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O-Zone: Good pick

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mike from Palm Coast, FL

How is it possible that none of you so-called experts picked quarterback as the most trusted position group?

You're referencing a recent story in which multiple Jaguars Media "experts" – writing in our annual offseason "Final Analysis" series – wrote about their most trusted Jaguars position group entering the 2024 NFL season. Why did no one pick quarterback? I guess there are positions on the Jaguars entering the 2024 season the so-called experts trust a bit more. Remember, too: Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was the subject in the previous installment of the series, so perhaps an expert or two just wanted to write on another topic. That happens.

JK from NY & Fernandina Beach, FL

John - I recall reading last year that the Jags are the "official" NFL team for Ireland. What does this mean and are there any plans for a Dublin game when the new stadium will be under construction?

The Jaguars in May 2023 were awarded a license to "expand" into the Republic of Ireland as part of the NFL's Global Markets Program. The program each spring awards teams with such rights in select international markets, allowing the clubs to "pursue activities that are consistent with what they can do in their home market." It's a marketing-centric initiative. I don't get the idea that a Jaguars home game in Dublin is imminent because my sense is the Jaguars will remain focused on London as their international home focus. But 2027 is a long way in the distance, as is most of the distant future.

RAF from PVB

John, in Sunday's edition of The O-Zone, you stated that "Just because some fans don't like a game a year in London…" I certainly can't speak for all fans and I have no idea how many care one way or the other. And I don't pretend to speak for all season-ticket owners, but speaking for myself I hate missing the game day experience, especially now that we have Head Coach Doug Pederson, Trevor, edge Josh Allen and what appears to be a very bright future. I was never one who thought [Jaguars Owner] Shad [Khan] was setting things up to make a move to London or ANYWHERE else. And at first, since it was not a whole lot of fun sitting in the hot sun losing season after losing season anyway, I didn't care much that I had to make the trip to Strings as my gameday experience. But this past year, to be at Strings watching the Jags beat the Buffalo Bills, as wonderful and exciting as it was, it didn't match the crazy, exciting experience of the opening day. Even in the loss to Kansas City Chiefs, the environment to me was more energized then Strings or otherwise could hope to match. I may understand a bit about the reasoning and logic behind a home game in London, but in the end, it's all about ME and what I want so I'm a bit miffed. But I'm sure my level of resentment will be negated by additional home games AFTER the regular season. Love Shad, Love the Jags.

Good point. Well said.

Bradford from Orange Park, FL

Just the mere thought of the new stadium/Jaguars staying Jacksonville elation crescendoing in a denial at the owners meeting and an ultimate scapegoat or otherwise Kahn/team exit from Duval County, puts me at the height of anxiety. My immediate thought is "here I am being ridiculous ranting about play-calling, while there's a bigger fish to fry than I even have a grill for." I've heard it put "hope deferred makes the heart sick" ... and truer words have seldom been spoken. I'm just pulling for that not being what makes me feel nauseous when I think about it. Always have said, halfway-seriously, that "no girl in the world can break my heart like the Jaguars do." It's terrifying to think I never had any idea the depth of correct that statement would prove to hold, when you tie all this together. Good grief.

You're anxious and I get it. I expect this topic to cause collective anxiety among Jaguars until the NFL owners vote on this in October. I don't expect it to be a problem when October comes.

Nicholas from Fort Cavazos, Texas

KOAF: After 32 years what's left to give Ms. QOAF (queen of all funk)?

A break from the "act."

Ed from Jax by Lionel Playworld

Having a newborn helped me with my clumsiness. Will it help Trevor Lawrence with his fumbling? When I was at BK, they made us carry a bag of bird seed with a diaper on it to simulate parenting. Maybe we should send our quarterback some bird seed.

When I worked with the great Mike Bianchi at the Florida Times-Union, he would sometimes write a column he didn't love because the premise just didn't work. At those times he liked to say, "Sometimes you reach and it doesn't reach back." I just thought of that for some reason.


When UM was coach, Jags tickets and the alcohol sold at EverBank Stadium were the least expensive in the league. Cheap boos and cheap booze.

I'm not sure how many times we have to review this, but it's important to be nice here in the O-Zone and this darned sure didn't feel nice.

George from Savannah, GA

Time for the Shad dynasty to sell the team for a big profit to a local conglomerate of business owners.

I have written this column daily for long enough that I rarely find myself befuddled – though I do sometime find myself fuddled, usually after one too many Bullett Bobs and a long walk home. But I do find this line of thinking at least perplexing. Why in the world would Khan want to sell the team for a big profit? He has worked for more than a decade as owner to stabilize the team in Jacksonville and therefore solidify the future. He has the stadium issue resolved at last. He has what appears to be a franchise quarterback in Lawrence and the Jaguars are coming off back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in his tenure as owner. And why would Jaguars fans want the owner who stabilized the franchise in Jacksonville to sell the team? Fans who love the Jaguars in Jacksonville have no greater or more important ally than Khan. Perhaps more people will realize that someday. Or perhaps not. Whether many people realize that or not, it's true.

Stebo from Trout River

Random thought, and I realize I'm about 25 years too late; but did anyone ever call Freddy T "the Nightmare on Bay Street?" Seems like a missed opportunity if not.

I can't say no one ever called former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor this. I didn't talk to every Jaguars fan who followed the team during Taylor's career. I call him a member of the Pride of the Jaguars and as good as any running back I ever covered. Then again, I'm not a big "nickname" guy.

Brendan from Yulee

Waldo might not have a speed trap anymore, but Lawtey still does. Want to know how to fix Tom's problem? Just drive the speed limit like an upstanding citizen of the law.

Congratulations on your moral high ground. May you enjoy that and your presumptive solitude.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, Sorry to interrupt the dead zone with a football question, but do you have any update on Gabe Davis' recovery? If he totally recovers I believe he would be an important asset to the Jags offense. What say you?

Wide receiver Gabe Davis, who signed with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent in March, spent the offseason returning from a knee injury sustained late last season with the Buffalo Bills. He was increasingly participating in practices by the end of organized team activities and minicamp in June. I expect he will be a full participant when 2024 Jaguars Training Camp begins or very shortly thereafter. I've heard nothing to indicate otherwise.

Jason from North Pole, AK

I understand people who don't care about football being upset about the tax dollars funding stadiums. But season ticket holders? What are people thinking is the alternative? The city says we aren't funding the stadium, the owners take their business elsewhere. It's really that simple. If you want an NFL team, you gotta pay to play.

Pretty much.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

Is punter Logan Cooke the best seventh-round draft pick the Jaguars have ever made? Does he still hold the NFL career record for highest average net yards punting (43.5)?

Cooke, a seventh-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, is the NFL's active leader in net punting average at 43.5. He is sixth on the all-time list. A strong argument can be made that he is the best seventh-round selection in franchise history. He's really good.