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O-Zone: Dancin' shoes

ATLANTA, Ga. – Let's get to it…

Hulk from Las Vegas, NV

I noticed when *googling* that apparently we're going to/or should trade Leonard Fournette and a pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for Nick Foles. AND apparently Jalen Ramsey is being recruited by DeAndre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans and Jalen doesn't mind the idea. Did I miss something? Maybe I fell asleep for a month, but last I checked everyone was chummy and moving forward. Or is this just a case of offseason timing occupying chatter to give the masses something to talk about?

Don't sweat this stuff. The current trade "speculation" – i.e., writers casually throwing things out in mock drafts and other forums – mostly is left over from the season. There were reports during the season that the Jaguars could be interested in trading Ramsey this offseason, and there were similar reports about Fournette late and immediately after the season. The reports regarding Ramsey appeared sillier and sillier as he responded to a difficult game against the Indianapolis Colts with a long stretch of doing things right off the field and performing at a high level on it; any thought that he wasn't a "fit" in Jacksonville should be put to rest based on those final weeks of the season. The reports regarding Fournette quieted a bit after Fournette reportedly met with Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin shortly after the season, but trading Fournette still seems like a far greater possibility than trading Ramsey. Referring to your question, the sense here is this current "chatter" absolutely is mostly that – chatter to give the masses something to talk about during a slow time.

James from Salt Lake City, UT

O-Man: 15½ sacks allowed in 91 career games. That's barely over two sacks a year. Was there a tackle this year that only gave up two or three sacks? Heck, some guys give up 15 a year. Go Boselli. You deserve it, man.

I covered former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli from 1995-2000. I note that because while the two sacks a season was impressive, I struggle to recall even that many. There were seasons I covered him when I marveled at his dominance. He should be in the Hall of Fame. I believe there's a good chance he will get in Saturday. We'll see.

Terry from Duval

Boselli is a Hall of Fame talent, but is there enough butter on hand after he gets a gold jacket? His head can barely fit through most doorways now. Clearly, the only reason he hasn't been enshrined is they have yet to build a special wing in Canton large enough to fit his bust.


Sam from Orlando, FL

So, when you mention former Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson, you mention his entire contract. I get that the jury is still out on him being a true No. 1 receiver. BUT weren't we able to franchise him if we wanted to? Why give Donte Moncrief a prove-it deal when we could have given one of our own a prove-it deal for $4 million more?

No one would argue that the Jaguars' wide receiver corps would be better with Robinson than without. What the Jaguars last offseason had to decide was would it better enough with Robinson to justify the contract either long-term or short-term. The decision was made to sign guard Andrew Norwell, wide receiver Donte Moncrief and wide receiver Marqise Lee rather than re-sign Robinson. Part of the thought with Robinson and the franchise tag also was that because he was coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament you would be getting a player who needed the first part of the season to get up to full speed. There was also the thought that the combination of Moncrief and Lee would be more productive than just Robinson. In retrospect, with Lee missing the season and Moncrief not being anywhere close to as good as hoped, those thoughts turned out to be incorrect.

Chris from St Augustine, FL

I read an article on TexansWire that outlined why it would make sense for us to trade Jalen to the Texans. Apparently, Watson and Hopkins want him and the team needs him. They also stated it is clear he isn't a fit in Jacksonville. Not only does it not make sense to get rid of your best player, but to give him to division rival? OK, LOL. At what point do you go from being a journalist to being somebody who just writes about things that they want?

I guess you reach that point when you write for TexansWire and the measure of success is more about page views and retweets than accuracy or reality.

Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL

The Pro Bowl. What a joke. Ramsey as a receiver inducing more "what-if" questions. I don't know the ratings, but they have to be way down. I'd rather see a Pee Wee game than these guys having fun for no reason whatsoever. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are that Pro Bowl ratings are good enough to justify the game or the NFL wouldn't hold it. I also think if you don't want to watch it you don't have to watch it. There's some really good stuff on Netflix. I just watched GLOW. I recommend it. It was better than you might expect. And Dice is on Amazon. Outstanding.

Cliff from St. Augustine, FL

New Orleans Saints players can be seen wearing shirts that say, "Blow Whistles, Not Games." The problem with that is in the 2017 AFC Championship Game, the whistle WAS blown and it still altered the game. Good, bad, or indifferent, Refs gonna ref.

You're right: Referees are going to make mistakes. So are players. Officiating needs to improve, but how much are we going to slow down and interfere with the game – and how many debatable, unsolvable situations are we going to review – to improve it? And will that really improve it? Those are legitimate questions whether or not people want to acknowledge it in the current climate.

Edward from Los Angeles, CA

Mike Florio wrote recently that Josh Gordon would receive a Super Bowl ring if the New England Patriots win Sunday. If the Jaguars win the Super Bowl, would Justin Blackmon get a ring?

Of course not. Gordon would get a ring because he played for the Patriots this season. Blackmon last played for the Jaguars in 2013, so he would not get a Super Bowl ring.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

I keep hearing the word "options" and "stay at seven if you like multiple quarterbacks." To hell with that: Move heaven and earth to get the one you like best at No. 1 if you have to. I want the Jags to make the first pick of all quarterbacks. No excuses about "Well, they didn't get the one so they settled."

You move heaven and earth to get to No. 1 in the NFL Draft if you deem a quarterback worthy. If not, you're being foolish.

Unhip Cat from Carlsbad, CA

O-man, you didn't list safety Ronnie Harrison as one of your five need-to-get-to-the-Pro-Bowl. players. Do you think he has the skill set? Is it a matter of him being an unknown? What are your expectations for him next year?

You're referring to a story I wrote for detailing five players the Jaguars need to play at a Pro Bowl level next season. I left Harrison off because he started three games as a rookie, and it's unfair to expect a player so inexperienced to make the Pro Bowl. It's absolutely not a reflection of his talent or the team's expectations. I expect him to emerge next season as a core player and to be on the list of Jaguars players who need to make the Pro Bowl in 2020.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

I'm telling you, Telvin Smith is a great player and a core leader on this team. He is going nowhere. He will bounce back. A year ago I would say his jersey was one of the safest Jersey purchases on this team. I'm telling you, you are wrong. I'm telling you! (I love when he starts off an answer to a question with "I'm telling you." It's great. One fer Telvin.

OK. And yes … one fer Telvin!

Biff from Greenwillow Lane East

Someone on Twitter asked a question along the lines of "What is your favorite movie soundtrack?" With so much space between now and the draft, I've dedicated some time to this. For me, it's a tough call between Eddie Vedder's "Into The Wild" and the cool factor of "Scott Pilgrim vs The World." Mood dictates the winner. What I'm not so clear about is whether Pink Floyd's "The Wall" should be considered since it came before the movie. Two questions: What is your favorite, and am I insane for not having "Purple Rain" above "Pilgrim?"

If Last Waltz counts as a soundtrack, it's not close, but yes … Purple Rain must be over pretty much anything else.

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