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O-Zone: If I had a boat

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Kevin from Section 113

Given the changes happening wholesale across the organization, what do you think in your "infinite and all-knowing" wisdom is the win/loss record that the team would need to have for the season to be considered successful and/or on the way to a turnaround?

First, my knowledge is strikingly finite. Second, this answer depends on who is doing the considering. I imagine some fans and observers will be satisfied with nothing less than a postseason appearance. And that's fine; fans are supposed to have high expectations – reasonable and reachable or not. Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer also has made it clear he's not putting any ceiling on victories this season – and that all decisions will be made with winning in mind. I would consider the Jaguars on the right path if they win seven or more games in 2021, but you can't always look at a team's record in Year One of a turnaround. If Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence is showing he is "getting it" by season's end, and if the team appears to be moving in the right direction, I would consider that a successful season whatever the record. Fans and observers may not agree. Oh, well.

Chaka from Cordele, GA

There was an analyst who said that the signing of Tim Tebow was not based on merit – and that if it weren't for his relationship with Meyer, Tebow would not have been given the opportunity. They believe he was given an opportunity to make the team. Do you think this will create resentment in the locker room? Do you believe someone else's dream was short-circuited?

This has been a pretty commonly held opinion by many analysts, and Meyer indeed is unquestionably the reason Tebow has this opportunity. Meyer believes in Tebow and believes he can find a way to make the Jaguars better. That's the reason Tebow is here. But remember: Having an opportunity to make the team does not necessarily equate to making the team. If Tebow is good enough, he will make the team and there won't be a locker room issue. If he's not good enough and gets released, there also won't be a locker-room issue. A locker-room issue would only arise if he makes the team when he clearly can't contribute. I believe Meyer cares far too much about winning to make such a decision. As far as another player's dream being short-circuited because Tebow is here … I see how that argument can be made, but I don't buy it. There are 90 players on NFL offseason rosters. I've been around enough training camps to know there are at least eight or nine players at the bottom of each roster that aren't making the team, period. The chances that Tebow being in camp is keeping a worthy player out of the NFL are minimal, if they exist at all.

Kyan from Le Mars, IA



Bryce V from Waterloo, IA

Which do you think is more realistic: Tebow makes the team and serves a Taysom Hill type role, or Tebow is here to push the team and try to make it but will end up on the coaching staff?

The former.

Alon from Malibu, CA

I understand the Jaguars have the most available cap space left at over $30 million. Is there a minimum the Jaguars have to spend?

Not really, no. Teams over a four-year period must spend to within 89 percent of the cap for that period, but there really isn't a minimum amount a team must spend in a given season.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

I am ready for pads. Are you ready for the heat?

Not really, no.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, when you were sitting in on that James Robinson interview, did you have the urge to ask him a question about Tebow?

Not really, no.

Boomgrounder from Duval

Hey, Zone. It's been reported that Karim Kassam, who was hired by the Jaguars in February, is out. So, who is in charge of the Jaguars salary cap? Should we expect a replacement?

Kassam, who was briefly the Jaguars' senior vice president of operations strategy, was not in charge of the Jaguars' salary cap; director of football administration Tim Walsh manages the cap and has done so for years. There has been no indication that the Jaguars will hire a replacement for Kassam immediately.

Scott from Longwood, FL

What's your take on Osaka's decision to put her mental health ahead of demands being placed on her? How would something similar play out in the NFL?

Not knowing what is weighing on Naomi Osaka mentally, it's difficult to know what specifically led to the No. 1 player in women's tennis pulling out of the French Open early this week. I do agree with the decision of the four Grand Slams to fine her and potentially default her – or any player – for not speaking to the media during events. If you allow one player in a sport to not speak to the media, many such players will follow suit. And while fans may believe the media serves no purpose, players in any sport not speaking to the media eventually will shortchange the fans. It's difficult to say how the NFL would handle the situation. The hope would be that it would handle it better because there should have been a way for Osaka and tennis officials to navigate this issue more smoothly; that situation escalated more than was necessary. But I don't think any professional sport should allow players to not speak to the media, and I doubt any major sport would let the situation reach that point any time soon. Players' stories and personalities are part of the appeal. The more you reduce access and interviews, the more sterile that side of sports becomes.

Unhipcat from Carlsbad, CA

Wait. O-Zone is free?


JR from the Squatchlands

I feel like Gardner Minshew II was the most exciting quarterback this franchise has seen since David Garrard. So, what has happened? Obviously, Lawrence is our guy moving forward, and I understand Minshew may not be franchise quarterback material, but did he not prove he is at least a capable backup? Not only did we sign a free-agent quarterback, but now it sounds like Jake Luton is taking reps ahead of him in practice. Ever since his injury last year, it seems like he has fallen out of favor with the decision-makers and it's only a matter of time before he is traded. Can you shed some light on the rise and fall of the Florida Man that is Gardner Minshew?

Minshew indeed was exciting – and he showed a lot of cool attributes when starting for the Jaguars. This was particularly true in 2019, when he won six games and showed a clutch gene and remarkable poise in pressure situations. At the same time, many of the shortcomings that caused him to slide to Round 6 of the 2019 NFL Draft proved to be significant NFL shortcomings – particularly the lack of arm strength that made making certain throws difficult. He also struggled with pocket presence in both of his seasons as a starter. I suppose he could be a backup somewhere, but yes … it may at this point simple be matter of time before the Jaguars move on from Minshew. Why? Because they believe CJ Beathard and/or Luton are better options for the backup role.

Gator from Gainesville, FL

Why haven't there been more stories about the newest and certainly best tight end ever to play the game? If I have to read one more story about this ACC QB who couldn't even win two National Championships I'll stop stealing the pawn shops internet to read stuff. We need daily if not hourly updates on Him and His great work.

Gator's still reading, apparently.

Mike from Saint Augustine, FL

Jaguars wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. said, "It's only OTAs," so you'll be seeing a lot more plays like that by Game 1. Inquisitive minds are imagining what the first one looked like. Exciting, no?

You're referencing Chark discussing a long pass for a touchdown from Lawrence on Thursday in Day 6 of 2021 Organized Team Activities presented by Baptist Health. It was a well-thrown ball by the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, a much-anticipated player who has fans excited beyond belief. So, yeah … exciting.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-Man, I was checking out the images of the cool redevelopment plan which can hopefully and finally get moving. Was that your boat parked out front on the river?

Yes. Both of them.