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O-Zone: Hunting season

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Steve from Brentwood, TN

JO: The Jags should try many four wideout formations. Have many teams in the past tried this option, to cover our obvious weakness at the tight end position?

NFL teams do at times play four-receiver formations – and in fact, such formations are very common these days, particularly in long-yardage situations. The positive for an offense is it gets more receivers in the pattern, and therefore gives the quarterback more options. The negative is it takes a tight end off the field and therefore typically takes away significant options in the running game. The last part is important when it comes to considering how the Jaguars might use receivers and tight ends this season. Remember: While the Jaguars may not be exactly where they want to be at receiving tight end, they feel very good about the blocking tight ends – particularly having signed unrestricted free agent tight end Chris Manhertz from the Carolina Panthers in March. I expect the Jaguars to have four-receiver options in the offense this season. I don't think it will be in any way their primary offensive formation, mainly because I expect the Jaguars to want their running backs – and a strong running game – as a primary factor in the offense.

Dave from Jacksonville

Wizard, my biggest question I have for the Jaguars is, have they done enough to stop Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry? If not, it seems like it could be 1999 every year.

The Jaguars traded for defensive tackle Malcom Brown and signed defensive linemen Jihad Ward and Roy Robertson-Harris as unrestricted free agents this offseason. They drafted defensive tackle Jay Tufele. Those were the key moves in the Jaguars' effort to improve the run defense. They appear on paper to be improved against the run. We'll see if they're improved on the field.

Jarret from Crosby, ND

Over/under: 30 TD, 20 int, 4000 yards.

For what?

Tom from Jacksonville

Do you miss the days when pros didn't make up most of the United States Olympic Team? Check out teen phenom Erriyon Knighton. Now, that I can get behind. Oh wait, he signed with Adidas and is no longer eligible for high school or college sports. I need a list of amateurs to cheer for.

I do sort of miss the days when the Olympics were more amateur than they are now. But that's a selfish pining. Most Olympic sports are now essentially professional sports, and it's unrealistic to think a 28-year-old track athlete or swimmer competing at the highest level should do without compensation. That would mean essentially competing their entire elite career for free, and that's not right. What I suppose I miss most from Olympic "days of yore" is the United States basketball team consisting of collegiate players. I suppose most fans of my generation feel the same way, because there was a charm to that element of the competition. But basketball around the world caught up with the United States in a big way, and to ask college players today to compete with the world's best in that sport would be laughable. I suspect the story's the same in most Olympic sports.

Fred from Naples, Florida

Rumor has it that not being able to go 8-8 or 7-9 is the reason Jeff Fisher won't get back into coaching.


Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

What would you say the chances are that left tackle Cam Robinson signs a new contract with the Jaguars to play right tackle or even guard? Please round your answer to the nearest thousandth of a percent.

This depends on how he plays this season. If Robinson plays at a remotely high level – or even the level of an adequate starting left tackle – he almost certainly will sign somewhere to play left tackle. If he doesn't, he perhaps could sign here to play guard or right tackle. I would put the chances of him signing as a guard or tackle pretty low. Somewhere less than 11.99994455 percent.

Michael from Indianapolis, IN

Bought our season tickets on Day 1 until we moved to Indy in 2019. I keep hearing people and media talking about Jacksonville being a small media market, but Green Bay is a small market team and Indianapolis (only marginally larger) are darlings of the NFL, so what is all the fuss about? Both are better teams than the Jaguars, but their market size has little to do with why they get media attention. IMO they get it because they produce quality teams who win. When the Jags get consistently good they will get their day in the media.


Steve from Nashville, TN

I see the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys still have to play four preseason games this year. For how much longer to do you see the Hall of Fame game being a thing? Do you see it as an advantage to these two teams to get extra work in a real game scenario?

I expect the Hall of Fame game to be a thing for the foreseeable future because there's no real reason to stop it. Participating teams are free to play whoever they want in the game and there's more risk of injury in that game than a normal preseason game. I imagine they will play the game as long as they play preseason games.

Unhipcat from Garnet, CA (it's a real place)

Hi John. Jags offense will be explosive. Defense will take advantage. Jags will be a player down the stretch.


Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

I just felt like running. O, when are you gonna do the Gump trail?

My "trail" is a NordicTrack in my garage in Springfield. There's no trail, but I have an outdoor table with a few chairs just outside the garage if you want to come watch. Tipping is encouraged.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, to the new runner. I suggest following a running/training program. I made the mistake long ago of running a marathon without going through a training program. BIG mistake!


DC Jag from Alexandria, VA

Hail KOAF, I was more than a little surprised that you left "Rudy" off your short list of great football movies. Care to edify us or was this a gross oversight?

I just thought it was meh, and I had trouble rooting for the main character.

Jimsure from DBS

Dead zone TV question. Have you watched "Bosch" on Amazon prime? Great detective show.

My wife watches it. It looks good. I like that Marlo from the Wire is in the show. He was great and I was glad to see him go on to further success.

Esko from South Karelia, Finland

About your self-confessed mediocrity, is there the Oehser Line in sports journalism that is the equivalent of Mendoza Line in baseball?

Yes. I am the King of All Mediocrity.

Jlavoncharkinson from the Comments section

Everyone is on the what's Trevor doing to be the man train. I guess I am the exception. I would like to know what Andre Cisco needs to show to be what he's expected to be. I want hard-hitting neck-breaking defense. As far as Crybaby Ramsey goes, when is this pathetic excuse for a human being going to shut up? With how he carries himself in his actions and verbiage, I know he has been cursed out a lot. I would not be surprised if he hadn't been punched in the mouth a few times as well. Dude is just pathetic.

We haven't seen Cisco in anything close to "NFL contact" yet, but he wasn't necessarily considered a "neck-breaking" safety at Syracuse. His strengths were the ability to create interceptions, aggressiveness and an ability to "attack the line of scrimmage." If Cisco reaches his potential, the guess here it's as a creator of turnovers and big players rather than devastating hits on runners. As for former Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey … sure. I guess. Whatever.

Jon from Ocala, FL

Hi O, I'm glad Ramsey's back was well enough to sit for an hour to do the recent podcast. You know how back spasms can come out of know where.

Good call. I was relieved at this, too.

Bill from Ponte Vedra, FL

You don't really believe that "a subsequent back injury kept Ramsey from playing the team again," do you? If you buy that I have some nice oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you! How about "a fake back injury meant the Jaguars had to pay him while he pressured them into trading him?"

First: Call me about the oceanfront property; I'm "in," and you can DM me for the number. Second: Anyone who truly loved his Jaguars teammates as much as Ramsey did, and who spoke of them with such passion, would never miss a chance to play with them barring anything but serious injury.

Dakota from Dupree, SD

Just watched The Hunt. Makes you want to play football and as Head Coach Urban Meyer said, "Now we just got to win some dam games!"