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O-Zone: Good thinking

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Marcus from Jacksonville

It seems like since Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. had his breakout year in 2019, we have assumed he has what it takes to be a great receiver. I'm starting to question that, and I'm curious what you think. What are the odds that DJ is just another guy? I know he had a decent game last week, but also had some bad plays and just doesn't have the look of a true No. 1 receiver. All the hype came from his 1,000-yard season in 2019, but I think we've reached a point in the NFL where 1,000 yards for a receiver isn't great anymore … it's good, but not great. In 2019, DJ was one of 29 players to catch over 1,000 yards. Six teams had two players go over that mark. I'm not suggesting DJ is bad, and I would even love to see the team extend him, but I'm starting to wonder if he has what it takes to ever be a true No. 1 guy in the NFL. What do you think?

You make many good points. I saw a lot to like from Chark in 2019, and there were plays he made – particularly on deep balls and crossing routes – on which I thought he had No. 1-receiver ability. At that point, he needed to show he could beat double teams and be effective when teams were shading receivers in his direction. He hasn't really consistently done that yet. He faced difficult circumstances last season with injuries and struggling quarterback play, and the Jaguars have played just one game this season. The ability to be big-time is there for Chark. Absolutely. Can he consistently do big-time things? Stay tuned.

Jason from Green Cove Springs, FL

Looking at this year's defense on paper, it looks to be a pretty talented group with good, young talent at every level. I'm not expecting the 2017 Jaguars defense, but don't you think this defense should be playing a lot better than they are and have the potential to be a pretty good unit?        

I'm in wait-and-see mode here – and have been since the offseason. Yes, the Jaguars' defense has some good, young talent – and I absolutely believe it will be improved from last season. The defensive line looks deeper and improved, and the secondary looks improved. The presence of Myles Jack and Josh Allen means the linebackers at the very least will be good. All of that is true on paper. In reality, we have yet to see this group over an extended stretch of regular-season games. As far as your question about if the defense should be playing better than it is … well, there's currently a one-game sample size. The run defense did OK for the most part, holding the Texans' running backs to about three yards a carry last Sunday. The pass rush got good pressure but didn't get the quarterback down enough. The defense was in a position to make multiple big plays – four or so sacks and a couple of interceptions – and only produced one first-half sack by defensive end/linebacker Josh Allen. As coordinator Joe Cullen essentially said while speaking to the media Thursday, plays must be made when the opportunity is there. The Jaguars' defense didn't make plays Sunday. It didn't get off the field when it had opportunities to do so. If the unit does those things going forward, it will be improved. If not …

Cliff from Orange Park, FL

One consistent theme for a very long time is that Jaguars offensive linemen and defensive backs get called for more ticky-tak holds then their opponents. When does this consistent theme start to be called what it is, intentional?

Every team's fan base believes their offensive linemen and defensive backs get called for more ticky-tak holds than their opponents. Jaguars fans reading this will respond with a chorus of "yes, buts…!!!!" All other fan bases do that, too.

Glenn from Jacksonville

When do you think the Jaguars will have a quarterback that can throw AND receivers that can catch all in the same season?

This will happen this season. Just not in Week 1.

Jason from North Pole, AK

Are the Jaguars rotating defensive players far more often than they have in the past? I think I saw Rudy Ford on the field at one point and I though he was just a special teams guy?

The current version of the Jaguars defense under Cullen doesn't necessarily rotate players more than past defenses, but the defense does employ more packages than previous defenses. Ford is a safety and he played a nickel linebacker role in at least one package against the Houston Texans.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF. I think our arrow over the season will point up along the way and we will be well-tuned when it counts most: at the end of the season – and once we squeak into the postseason if nine wins gets us there (one win in first quarter, two wins in the second quarter and three wins each in the third and fourth quarter. Some may laugh, scoff, deny, but we'll watch and see. Please don't give me a "You go, girl."

Bless you, John.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Is K'Lavon Chaisson too small to play at the line of scrimmage? When I saw him on the field last year, I didn't understand how they thought he could be a 4-3 end. I also thought he would have entered this season with more weight. Seems like those offensive tackles have about 100 pounds on him. Then he had troubles bringing down Tyrod Taylor. What's the word on Chaisson?

Chaisson probably is a bit too small to play four-three end with his hand on the ground on the line of scrimmage as his primary role. The Jaguars like him more as a run-and-chase linebacker because that allows him to use his athleticism. I don't know that much more weight can be added to Chaisson's frame, but time will tell. The word on Chaisson is he is improving and needs to improve more. He didn't play poorly against Houston, but he did have multiple sack opportunities and didn't get Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor down. He needs to make those plays when the opportunities arise.

David from Orlando, FL

KOAF – Head coach Urban Meyer has immense power within the Jaguars organization, but he doesn't have as much power as Tom Coughlin had in the early days. Would you agree with that statement?

Maybe not quite as much, but …

Kathy from Jacksonville, FL

Mr. O, I know that you want to bury the Tebow incident, but I was surprised that he looked so unprepared. The same again for Sunday's game. This is not a fluke. It would take a paradigm shift in the coaching to turn this team around. It is more than just a tweak here and there. If Coach Meyer is willing to make those changes, I can't see things turning around in a week. I am hopeful now, but if Sunday does not look better the Coach may need some coaching himself!

The Jaguars didn't look prepared Sunday. I don't quite know how signing and subsequently releasing tight end Tim Tebow ties into the conversation. But yes … the Jaguars need to look much more prepared and in synch Sunday.

Keith from Soon to be St. Augustine, FL

Jawaan Taylor is an unmitigated disaster. He is a drive killer by either getting beaten for sacks, allowing pressure, or holding to avoid the aforementioned. We should have upgraded the position in the offseason. Now it is probably too late unless the coaching staff wants to put in a not ready Walker Little. Same old Jags because we have the same old right tackle.

Taylor committed two holding penalties Week 1. I thought one was holding and the other was questionable. The Jaguars aren't particularly down on tackles Jawaan Taylor and Cam Robinson, and they certainly like them more than fans do. That was true in preseason, and it remains true. Stay tuned.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, other teams seem to most always make catchable passes look routine. Why are our routine looking passes dropped so frequently?

The Jaguars dropped too many passes Sunday. It struck me that they dropped more than usual, though your question indicates you see it as more of a continuing trend. One reader early this week suggested that perhaps rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence's passes were too hard. I dismissed this, but open reflection I do wonder if perhaps that was an issue. This is something to which receivers can adjust – and I wonder if Lawrence's passes were a bit "hotter" than usual in his first game. We'll see if this continues.

Trevor from Cape Girardeau/MO

I'll try to think positive here, 15 other teams (including the Colts and Titans) are also 0-1 as a record like us. So, no time to panic yet, right?

Bless you, too, Trevor.