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O-Zone: Game time

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Jim from Neptune Beach, FL:
O, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a little bit ... how do I say it? A little bit Moodachay. Haven't felt that way for a while.
John: People indeed seem to be feeling "Moodachay," and that's a good feeling for Jaguars fans. They've earned it – and win or lose Sunday, you get the idea people will be able to feel Moodachay about the Jaguars for a while. This is a good team. We don't yet know how good, because they have yet to win consecutive games, and because the offense has yet to be consistent – but they are good. The defensive front, linebackers and secondary are good – and the running game with rookie Leonard Fournette is good. The Jaguars have the feel of a team that will be in a lot of games and win their share of games this season. Perhaps that will mean beating Cincinnati Sunday. I believe it will mean that, because I believe the Jaguars are ready to win consecutive games – and ready to win at EverBank Field. I believe they are also ready to win three or four of their next four of five games and get themselves in good position for a late-season postseason run. Maybe I'll be right. Maybe I'll be wrong. Either way, yeah … #Moodachay.
Denis from Palm Coast, FL:
To Sharon and others who asked about the noise: It comes from the opening page. When you click on the Jaguar to go to the home page, the video from the opening page disappears – but the sound does not. Simply move your cursor to the top line and click off the opening page and the noise will stop. Go JAGS!
John: This is all true, but it's a lot more fun to just say, "What's that noise?!?!!"
Rob from Orange Park, FL:
John, can you again explain the difference between a nose tackle and a three-technique tackle? Does the nose tackle always line up on the center? If so, which side of the center? And the three guy? Where does he line up and which side? Thanks!
John: The easiest way to describe the difference is a nose tackle's primary responsibility is to play over the "nose" of the center, disrupt the interior of the offensive line and stuff the run. He therefore usually plays on one side or the other of the center. A three-technique is expected to penetrate and disrupt in the backfield and therefore should have more pass-rush skills. He often plays opposite the nose on the other side of the center. The unique thing about newly acquired Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus is he has the skill set to play both positions at a high level. The elite players often transcend description and often transcend single roles. At his best, Dareus is such a player.
Gamble from Jacksonville:
John, I'm watching the newest Drive Time and noticed Sexton has green glasses. Is he doing OK?
John: I'm not allowed to discuss this.
Richard from Bonney Lake, WA:
I was puzzled when I first heard of the trade of Marcell Dareus of Buffalo to the Jags. I was not expecting an upgrade to our defense. But after learning more about him, I am getting more excited about the defense. Do you think that Buffalo is missing him already after their effort against the Jets' running game on Thursday?
John: Perhaps a little, but Buffalo made that trade more with an eye on the long term than the short term. The Bills' objective was to get out from under Dareus' contract and clear cap space for the next few seasons. The Jaguars' objective was more short term, though Dareus is young enough at 27 to be longer term than it might originally have seemed.
Chad from Nasssauville:
It's time to play half two! Dede Westbrook is back – for the first time. Lots of guys are healthier. Great defense got better. The Bold New City is giddy and anxious. It's a good feeling. When we win Sunday, are going to join us when we Dance The Wookie Dance???? #DTWD
John: Dede Westbrook won't be active Sunday – and while I'm all for the Bold New City being giddy, I probably won't be doing the Dance the Wookie Dance under any circumstances. Still … #DTWD
Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Making good decisions is good. Throwing an accurate spiral is good, too. Yes, I have written him off, but I've also watched every game he's played in the NFL.
John: You're talking about Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. It's fine and understandable that you have written him off. My point in addressing the issue this week is that your opinion is not unanimously held – and it's certainly not the overriding sentiment within the Jaguars' organization.
David from Ormond Beach, FL:
OK, John: Now you're on the spot. Who wins Sunday: Jags or Bengals?
John: Jaguars.
Mark from Archer, FL:
John, I am predicting the Jags will get 12 sacks against the Bengals. DTWD!
John: It's obviously doubtful the Jaguars get 12 sacks Sunday – the fact that they already have two 10-sack games this season makes them a statistical outlier. But yes … if the Jaguars can stop the run and get the Bengals into passing situations, they should have a matchup advantage against the Cincinnati offensive line. This should be the Jaguars' kind of game.
Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire:
KRIIIIIIMMMMAAAA! Just thought I'd get in early, Mighty 'O'.
John: Krimma.
Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
Zone, if the best ability is in fact availability, we gotta give it up to Blake Bortles when compared to other AFC South quarterbacks in that regard.
John: True. Bortles' durability is a strength and it's not insignificant that his toughness is part of that durability. He has had plenty of situations in which he could have left games because of injuries. He hasn't done so, and that's to his credit – and to the benefit of the Jaguars.
Kevin from Sacksonville:
Duval is a wonderful place, and a better state of mind. It's a place where people will tie themselves to a post during a hurricane for "reasons." A place where weird and strange things happen and your only reaction is simply to shrug and say, "Because Duval." It's Will Ferrell shouting, "News team! Assemble!" but your news team brethren are already there. It's where your 3-13 team suddenly becomes a playoff contender and you don't know how to act. It's truly a beautiful thing. #DTWD
John: And away we go …
Berry from Aurora, CO:
I can tell you first-hand the only Colorado natives that know what Duval is are the people that hear me scream it in the City Hall building in Aurora whenever we score a touchdown during Sunday shifts. #DTWD
John: #DTWD, Colorado style.
Charles from Grafenwoehr, Germany:
While I was in another part of Germany yesterday, proudly wearing my brand new Jalen Ramsey jersey, I heard a loud DUVAL! from somewhere in the vicinity. I responded like I should have.: DUVAL! GO JAGS! It's not a place, it's a lifestyle. #Day1fan. #DTWD
John: #DTWD, Deutsch-Stil
Bill from Danville, NY:
I've never stepped a foot in the state of Florida and I am DUVAL 'Til I Die!!!
John: You're damned right you are.
Julio from Oak Hills, CA:
O, I have been a Jags fan since Dan Marino retired and live in California. Can I be Duval?
John: You already are.
Mandy from Section 414 and Jacksonville:
O, we have said so far that every home game this year is the biggest game of the season. However, these next two games seem to be extremely paramount to this Jags teal girl. As I've said before, the times I left the 'Bank these last 11 years after sitting in my seat, I've felt like I've been gut punched. Home games for the past several years have not even been fun – and to tell you the truth, I've dreaded going because of the feelings that I have after watching my Jags underperform here. If the Teal-Men can get Ws these next two games, though, it would make this girl feel it was well worth the wait. Do you think this is probably one of the most important two-game home stands in this club's history? I think back-to-back home victories will go a long way for the league to take more notice of my Jags and to also make long-suffering season-ticket holders feel good about themselves, this team and this city. Or am I just putting too much emphasis on these next two games?
John: Your question perhaps lacks a bit of perspective, but only because the team had a bunch of important two-game home stretches from 1996 until about 2010. But forget perspective, and forget how these games rank historically: they're big. I agree that the Jaguars need to win them – preferably both of them, but at least one of them. The Jaguars have a chance in the next two weeks to perhaps take control of the AFC South. They certainly have a chance to put themselves in great position for a postseason run. That hasn't been the case in November in seven seasons. So, are these two games important? Yeah, no doubt.
Jerell from Columbia, SC:
I will in town for the FOREVER TEAL and see first-hand the rise of a dynasty Jags run to the Super Bowl starts SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John: Game time.

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