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O-Zone: I feel fine

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

David from Gainesville, FL

I see the angst everyone has over the possibility of cutting Jaydon Mickens or Rashad Greene Sr. rather than keeping both. But hasn't recent history shown that it's very likely one or more wide receivers will suffer an injury during training camp? I am glad to have this wonderful depth going into the season as I would think we might end up keeping seven receivers - albeit through the physically unable to perform list or injured reserve.

You're on the right track. Observers and fans too often look at a depth chart and believe only starters – and perhaps a frontline player or two – will play, forgetting that the NFL at its core is a game of attrition. The reality is it's very rare for a team to have too many good players – and good players usually have a way of finding their way onto the field to make plays either because of their own play or because of an injury to another player. But the Jaguars do seem to have an uncommon number of good wide receivers – and if all stay healthy, it is possible they will release a player at the position very capable of contributing on another NFL team.

Etheric from The End

Way-too-early LIII Super Bowl prediction: Jaguars over Eagles, 27-23.


Mike from Atlanta, GA

As far as great defenses not allowing good games against other teams goes, then-Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith lit up the 2000 Ravens defense for 15 catches for 291 yards and three touchdowns. Were the 2000 Ravens not a great defense?

They were, and that same legitimately great defense also allowed 473 yards passing in a 2000 late-season victory over the New York Jets. That's not to say the Jaguars' defense last season was on a par with the all-time greats. The reality is it was not quite on that level. But it's also not fair to say that a game or two in which opponents moved effectively means the Jaguars' defense was not at a championship level. That wouldn't be correct, either. Bottom line: this defense was really good last season and had a tendency at times to allow a breakout play – occasionally at critical times. I anticipate a season playing together will help limit those big plays. That's a major priority.

Bill from Melbourne, FL

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.

Almond Joy's got nuts …

Jason from Tampa, FL

Reading through some of your early 53-man roster predictions (such as Rashad Greene Sr. making it as sixth wide receiver/punt returner), if it were to play out as you think it might, who are the Jaguars gameday inactives? What is the path for the team to be able to keep six wide receivers active on gameday? If impossible, who is the inactive wide receiver?

Game-day inactives are tricky to predict before the season because they often vary based on injuries and game-to-game matchups. The Jaguars typically keep a couple of offensive linemen inactive (Chris Reed and Josh Walker could be candidates here), as well as a young defensive lineman (nose tackle Eli Ankou, perhaps). A running back (Tim Cook) and a defensive back (such as Dee Delaney or Quenton Meeks if they make the team) are also possibilities. That leaves a possible quarterback if rookie Tanner Lee makes the roster – along with a sixth wide receiver. I would guess that could be Greene – provided, of course, he indeed makes the roster.

Robert from Oneonta

One for Blake and his work with The Arc!

One fer Blake …

Bill from Viera, FL

John, you obviously have an appreciation for some of the lesser-known bands from the 1980s which, in my opinion, were underrated. What are your thoughts one the most overlooked bands from New Jersey, The Smithereens?

I saw the Smithereens in Athens (Georgia, not Greece) with my friend, Brian Kane, in a small club in the summer of 1986. This was very early in their career, and I initially liked what I remember faintly as a raw, rich, energetic sound. I think I may have bought and liked an early album, but they didn't hold my interest long. It was probably a "me" issue more than anything to do with the Smithereens, who indeed went on to some commercial success.

Paul from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

O MY goodness ... So here is one fer Bortles. I am guessing. So again. Listening to LOCAL radio know-it-alls, seems this guy is just not liked to be NOT liked!! His stats are above average, and his legs have kept many of drives alive along with his ability to avoid getting crushed by what WAS a below-average offensive line! Is it just me, or has his arm shown vast improvement in both accuracy and strength – since the kid was playing THROUGH an injury and recently fixed it, and BAM ... he's playing better AFTER an AFC Championship game!!! There are only so many Peyton Mannings, Tom Bradys, Drew Brees and even Ben Roethlisbergers. If people think there are SO many better options, who and where are they?? Show me them! Just look at a team like Cleveland if you want to see what a quarterback issue is, or even Miami or many others. BB5 is a good quarterback on the verge of what could be greatness, let him play!!


Bradley from Carson City, NV

I think Blake Bortles has the "potential " to be as good or better than 14 of the 33 Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. He is certainly no Aaron Rodgers, Bart Starr or Roger Staubach but could be as good as Jim Plunkett, Bob Griese, or Joe Theismann. How many rings would Terry Bradshaw have without the "Steel Curtain?"

Comparing quarterbacks across eras is tough because the NFL is dramatically different now than it was when Griese played in the 1970s or when Plunkett and Theismann played around the same time. It's always struck me that Griese was a bit underrated, but you certainly make a valid point that not every Super Bowl-winning quarterback must be an era-defining quarterback along the lines of Brady and Rodgers. As far as Bradshaw … no, he wouldn't have won his four Super Bowls had he not played with one of the all-time great teams, but it's reasonable to say that 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers team wouldn't have won all four without him, either. He was good – maybe not Rushmore good, but absolutely Hall of Fame good.

JagsMavs from Virginia Beach, VA

No real football news to talk about, so on to Fantasy Football. Do you play? If so, would you like to join a league with me or can I join one of your leagues?

No – so no and no.

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty 'O' / King of Funk, I cannot believe you have not seen "The Empire Strikes Back." I do not believe the "I've been busy." Do or not do. There is no try!

I'll probably choose "not do." Just not a big Star Wars guy. /Ducks

Chris from Mandarin, FL

You wrote about Rashad Greene possibly fulfilling the potential he showed early in his career. As a receiver, John, what potential is that? When he was healthy, he averaged about five yards per catch. That is considered underwhelming by a running back and terrible for a receiver. Never once as a receiver during Greene's time in the NFL have I seen him make a play that told me he was worth anything more than a fifth-round pick. I'm genuinely curious in what you see in him from a receiving standpoint. What is he doing well?

Greene's potential for the most part showed itself in games as a punt returner. He showed a lot in practice early in his career, and he has been held back in recent seasons for the most part by injuries. He looked good as a receiver in organized team activities and minicamp this offseason in the ways receivers look good during such practices – good hands, quickness in and out of breaks, consistency making plays, etc.

Alan from Jacksonville

Is it too early to talk about next year's draft? There's this Bosa kid...

Yes. Good for him.

Chris from Waverly, GA

Come on, man ... Rocky 2. "Adrian we did it! We did it!!" I tear up just typing this.

Get a tissue.

Julio from Southern Cal



Julio from Southern Cal


Julio … Julio … wherefore art though, Julio?

Julio from Southern Cal

O, since there is a crowd at wide receiver, how many of them are practice-squad eligible?

Greene, Marqise Lee and Donte Moncrief are not eligible for the practice squad. D.J. Chark, Dede Westbrook, Keelan Cole, Shane Wynn and Jaydon Mickens are eligible. The issue with most of the available players is they almost certainly would be claimed by another team if placed there.

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

That's great, it starts with an earthquake birds and snakes, and aeroplanes …

… Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

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