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O-Zone: Don't it make you wonder?

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Richard from Jacksonville

Zone, Can you please explain the Ethan Waugh hire to me? Once again it seems we are deviating from a standard front office model. What purpose will he serve? Does any other team have an assistant GM?

There's little to explain. The Jaguars on Wednesday announced the hiring of Ethan Waugh as assistant general manager, a move that had been reported as likely shortly before the 2022 NFL Draft last month. Waugh, the vice president of player personnel for the San Francisco 49ers the past two seasons, spent 17 seasons with the 49ers – including 12 working with Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke. The timing of the move was normal, with personnel officials often changing teams/positions in the weeks following the draft. That's sort of the start of their new league year. The move doesn't deviate from the "standard front office model," because there's really not a standard NFL front office model. Teams typically have a general manager or head of the personnel side, with two or three high-ranking personnel officials around him. Those officials have various titles – vice presidents of something, directors of something, assistant general manager, etc. – but their roles are to assist and give additional experienced eyes/opinions to the evaluation/team-building process. The Jaguars have perhaps been a bit light in that area in recent seasons. The hiring of Waugh gives the front office a bit more depth, but it's not an unusual move.

Garrett from Edgewater

So how awesome was interviewing Devin Lloyd? That was one of the strongest rookie interviews I've seen in a while. They asked if he was happy getting back to football. "Finally!!" I have extremely high hopes for Devin. Anything to be said for a slightly older more mature player coming out of college?

You're referencing a media availability from Jaguars 2022 Rookie Minicamp this weekend with linebacker Devin Lloyd – but you could be referencing pretty much any interview with Lloyd. The No. 27 overall selection in the '22 draft, Lloyd indeed is engaging – and very likeable. He also gives a vibe of absolutely loving football, loving his opportunity in Jacksonville – and pretty much loving everything about his situation. And life in general. I've written and said often since the draft that Lloyd has a chance to be an absolute star in Jacksonville. His personality seems as big as his talent, and he plays a position where he will have an opportunity to make game-changing plays. This could be fun.

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

The media will not let go of the Urban Meyer debacle. I'm just happy Mr. Lawrence did not get hurt last year by his incompetence. Perhaps Urban can play golf for the Saudis. Looks like that is where he belongs.

One not fer Meyer …

Rob from St Augustine, FL

I know jersey/uniform talk gets exhausting but teams like the Las Vegas Raiders, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have built that constant tradition. If the team would just stop messing around and wear their 1999 uniforms with our current logo. The constant changes are ridiculous. Every five years they keep messing up this easy fix. We want tradition and FULL consistency (at least with unis). Please 2023, be our final uni change.

… and one fer tradition …

Nathan from Utah, US

Zone, my office. As a passionate Jaguars fan of twenty-plus years I've had to endure the NFL. Now, most Jags memorabilia I have were gifts. My lone purchase, my white No. F. TAYLOR jersey. And as proud as I am to also rock my battle black No. 32 JONES - DREW jersey, I've been really wanting a home teal one for quite some time now. And until now, I've been reluctant with lack of connection and pride towards my team members to purchase one. With pride I would still be sporting either Ngakoue's or Minshew's name on that jersey . . . sorry they had to go. I do hope though to cheer, celebrate and connect with fellow Jags fans at a game soon and will proudly be doing so rockin' my dark teal No. 33 LLOYD jersey. I felt a connection before his camp presser stopped buffering on my laptop! Tell front office just to sign his option now. Now, get back to work. You can leave the door open. #Moodachay!!!!

… and one very much fer Lloyd.

Ed from Jax by Lionel Playworld

We drafted Tyson Alualu fairly early in the first round of his draft - way earlier than Taven Bryan. Our fan base and outside "experts" lambasted the pick. When he signed an extension, fans tried to remind themselves of what a bust he was. It turned out that he was a good enough player for the Jags to try and sign again last year. He and Blake Bortles are the only first round picks we re-signed and Bortles didn't last long. Based on his career, especially with us, is Alualu worthy of an early first round grade? Why would fans think not?

The Jaguars selected defensive lineman Tyson Alualu No. 10 overall in the 2010 NFL Draft. He indeed was a far better player than many Jaguars fans/observers realized, playing seven seasons with the Jaguars and the last five with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He still was a bit over-drafted a No. 10 overall, but he was in no way a bad pick. Maybe a late first-round grade. Somewhere in there. The Jaguars have made worse first-round selections. No doubt about that.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, are you as happy as I am that our coach hasn't done anything embarrassing yet?

Why do you ask?

Blaine from Prescott and Jacksonville

Mr. O, my question is simple, how many sacks (not hurries or pressures) in a season are necessary for a pass rusher to be considered elite? Is it simply the most in the league for that season, double digits? Thank you.

You can't take hurries or pressures out of the equation to judge a pass rusher.

Billy from Middleburg, FL

Hey, being a lifelong Jaguar fan, I know we haven't had much to hang our hats on over the years. Do you think it's possible that the Jags have handed three storied franchises their worst defeat in their teams' history? The playoff win in Denver back in the nineties, the 62-7 defeat of the Dolphins in the playoffs, and the Colts game at the end of last season?

The Colts lost Super Bowl III to the New York Jets and Super Bowl XLIV to the New Orleans Saints. The Jets loss following the 1968 season haunted players from that team for the rest of their careers and – in some cases – lives. The loss to the Saints following the 2009 season cost the team a chance to win a second Super Bowl in four seasons; had the Colts won that Super Bowl it would have been remembered as a historic season – perhaps the best in franchise history. I'm with you on the Denver Broncos (1996) and Miami Dolphins (1999) games, but a regular-season loss – even one that eliminates a team from the postseason – doesn't quite match Super Bowl losses in terms of franchise-defining scars.

Mike from San Diego, CA

You mentioned something in your response to Joe that really confused me. You mentioned something about a "comments section." Can you elaborate because I don't know what that means? Thanks!

I'm as lost as you are.

Russell from Oceanway

I really like the O Zone and the way you have of keeping it real. I don't take my morning break until I'm sure you have posted. Any chance on getting you to elaborate on taking players off of waivers? What is a waiver? Is it like the practice squad? Is there a special order they have to go in to choose players off of these waivers, whatever they are?

Players with more than four years in the NFL are released and players with fewer than four years are waived. When a players is waived, he is on the waiver wire and the other 32 players may put in a "claim" for the player. The earliest team in the waiver order is awarded the player's contract. During the offseason, the waiver order is based on teams' records the previous season with the team with the worst record No. 1 in the waiver order. It remains that way until Week 3 of the ensuing regular season, at which time waiver order is determined by the current season's record.

Justin from Jacksonville

Want to hear my analytics? Okay, good. NFL players make up the one percent, even less, of millions of football players around the country choosing from 400 million people. Any given Sunday.

OK, I think. I guess. Maybe.

_Cliff from Everywhere with helicopter   _

Hey, Wow. Thanks for the heads up about the Connells coming to town. One of the most criminally underappreciated bands ever.

I was a bad dancer, 'til I learned to shimmy. And then I was still a bad dancer.