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Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

Seems strange to do a list of the Jags' 25 biggest games and not include any losses. This franchise has been defined by losing for a big chunk of its existence. Someone brought up the AFC Championship Game loss to Tennessee; I always think back to a loss at home to Indy late one season that if we won would have clinched the division. These games are just as much, if not more, a part of Jags history than some memorable wins. I'd love to hear the player's thoughts on losing some of the biggest games in franchise history. And I was too young to remember much of that game against Tennessee, so I'd love to get an idea of how that game went and what the players thought. Just feels like you're devaluing the fans who have dealt with a lot of losing by only acknowledging the wins. Randomly completing a Hail Mary? That was meaningless by the end of that season. Losing to Tennessee three times in one year? Still stings today.

A few thoughts on your thoughts. One, the Jaguars never lost at home to Indianapolis with a chance to clinch the division – though they did lose once in that circumstance in Indianapolis in December 2010. Two, there was a loss included in the 25 Seasons, 25 Games series currently running on the 10-3 loss to the Houston Oilers in 1995 in the first game in franchise history. Three, the Hail Mary that beat the Houston Texans in Jacksonville in 2010 wasn't remotely meaningless at the time; the Jaguars led the AFC South late in that season partly because of that play. Finally, I suppose it's worth remembering that not everything in life is some symbolic gesture or manifesto. The series wasn't meant to "value" or "devalue" fans. It wasn't meant to be "The 25 Most Important Games in Franchise History." It was meant as a way of allowing Jaguars fans a way to remember and reminisce for a few weeks about some big moments in the team's history – and a case can be made that it did that relatively well. Perhaps someday we'll relive some more losses. Perhaps we won't. Whatever.

Jackson from Jacksonville

You've been runnin' on fumes too long, O. You're gonna crash and burn.


Dee from New York, NY

Oehser, u should barge into Khan's office with a boombox playing that Twisted Sister song.

Should I? Really?

Scott from Jacksonville

I like the trade-two-players-for-two-past-players thing we're doing. Given the fact that left tackle Cam Robinson is coming back from a serious knee injury and right tackle Jawaan Taylor is a rookie, I would have to go with the Tony Boselli/Leon Searcy tackle tandem. They could potentially make us stronger at all of the offensive skill positions, And, consider this: Given the league has seen a bit of a decline in the past decade or so of offensive tackle play, the Boselli/Searcy combo would likely be the strongest tackle tandem in the league, and it would be hard to argue that anybody else was even close to second.

You make good points, and it's notable that the Jaguars have had at least four tandems that would be given serious consideration in such a conversation – running backs Fred Taylor/Maurice Jones-Drew, wide receivers Jimmy Smith/Keenan McCardell, defensive tackles Marcus Stroud/John Henderson and offensive tackles Leon Searcy/Tony Boselli. There are no wrong answers, but as far as which tandem would help this current Jaguars team right now? I'll still go with McCardell and Smith because they could help the current group of receivers the most, but it's close. Real close.

Big on Blake from Pholly

Firstly, Sir O: I'm with Rob (as if that's not already obvious). Secondly, please clear up the confusion, I thought the second hit heard in all of Gene's fights was Kid Rock's Bawitdaba playing in the background.

I never know what's going on.

Jon from Brentwood, UK

So, Zone: Your man has reached his 12thWimbledon final. Does avoiding a five-setter against Rafa help him for the final? Who's your money on this time?

Roger Federer indeed reached his 12th Wimbledon final by beating Rafael Nadal Friday, and it can't hurt Federer to have won in four sets. Federer playing at this level at age 37 is one of the most remarkable things I ever have seen in sports; he and Nadal are two of three players who have helped reshape what players can do in their 30s in what once was a young person's sport. Unfortunately for Federer, the third player – Novak Djokovic – is his opponent in Sunday's final. I would love to see Federer win Sunday. Family O-Zone will live and die on each point. But I can't see him beating Djokovic, who is playing at an otherworldly level. Djokovic in four sets. Unfortunately.

Sean from Jacksonville

I've been hibernating for a few days. Did I miss anything?


David from Orlando, FL

O: What's to stop Joe Schmoe from wearing a fake nose and mustache from recording all the practices and bringing them back to New England? Does the organization have people looking out for this? I would imagine security would have to be very careful, as not to alienate suspicious looking Gardner Minshew fan.

Anyone can attend an open training camp practice, and people can record a lot of what goes on. That's why you rarely see teams work on anything specific or exotic during open practice. There's time for rehearsing the new wrinkles once practices close.

Mr. Football Everywhere

Hey John, I can't stand a football player who gets injuries. He's damaged goods. Kick him to the curb forthwith. I'm referring particularly to the Albino Tiger, but there are plenty of others. I have no problem making it through entire seasons without so much as a hangnail, and I'm not even a professional athlete.

Well said.

Adam from Wescosville, PA

Two questions. One, Brunell was so talented; in your opinion, how would his career have been different without the injuries? Two, how did the teams of the 90s get so talented? Was it because of the expansion draft or what? Thanks.

Former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell's 1997 preseason knee injury indeed limited his mobility; he wasn't as dangerous as a runner after that, but he grew as a pocket passer after that. Would Brunell have remained a front-line NFL starter for longer had he not been hurt? Perhaps. As far as how the Jaguars got so talented in the late 1990s, they made a lot of good decisions for a while and spent a lot of money. They had unrestricted free agents such as McCardell and Searcy work out in a big way, and they were fortunate to sign a Hall-of-Fame level talent (Smith) as a street free agent. They spent big (perhaps too big at times) to stockpile veteran depth, and they drafted very well in the first round (Boselli, linebacker Kevin Hardy, Taylor, etc.) They also made some mistakes, but enough worked out that for a year or so they were among the most talented rosters in the NFL.

David from Oviedo, FL

So, what are your thoughts on the stadium dog park? Is it worth keeping around?

Keep it, don't keep it. It doesn't concern me.

Robert from St. Augustine, FL

Who of the current Jags unsigned free agents has the best chance to be a member of the team before opening day?

This is almost impossible to answer before training camp because that will be the first time any rookie competes against professional players in pads. Early guess: safeties Andrew Wingard and Zedrick Woods. Both players were projected as possible draft selections and the depth at the position could mean a chance for an undrafted player to make the roster.

Ivan from Hollywood, FL

While it may be true that you are the "king of all funk" I am not sure I would proclaim it to the world. Websters defines Funk as: a strong offensive smell : to become frightened and shrink back : a depressed state of mind.

I am the king of all funk.

Chris from Canal Winchester

Who cares if Telvin Smith gets a ring? The important question is: Does John Oehser get a ring?

There's no reason to devalue it to that extent.

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL

Aging feel, my hat! We have pools, the biggest screen in the league, and a mascot who bungee jumps off the stadium lights! Can AT&T Stadium say that?

The Jaguars and city of Jacksonville have done an unbelievably good job updating an aging stadium. They have done it so well that there are amenities that indeed have a modern feel. But compared to other NFL stadiums, TIAA Bank Field unquestionably has an "aging feel."

Dave from Dallas, TX

Hey Mr. O: Cricket: Google it. Fave County? Lancashire, (home of the Beatles, Frankie, Echo, Oasis, etc.) or Yorkshire (Joe Cocker).

I still never know what's going on.

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