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O-Zone: Heaven knows

JACKSONVILLE – One more day to Look-Ahead Wednesday. Kinda lookin' forward it.

Let's get to it …

Zac from Austin, Tejas

A lot went wrong. But if even half the passes that hit players in the hands and chest were caught, it could have set things up to go right.

This is fair – and reflects the truth of the NFL that all aspects of games affect one another. It's difficult to identify anything the Jaguars did well in a 31-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field in Seattle Sunday, and that includes the play of quarterback Trevor Lawrence. He and the passing offense typically struggle when trailing by a touchdown or more, likely because the team lacks speed and playmakers at wide receiver –and Lawrence indeed had an ugly stretch of incomplete passes as the Seahawks took control Sunday. Still, this game does look a lot different if multiple catchable passes are caught, particularly early in the game and on third down. Score affects play in the NFL. If the Jaguars had gotten points – perhaps a touchdown – early, then they could have played situations differently and maybe that game would have looked different. It's doubtful they would have won considering their overall level of play, but it wouldn't have been remotely as one-sided.

Kyle from Orlando, FL

Man, I live in Orlando for work. My friend lives in Tampa. We're both season-ticket holders and commute to the home games from 3-4 hours away to and from. I can't help but to feel robbed of my time and money investing into this team right now. It's becoming harder and harder to find motivation to make this commute as the season continues. I'm seeking out the O-Zone for the sake of my faith and sanity. I have a feeling it's going to be another long ride home after we play Buffalo next Sunday.

These are understandable feelings. The Jaguars have earned this. They must earn their way out of fans feeling like this. It's the only way.

Rob from Pittsburgh, PA

Hey, Zone. We got to throw the ball deep. You can't dink and dunk and win.

There's truth in this. The Jaguars couldn't get the deep ball working Sunday. One of the few deep passes Lawrence attempted with the game in doubt – in the second quarter to wide receiver Tavon Austin – tuned into Lawrence's first meaningful interception in four games. The passing game and offense felt compressed after that. A compressed offense is not a dynamic offense. It's also an easier offense for the defense to limit.

Vince from St. Augustine South

Let's go back to happier times. Could the final "drive" that led to Matthew Wright's game-winning field goal in the Miami game be considered Lawrence's first game-winning drive?

Why wouldn't it be?

Steve from Yulee, FL

Great O. We all want to know do you think the Jags will make a trade for a route-running, separation-making, field-stretching accomplished veteran receiver like, say, Odell Beckham Jr. since the Cleveland Browns aren't really using him and will probably cut him at season's end?

I sense something here is possible. I don't have a sense about the name, but it's hard to watch the Jaguars without realizing the lack of speed and dynamic playmaking at receiver severely hinders this offense. The key questions: At what price? Is there a player available who conceivably could be part of the long-term and not a rental? Is he truly a difference-making player and not just a familiar name? Those are tricky questions when it comes to midseason trades. Teams usually don't let true difference-making players leave – even via trade. That doesn't mean it can't happen. It's just why these trades are rarely no-brainers and must be considered with a discerning eye.

The Other Ryan from Denver

My one takeaway is that in the interviews players are taking ownership of their failures. No blaming coaches (because it's always coaching) just owning that they aren't doing their jobs. One fer Allen, and Jack.

I liked what I heard from linebacker Myles Jack and defensive end/linebacker Josh Allen after the loss. Both were up front about the need to turn this around and both spoke when not speaking would have been easier. One fer 'em.

Ryan from Reality

How did we manage to give up 31 points to the Seahawks on only 229 yards of offense??? That's got to be a record for offensive efficiency on the Seahawks part. And for defensive futility on the part of the Jaguars.

One reason the Seahawks scored 31 points with just 229 yards offense Sunday was seven of those points came on a kickoff return. The other reason was they scored on all of extended drives. Yes, it was efficient for Seattle. When the Seahawks needed to move efficiently and score, they did.

Eddie from Atlanta, GA

Is it just a coincidence that the games where the Jags have had the most time to prepare have been the most embarrassing (against Houston, Tennessee, Seattle), while the games where they've had irregular weeks (Cincinnati, Miami in London) have been their best? Is there anything that would explain such terrible performance coming out of these breaks?

It's probably a coincidence. It doesn't excuse the sloppy nature of the performances.

Dennis from London, England

Hey John, remember before the game when there was all the optimism for this one? Good times…

I remember people being optimistic. I didn't necessarily agree with them. I saw a Seahawks team that clearly hadn't quit and had enough weapons to be dangerous, even without quarterback Russell Wilson. I saw a Jaguars pass defense that was struggling to cover, and I saw brutal West Coast road trip. I sensed this one might be a let down for the good guys.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, we didn't have a game that embarrassing for quite some time. Have you ever seen a team come back so unprepared after a bye week?

Probably, though I can't recall. I've covered 27 NFL seasons. Some of them tend to run together. It was up there. That much is true.

Greg from St Johns, FL

Aren't we at the point we should be hearing from ownership? I'm not going to belittle the players; I've seen enough to know many of them are capable of being better. No need to belittle the coaches, they've done that to themselves by showing they are unable to prepare a team of professional athletes to even the lowly level of mediocrity. At this stage, I'm looking to Mr. Khan and a "buck stops here" attitude to right this sinking ship I've been cruising on since 1995. At the moment, I'd settle for public acknowledgment of his disappointment. 'Cuz if he doesn't care, why should I?

I get emails such as these on occasion when the Jaguars are struggling. It's understandable because it is, after all, Khan's team. But it's far from unusual for an owner – or even a general manager – to say little or anything during a season. Khan has limited his media availability to a few a year in recent seasons, often in the offseason. And I sense he – as is the case with many owners – believes that to speak more often would cause more of a distraction than it is worth. Khan's disappointed. He cares. He knows where the buck stops. He has said this often. I don't know when he again will say so publicly. But he knows.

Ancient Tom from Jacksonville

_The Germans did not bomb Pearl Harbor. Too bad history is not taught correctly. Think it was errant passes from Bart Starr and Y.A.Tittle.                      _

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

James from Socorro, NM

I'm not sure if that was one of the worst losses for the Jaguars because there have been so many.

It was.

Matt from Philadelphia, PA

What is your honest assessment of the coaching staff thus far in the season? I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt because of the injuries and general lack of talent on the roster, but it's excruciating to watch the Packers win with basically half of their starting lineup because the coach makes the right adjustments.

Mistakes and pre-snap sloppiness such as substitutions, missed assignments and missed communications are always associated with coaching. That's not always fair – and as Jack pointed out Sunday, it's sometimes up to the players to get into situations and make plays. But the Jaguars overall have looked unorganized and unprepared too often – with it being pretty glaring in Weeks 1 and 8. Is it talent? Is it coaching? It's everything, but coaching has to play a part.

Chris from Chapel Hill, NC

Well, I've tried holding out, but I think I'm cancelling my Sunday Ticket. I can't pay so much to be so depressed. If I want to spend a lot to be sad, I'll buy signed Smiths vinyl …

Sounds like the rain is falling hard in your humdrum town. Does that town have you down?