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O-Zone: Good eating

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Hooks from Orange Park, FL

Craig from Halifax brought up an interesting question maybe you can expand upon. I've often wondered not what they eat before games, but when. I would imagine eating right before a game would not be a good thing with all the running and hitting. Do you know how many hours they eat before games and practices so as not to get gut rot or the Squishies?

This can vary from player to player. But there is a meal provided at the team hotel for an extended period before games to fit their schedule. Players in general don't eat a full meal in the two hours before games, though they will eat from time to time leading to game depending on advice from the team nutritionist. Senior writers keep a different schedule, eating to cope with the inevitable insecurities and depression associated with the "profession." I would rather not comment on the squishies.

Ben from Cuba, MO

O', the talk of Lloyd has me thinking: In the nickel package with two linebackers, will it be him and O or …?

This question, while pertinent, is a bit premature. This is because Jaguars defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen spent the offseason program emphasizing that there was no depth chart. This is because in his first offseason with the team Nielsen wanted to ensure that he and other defensive assistants would get a chance to see how different players fit into different roles in different packages. My guess is that linebacker Devin Lloyd and Foye Oluokun will play a lot together in different subpackages. Their skill set and ability seem to warrant that. We'll learn more in Jaguars 2024 Training Camp and early in the season.

Julio from Enjoying the pool

Do the people who apparently think that Trevor shouldn't have gotten an extension think that it makes more sense to start over and draft a new QB? In Trevor I trust.

This indeed was part of the Jaguars' thinking when choosing to extend quarterback Trevor Lawrence's contract. Please note that I said "part of" the thinking and note remotely the sole reason for extending. The Jaguars committed to Lawrence because they believe him the franchise quarterback of the future. Is he perfect? No. Is he a guarantee? No, But he's really good and has shown he can quarterback a team to the postseason. Did people really want the Jaguars to start afresh at the position? The route they have chosen seems far less risky.

Alejandro from Mexico City

Thanks Khan Family for sale Pahlinha to Bayern, you have new funds, just bring back Ngakue or another pass rusher to finish that wonderful DL you have built. Mia san Mia!!! Duuuuuvaaaal!!!

I get emails like this sometimes.

Steve from Nocatee

Not a question, just a story. As a high school track and field guy in the 1960s, I was an admirer of Bullet Bob. I followed his career throughout his track and field and football days. When I heard that he would be carrying the Olympic torch through Jacksonville I felt that it was a perfect time for me to support him. When he finished his portion of carrying the torch he passed it to Alex Trebeck. The crowd flocked to Trebeck. Not mem I headed to Bullet Bob. When I arrived alongside of him, he proceeded to tell me now proud he was to have had this honor and that he was extremely emotional. I told him that I too was proud of him, shook his hand and proceeded to search for my daughter who I totally forgot that I brought with me. I did I mention that I had a tear on my cheek along with Bullet Bob. One for Mr. Hayes.

Good story. I met Bob Hayes at least once and spoke to him by telephone once or twice early in my sports writing career. I have had the opportunity to meet multiple legends and cover some truly great players. Hayes was as legendary as anyone I've had the privilege to meet. One fer Bullet Bob? Absolutely.

Andrew from 904

You always say it's not fair to expect immediate results from rookies, rightfully so. Since we had such a large draft class in 2023, do you think that could be a sneaky source of dramatic improvement across the team? In other words, multiple second-year players taking the leap to contributing, even if just as reserves or special teams? And if so, do you have your eye on any specific players that could make that leap?

This absolutely is a storyline to watch. Far too many people "write off" too many players after rookie seasons. Players often make their biggest leap from Year 1 to Year 2, and the Jaguars need that to happen for at least some of the 2023 draft class. While first-round offensive tackle Anton Harrison played well as a rookie, I would expect him to make a significant step forward. Also real possibilities here: tight end Brenton Strange (Round 2), running back Tank Bigsby (Round 3), defensive tackle Tyler Lacy (Round 4), linebacker Yasir Abdullah (Round 5), safety Antonio Johnson (Round 5), wide receiver parker Washington (Round 6) and cornerback Christian Braswell (Round 6). Also keep an eye on linebacker Ventrell Miller (Round 4) and offensive guard Cooper Hodges (Round 7), two players who missed 2023 with injuries but who could play important roles in 2024.

Jonny from Jacksonville

I think we should call the new stadium "Funky Town" in honor of our KOAF. Right?

I am the king of all funk.

Thomas, STM-section 239 from Ocala, FL

John, I can't seem to find anywhere if the Jags are holding any "open to public" practices this year? Do you know if and when they might be? GO JAGS!

The specifics of Jaguars 2024 Training Camp, including dates and which dates will be open to the public, will be public soon. I expect multiple training camp practices at the Miller Electric Center in late July and early August to be open to the public.

Cristiano from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have two kids who I think do like me. So, I'll assume I'm good at this parenting thing. As for quarterbacking, let's say I'm not a "natural thrower of the football". So, there's that. And while we're at it, my first born throws a tight spiral (Hey, scouts! Come take a look at the kid!)

Jaguars 2024 Training Camp begins on a late July date still to be announced.

Reese from Loyal Jaguar fan in VA

I finally made it! I was blessed and extremely grateful that I was able to attend my first Jaguar home game! It was everything and more even better when you get to share this moment with your beautiful better half. I don't know much but I really try to learn a lot. I learn this: As we made our way down south to go through this once in a lifetime lifelong dream scenario which I didn't really realize experience I was in for (also never had been to Florida) 1.South Carolina is a long, long state to drive through. B.I came across a monster of a gas station called buc-ee's. Last.Florida heat in the upper stands in the stadium is a different kind of heat, one that I have never experienced in my life time. Having said all that, we were in the building for Week 2 against the eventually crowned champs Kansas City. A game we should have won truly. From walking up to EverBank stadium, posing with the Jaguar statue, visiting to screaming like a nut as players arrived, and every stadium worker and police officer were awesome. I am now 0-5 with seeing the Jaguars live. I am lucky and forever grateful to have been able to see the Jags play at what will soon be something so fantastically awesome. I hope I able to see a W in the new digs. Thank you, Jacksonville. And Go Jags!!

I received this at 3:36 a.m. July 5, leading me to assume one of three thing sis true. One, Reese's original email got oddly "lost in the cloud" for 292 days. Two, Reese forgot 292 days and excitedly wrote an email that seemed to be in "real time." Three, Reese attended a really good July 4 cookout. Like, really good.

Happy Valley

You must stop publishing questions from ignoramuses who incorrectly write "Superbowl" as one word. This is a demand, and I will be watching.

Irony can be pretty ironic.

David from Oviedo, FL

O- Does our $1.4 billion Stadium of the Future come with AC?

The Jaguars' Stadium of the Future, projected to open in August 2028, will not feature air conditioning. This is because it will be built with material that will reduce heat retention by 70 percent and lower temperature by 10-to-15 degrees. The renovation also will open four corners of the stadium and create breezeways that will allow more air to circulate throughout the facility.

DuvalJag95 from J-ville

Meat Loaf

Steak Sandwich.