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O-Zone: Emotional rescue

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Nathan from Utah, US

Two solid, core-type players signed. Plus Beathard. I say it's a good start.

The Jaguars as expected in recent days have made multiple necessary moves to prepare for the 2023 League Year: Re-signing quarterback C.J. Beathard and running back Jamycal Hasty, and extending the contracts of linebacker Foye Oluokun and defensive lineman Roy Robertson-Harris. Re-signing Beathard and Hasty were sort of givens with minimal salary-cap ramifications whereas extending Robertson-Harris and Oluokon cleared significant salary-cap space for this season – and pushed much of their cap impact into the future. Robertson-Harris is perhaps the most notable signing of the group. His cap number was high enough and he was late enough in his contract that it was possible he could be released if the sides hadn't been able to renegotiate. But yes … so far, so good for the 2023 Jaguars offseason.

Ben from Santa Rosa Beach

O, I don't think I want Jalen Ramsey on the Jags. He quit on us once and I believe he would be a detriment to the locker room that is being built. Your thoughts? Thank you.

Former Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey recently reportedly requested a trade from his current team, the Los Angeles Rams. If such a deal happens, this would be the second time in his career Ramsey he has been traded following such a request. I don't expect Ramsey to be with the Jaguars next season.

Alan from Ellington Ct

I wouldn't want Ramsey back. What would surprise you more – the fact that Jags ownership would want him back or Ramsey going back to a city he couldn't wait to get away from?

I never got the idea Ramsey wanted to get away from Jacksonville or Jaguars fans. My impression was he wanted to get away from Jaguars management at the time. I didn't love how he handled the situation and that answer doesn't mean I expect Ramsey to return to the Jaguars.

Ken from Ponte Vedra, FL

I don't think much of you or your work.

Good eye.

Brad from the Avenues

I think what made this offseason feel so much like the dead zone was the lack of buzz over who should be fired or hired. When was the last time that happened, John?

The last offseason I recall with this little speculation about the future of Jaguars head coaches and coordinators was 2018. That not coincidentally was after the Jaguars' last appearance in the postseason. Making or not the postseason isn't the end-all to determine when such changes should be made, but it almost always determines whether we hear the hue and cry.

Gabe from Washington, DC

Rather than Jadeveon Clowney as the comp for Travon Walker … Calais Campbell?

Yes, that's better.

Bo from Linwood, NC

With the draft fast approaching, could the Jaguars trade away future draft picks more so than in the past? Or would that make more sense when trading for a player? It's looking like the Jags are on the up and up and that would mean we draft later into the draft. Making our picks way less valuable than in the past.

General draft/trade questions are difficult to answer because teams make these decisions based on real players and real scenarios rather than theoretical ones. I suspect Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke will make his draft/trade decisions based on his perception of the quality of this draft compared to the expected quality of future drafts. If he believes this is a deep draft, he will want more selections in this one. If he believes it's thin, he will want to trade into future drafts.

Steve from Hilton Head, SC

John, What does a "quality control" coach do? It sounds like a very easy job: Get everybody into a room and tell them, "Don't do stupid stuff." Sign your check and go to the bar.

Looks and sounds can be deceiving. Quality control coach isn't easy as much as it is entry-level. Which means it's whatever the head coach/coordinators want. It can be game-planning/preparation for future opponents, or working on projects, or assisting with a certain position groups. Or all of the above. And/or more.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

I know this is a silly question - but what are the rules concerning who is allowed to participate in the combine? I know Calvin Ridley isn't going to do that - but it seems like a skirt-around way to display talent without communicating with staff. I can think of a few scenarios where a current NFL player would want to display their capabilities. I'm just curious on the stated rules and policy on this. Could Macaroni Lynch do this just for giggles? Or Aaron Rodgers? Could John Oehser, by rules, be a full-fledge participant?

Only draft-eligible prospects are eligible to be invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. Jaguars wide receiving Calvin Ridley, previously having played in the NFL, would not be eligible. Nor would Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Macaroni Lynch would have had to prove himself a legitimate enough prospect to be among the annual invitees. Oehser technically could be invited, with "only" lack of athletic process – aided by advanced age and inherent lack of coordination – preventing the invitation.

Frank from Jacksonville

How about this? Every penalty in the last two minutes before the half and end of game are subject to review just like all touchdowns?

I suppose in theory the NFL could add as many layers and have-tos into the officiating and review process as the owners so choose. Loyal O-Zone readers – and he knows who he is – know I'm not big on adding layers and have-tos into the process. Layers and have-tos add game stoppages. And while fans/observers say they don't mind such stoppages, those stoppages tend to get very tedious when played out in real life. Besides … reviews in the last two minutes have the same issue as at any time in the game. If they're objective calls such as interference, holding and roughing the passer someone eventually has to decide what's what and make a call. As long as that element exists, the complaining masses won't be fully satisfied because the complaining masses will never fully agree on such calls.

Steve at Work Jax Bch

Not to throw too big a net here John but if the Jags can build a team to handle the chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, I'd feel pretty OK that they could give the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals all they could handle as well. Just saying.

Get good enough to beat them all. Then you won't have to worry about matching up with certain opponents.

Richard St. Augustine, FL

The Miller Electric facility and practice field announcement indicated they would be ready by this summer. Will the practice fields be ready for team activities for April to June but offices, weight room, dining area, etc., not be ready until July training camp?

That's pretty much the plan.

Taylor from Columbia, MD

It probably won't help put the issue to bed, but I mentor a young man (23 years old) who is well on his way to becoming an NBA referee. He is a huge basketball fan. I asked him how he would call games if his favorite team was playing and he looked offended. He assured me nothing could deter him from calling the game fairly. Most referees have such a love for the integrity of the game that making a biased call isn't even something they would ever consider.

You're right that this helps solve the issue. People who believe games are fixed and officials are corrupt refuse to believe otherwise without considering logic and reality.

Al from Orange Park, FL

Adam from Allentown, PA is halfway there. Put 1,000 sensors in every uniform. When a cornerback or safety makes contact with a receiver, a red light on his helmet would come on. Maybe a buzzer, too! Or, for entertainment purposes, the buzzer could make a repetitive (gaseous) noise …

Roger Goodell, hire this man!

Don from Marshall, NC

Do you think Yannick Ngakoue regrets not taking a $16 million a year multi-year deal from the Jaguars? Are the Rams going to drive Jalen Ramsey out of LA in Brinks truck without his star in Hollywood? You don't hear them squawking about the Jaguars now? Could it be the stupidity of youth?

I have no idea what former Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue regrets. I also don't begrudge players for doing whatever they can to squeeze every last dollar from a short career in what is by its nature a violent sport with no guarantee of long-term earnings. I also don't think either Ramsey or Ngakoue are or were stupid. Could Ngakoue have earned more accepting the Jaguars' offers in 2018 or 2019? Perhaps. But that was a tough time around here, and Ngakoue wanted to maximize his earnings at the most critical time in his career to do. In those circumstances, things can get emotional.