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O-Zone: Good feeling

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Richard from Jacksonville

It's obvious Jacksonville will get a team at relatively full strength this week. I think the Jaguars need to show they can play from behind and win a close game. This is the norm for NFL games more often than not, and how good teams win.

The Jaguars inevitably will get the opportunity to both play from behind and to win in a close game. They inevitably will get this opportunity often. They inevitably will succeed at times in that situation and just as inevitably will fall short at times. The NFL is a league of close games and you don't win them all. Much will depend on Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence in those situations. I expect he will falter at times in those situations early in his career, then falter less as he grows and matures. Watching that process for Jaguars fans will be intriguing, fun, frustrating and euphoric. The moments will define his career and this franchise as long as he is the quarterback. That's what the league is now. Hang on.

Gero from Wenden, Germany

Hello, John. Many "experts" in Germany already see Philadelphia as the winner in the duel against Jacksonville. Okay, Philly has started 3-0 and apparently has the quality on the roster. But Doug was there for over eight years and knows the organization and the way it wants to go. He can analyze game systems of other teams as the win against the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday has shown. I think Jacksonville has a good chance to win the game. And no game is won before it is played.

The Eagles have 23 players who were on the roster in 2020 – current Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson's final season as the Eagles' head coach. But those players are playing in a different scheme than when Pederson was there, so I don't know that he has a major advantage in that area – and his inside information on the way the Eagles "want to go" is pretty much no more. I expect the Eagles to win Sunday, but I think the Jaguars have a good chance to win. There used to be a lot of days when it felt unreasonable to think the Jaguars had a good chance to win. It feels as if those days are over.

Johnny from the 56

People have long pondered the outcome of an unstoppable force meeting and immovable object. They don't need to worry. The unstoppable force is the Jags' defensive front, and the immovable object is our O-Line. They will never meet.

Johnny is "all in."

Marco from CDMX, Mexico

KOAF, can you give us your take on the kicker situation so far? The Kansas City Chiefs showed us this week how good teams can fall down because special teams and the kicking game.

Jaguars kicker Riley Patterson has converted seven of eight field goals in three games this season and seven of seven extra points. He has made his last six field goals, and 14 of 19 of his kickoffs by my count have gone into the end zone with no killer returns off those kicks. There's nothing worrisome about Patterson thus far. Kicker James McCourt remains on the practice squad should that change. How will Patterson fare under game-deciding pressure? We'll know that when the time comes.

Tom from Shenzhen, China

Y'know what's an underrated feeling? Not feeling like you have to pay close attention to kicks inside the 30 because you're confident they're going in.


John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF - I have to say that the Jags have had something this season that is very new. It is "good luck." I counted about four or five easy interceptions that bounced out of our opponents' hands so far. Those could have changed momentum early in some cases. Have you seen the same trend?

I recall a few near interceptions for Lawrence in Weeks 1-3. I thought about re-watching each game and counting the number, then thought better of that. But yes … Lawrence has had a few near-miss passes this season. Most quarterbacks have a near-miss pass or two in most games. Jaguars defenders have had a few near-miss interceptions of their own this season. I haven't seen Lawrence's being that much out of the ordinary.

Don from Marshall, NC

Seems everything is working out nicely for the Eagles and Doug Pederson. The Eagles and the Jaguars. It's obvious the Jaguar plays with the eagle awhile and then he eats him. Go Jaguars!

Don remains "all in."

Jon from Fairfield, PA

I know for sure that the Jaguars are getting more love from the national sports news agencies ... but dang, just saw the quarterback rankings. Trevor Lawrence is not getting the love he deserves. Ranked well below where he should be based off 2022 play. A good seven quarterbacks above him that statistically are not playing nearly as well as Trevor Lawrence. Name recognition is nice for the guys he is playing better, but get ranked above him. Good thing we know the truth, right Oz?

Rankings and love from national media are fine, I guess. I expect more positive in this area moving forward because I expect the Jaguars to win more, and I'm happy that that's the case because I expect fans and readers of this column will like that. I also expect fans and readers of this column to be alternately happy and upset with where the rankings of the Jaguars and their players fall on these lists. I can tell you from experience – having made such lists and knowing many people who make such lists – that there is no magic or science to them. There is often little inaccuracy. They matter not at all in determining what happens on the field. But enjoy them. Or not. Either way.

Harsha from Ocala, FL

Pederson is a master play-caller! But if there is anyone who knows his system of play calls, it would be his recent team, the Eagles. The only other team that would know this type of info would be the Washington Commanders with Carson Wentz being the quarterback there. Do you think this might affect the offense during drives? What do you think? Is this me overthinking?

It's mostly you overthinking.

Brian from Round Rock, TX

I can't believe you picked against the Jags again! I admit that it's a good thing, considering your track record. The Jags will win for many reasons. Reason No. 1 is revenge. The team will seek revenge. More importantly, our coach will exact revenge. And more so than any coach I know of, our coach is the 12th man, tilting the field with his leadership, game-planning and play calling. Some have compared football to war. If the quarterback is a field general, Coach P is the four-star general. Our four-star general is going to win this one, one way or another. What do you say O?

Football is not war. People die in wars. Lives and families are ruined by wars. Football is a game. I expect the Eagles to win Sunday. I won't be shocked if the Jaguars win. I think if the Jaguars win, they're better than I think they are – and I'm already starting think they're pretty good.

Joe from Jacksonville

I've noticed the Eagles haven't scored in the fourth quarter this season, and in the last two games they've been shut out the entire second half. Do you think the Jaguars will be able to take advantage of that, or is that stat not important from a preparation standpoint?

It's unimportant. The Eagles haven't scored much in the second half this season because they have led throughout the second half in every game this season. This is akin to Jaguars fans worrying about the fourth-quarter offense against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2. The Jaguars had three three-and-outs in that fourth quarter while holding a 24-0 lead. It wasn't a concern and the Eagles' second-half offense isn't a concern for them. Their offense is good and it's as dangerous in the fourth quarter as it is in the first half.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

I'd just like to send another big screw you to Jason Kelce for his comments on Jags fans a few years back. It would be nice to see him get blown up a few times during the game.

One not fer Kelce, it seems.

Larry from West Jax

Ozone. I don't think we should be surprised with the growth of Trevor Lawrence. We drafted him because he was a can't-miss quarterback who could help turn around our team. I expected this. Your thoughts.

Lawrence's development isn't a surprise. And many indeed expected it. But this isn't Madden. Can't-miss players miss – and until a player develops and fulfills potential, he hasn't developed and fulfilled his potential. Expected or unexpected, Lawrence seems to be doing that early this season.

Michael from Orange Park, FL

Zone. You were right all along. Winning is cool. Fans do like it.