm certainly not happy but I'm having fun. I like having fun. Is the senior writer having fun?

Oh boy, am I.

Charlie from Jacksonville and Radliff, KY

I have a feeling that Dede Westbrook will have a quiet – but outstanding – season. I feel he will be underrated and underappreciated this season. Do you think I'm wrong????

I don't know how people will rate or appreciate Westbrook. I do think he will have a very good season.

Tony from Perryville, AR

Wassup John, so who do you think would win a foot race, Leonard Fournette or Corey Grant? Go Jags!


Steve from the Sunroom Couch

Any chance we'll get to witness a public flogging of the senior writer?

What do you think it is we do here after Jaguars losses?

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