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O-Zone: Doing dandy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Reuben from Pikesville MD

You repeatedly state that Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone doesn't have a capable quarterback. But Gardner Minshew II's quarterback rating is 93.4. That's higher than Ryan Fitzpatrick of Miami, Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams, Joe Burrow of Cincinnati, Matt Ryan of Atlanta, Jimmy Garoppolo of San Francisco and Jalen Hurts of Philadelphia – among others. By quarterback rating, he's top 20. If Rams Head Coach Sean McVay can coach Goff to a division lead and San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Shanahan can coach JimmyG and his backup to five wins, a good coach ought to be able to win five with Minshew even with the team's current roster.

As my uncle Otto used to say, "Quarterback rating means beans compared to what I see with my own two eyes, dagnabit … DELORES, MAKE ME TURKEY POT PIE!!" (Uncle Otto was losing it at the end). But forget Otto for a minute: I've explained ad nauseam the Jaguars' quarterback position this season. If you've read enough to know I've "repeatedly" stated that Marrone doesn't have a capable quarterback, then you know the state of the Jaguars' quarterback position. You also know the state of the defensive roster. If people know these things and still believe Marrone's a horrible coach, there probably isn't much more I can say that would interest them.

Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

Why should fans care about how much money Khan is making and where the team ranks in "local revenue?" I get that the team can't be losing money. But if they at least break even, that should be enough financially for Khan. The franchise value is skyrocketing. He is already rich enough that profits from the team can't matter that much to him. If the team's profit each year is one dollar, then he should be satisfied with the team financially. Other team's profits aren't relevant to this conversation. He should be worried about winning!

Fans should care about what they choose, and I don't expect them to care about local revenue. It's pretty tedious stuff, and fans don't follow sports for tedium. But all NFL owners care about local revenue because it allows them to operate the team and keep pace with other markets in terms of fan experience, stadium upgrades, facilities, etc. Yes, Jaguars Owner Shad Khan is wealthy. But simply "breaking even" is not a reasonable formula for any owner of a major professional sports team. An owner is not going to stay in a situation that's not healthy financially. So, if people continue to ask questions about the team and stability in Jacksonville, the answers are going to continue to be about local revenue. As far as Khan's "worries," know this: He cares about winning. He also cares about local revenue. He cares about both because both are critical for an NFL franchise. And he's capable of doing so because he's not an infant. He's capable of caring about more than one thing at once, and being focused on one does not preclude being focused on the other.

Cristiano from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A franchise quarterback is a necessary but not sufficient condition to be a perennial contender. Is that so difficult to understand, Johnny O?


Màrk from Prescott, AZ

No question, just a big one for Myles Jack! I hope he rubs off on all the young guys around him!!

Jaguars weak-side linebacker Myles Jack spoke to the media Thursday and made a positive impression on many fans and observers. I was impressed, too – mainly with how eloquently Jack spoke about feeling responsible for the Jaguars' losing and how much the losing bothers him. It was just the second time he has spoken to the media this season and he sounded more like a veteran leader than I ever have heard him sound. It was good stuff.

CD from Fleming Island

Hi, John. I like the new injured reserve this year. It never has made make sense to me that the most physically demanding sport has the most stringent injury rules. I know in the past you've discussed variations of these rules carrying over for future seasons. Based on what you know now after seeing it for most of the season, what are your thoughts about some of these rules carrying forward – and if they do, when would we expect to hear definitively?

I do expect you will see some more movement on injured-reserve rules in the offseason. You had seen some loosening on this front in recent seasons with the league allowing one and then two players to return from injured reserve during the season. This was a departure from the longstanding policy of a player placed on injured reserve being out for the season. This season's rule is that a player on injured reserve can return after three weeks. I doubt the league will adopt that permanently because the league doesn't want teams overusing the reserve list and therefore essentially increasing roster size. I also expect the league will return to a slightly longer period requiring a player on injured reserve to remain there. I would expect news on this around the time of the NFL Annual Meeting in March. That's usually when league thinkers start thinkin' on such things.

Nick from St. Augustine, FL

Just for fun can we compare the "other teams have built new stadiums, relocated to new stadiums or upgraded existing ones" and their W/L records and see if there is any correlation to revenue generation or if it's just the building or shopping malls that creates the revenue?

Pretty much all other NFL teams have either built new stadiums, relocated to new stadiums or upgraded existing ones since the Jaguars entered the league in 1995 and began using what is now TIAA Bank Field. The Jaguars' win-loss record isn't good enough lately, but that doesn't erase the issue that to be an NFL city a city/community must be able to house a team in NFL-level facilities.

Tank for Trevor from Jacksonville

John: If Mr. Khan is so "transparent and candid," he should disclose how much profit the team makes every year. That would show whether moving two games to London is warranted to make the team viable or just a cash grab by another greedy owner. Yes, let's have some transparency and candid disclosure.

NFL owners don't disclose these things; Khan is as transparent as can be expected. If Khan were all about money or just wanted to make a cash grab, he could move the team – or at least threaten to do so. He has not done this because he's trying to make the Jacksonville market work. He wants it to work. Few – if any owners – would have done as much toward that end in the past decade as he did.

Zac from austin, tejas

"I hate hypotheticals! Hard facts only! No caveats! .....can you give your opinion on the hypothetical future?" I chuckled.

I didn't.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

I know the season is not officially over, but … we are likely looking at either Trevor Lawrence of Clemson or Justin Fields of Ohio State as our quarterback next year. Sometimes top five quarterbacks start right away. Sometimes a team will use a "bridge" quarterback" until they think the drafted quarterback is ready. Which would you think would be the case for Lawrence? Fields?

I haven't dug deep enough into either to have an idea how ready either would be ready, although my assumption is that Lawrence is the more NFL-ready player of the two. I would expect him to start immediately no matter what team selects him. I have less of a feel for Fields, though I expect any rookie selected by the Jaguars in Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft to start very soon – likely immediately.

John from Jacksonville

Ho, ho, ho, KOAGF - When I think of Robinson and his impressive stats, there is that nagging asterisk that goes with it. I think of how much better they would be if we had a franchise quarterback and a winning team around him. Imagine keeping the defense guessing more with a passing attack and with having him grind out the ground attack all game long with actually protecting a lead and burning the clock later in games? I don't think it's too far off to say he could be sitting on 1,500 rushing yards or more by now. His vision in the game and spotting gaps is so good and he's only a rookie. I'm excited just thinking about 2021 and beyond.

Jaguars rookie running back James Robinson is good. I see nothing in his game that makes me think he won't be good for a long time. And yes … he'll be better as the team gets better around him.

Red from the O-Zone Comments Section

John, I'm getting a bit worried about you. Do the Jaguars medical benefits package include psychiatric counseling? From the tone of recent O-Zone Q&A's you might want to consider getting "some time on the couch?"

Don't worry about me. I'm "awesome."