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O-Zone: Isn't it grand?

Alex from Los Angeles, CA

Please tell me it hasn't come to signing Ereck "I thought Calais Campbell was a speed rusher" Flowers ...

Yes, it has come to that. The Jaguars have lost their top two left tackles – Cam Robinson and Josh Wells – to injuries. The player replacing Wells, Josh Walker, has zero NFL starts. Flowers is a former Top 10 selection with 58 NFL starts. Yes, he struggled with the New York Giants. In fact, he struggled enough that the Giants released him on Tuesday. So no … signing Flowers wasn't an ideal move, but you know what? When it comes to the left-tackle position, the Jaguars aren't in an ideal situation. They're in a situation with a player with no NFL starts and another player – rookie Will Richardson Jr. – who never has been active in an NFL game. They're seeing if perhaps Flowers is as good or better an option as Walker or Richardson. Maybe it will work out. Maybe it won't. Either way, trying isn't ridiculous.

Chris from Nashville, TN

In a recent O-Zone you referenced our record or accomplishments from last year in response to three questions ... in a row. Get over it and move on already. This is not the team we had last year, healthy or not. Purely speculation, but maybe YOU are the reason this team can't turn the page???

The Jaguars went 10-6, won the AFC South and played in the AFC Championship Game last season. They were second in the NFL in yards allowed, points allowed and passing yards allowed.

Mark from Green Bay, WI

Why is the media fixated about the Jaguars moving to London? Please, just stop the madness.

The American media is fixated on this because the London media remains fixated on this – and because London media continues to "report" things that aren't tangible. Being fixated on things that aren't tangible means speculating. Speculating makes people nervous, creating madness. Shad Khan is trying to buy Wembley Stadium and he owns the Jaguars, so people are going to report things about the Jaguars and London. A lot of things. Owner Shad Khan has said he is committed to Jacksonville, and his actions have supported that. We'll report on this issue on when there are tangible things to report. I'll discuss it more here in the O-Zone when there are tangible things to report. Until then …

Jerell from Columbia, SC

Would you consider Fournette a busted pick as of right now? Considering what they could have had and the fact that Fournette is fragile and soft.

I don't think we're at the point where we can write running back Leonard Fournette off as a bust. He obviously always will be judged against what Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes accomplish. When you pass on quarterbacks who become successful and your quarterback isn't as successful, history will judge you harshly. Mahomes through half an NFL season appears destined for more success than Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. Watson through a little more than 10 games has been very impressive at times, not so much at others. Bottom line: Fournette must be on the field to be judged, and he must be at least a little better than he was as a rookie when he plays. Stay tuned.

Andre from Atlanta, GA

O man, I have been a Jaguars fan since they came into the league in 1995. This is a season of adversity and I think the coaching staff is good at getting the most out of its players. My question is where and when will Will Richardson see the field? With the injuries on the line. He should at least get a look. Unless he is not adjusting to the NFL as well as expected.

Richardson, a fourth-round right tackle from North Carolina State, ideally would not see the field at all this season. That has nothing to do with him not adjusting to the NFL as well as expected; it has to do with the Jaguars upon drafting him not expecting him to play as a rookie. Offensive tackles drafted in the middle rounds often are taken with the idea that they will need a "redshirt" year to develop. If a tackle is ready to play immediately upon being drafted that player usually is selected in the first or second round. Still, this is not an ideal situation and he may be active this week. I don't think he'll play unless someone is injured. Considering how this season has gone, he probably needs to be ready.

Mr. Padre from Kingsland, GA

Do you expect the Jaguars to game plan differently on offense this week due to the offensive line injuries – specifically, because we are starting our third left tackle and the Cowboys have a tremendous pass rusher in DeMarcus Lawrence? May we see more two running-back sets to add a pass protector to the backfield and maybe more calls that have Blake rolling out to his right etc.? Thanks. #DTWD

I think you'll see backs and tight ends chipping and helping with Lawrence, certainly more than they did last week against Chiefs pass rusher Dee Ford. I doubt you will see more two-back sets, primarily because T.J. Yeldon is the lone healthy running back with more than a few days experience in the offense. I imagine the Jaguars will want Jamaal Charles/Dave Williams a bit more acclimated in the offense before rolling out the two-back package.

Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Oh Mighty 'O' / King of all things Funk, to those suggesting that Bortles is benched or traded and that the Jags should be "going to Kessler," I offer Cody Kessler's number of starts (eight) and number of wins (zero). And that's from 2016. In 2017, Bortles had more playoff wins (two) than Kessler had starts (zero). Bortles is my quarterback! Hi Haters.

If you're thinking Bortles should be benched for Kessler ask yourself, "How would I feel about this team's chances if Bortles were out for the season?" If you're a Jaguars fan and you like the answer to that question, we're probably not going to find much common ground.

Bill from Damsville, NY

When answering Rob I'm surprised you didn't mention the receivers on our team. Three of them have more yards, same-ish or more receptions, same or more touchdowns. I think you missed a chance to talk up our "weak" link.

Stay in your lane, Bill.

Mike from Port Charlotte, FL

What can we expect from Grinnage?

The Jaguars signed tight end David Grinnage off their practice squad Tuesday. I expect Grinnage to be a capable blocker and to play mostly in base and running situations. I don't expect to see much from him as a receiver. We'll see what else he brings.

Tom from Charleston, SC

You wrote "it does seem as if Bortles has been sloppy mechanically a bit early this season." After five seasons don't you think that is time for the organization to realize that that is what Blake Bortles is? At what point do we admit that he is not the franchise QB that they expected him to be?

The Jaguars know what Bortles is. They know he struggles sometimes mechanically. They know he has bad games. They also know he has good games, and that he has good traits that they like. They know he has been better lately than he was early in his career, and they know he quarterbacked well enough last season to get them to the AFC Championship Game. As of now, they know he's the best option for them at the position. Perhaps at some point in some future offseason there will be a better option. Until that happens, Bortles will be the quarterback.

Chris from J-Ville

Can we give Lambo some love? He is our MVP right now?

Hey, one fer Lambo!

Bill from Jacksonville

John, let me preface this by saying this is not an overreaction to Sunday's result. With that being said, Kansas City thought Alex Smith was a good quarterback, and numerous teams would have been happy to have him. But they also saw that they could do better than "good," and drafted a replacement in Round 1. Why should the Jaguars think any differently going forward than Kansas City did with Alex Smith?

If there's a quarterback available the Jaguars think will help them more than Bortles, then I don't doubt they will pursue that player. Perhaps that will happen. We'll see.

Richard from Lincoln, NE

"My answers ain't that good"! This was part of your response to Thursday's O-Zone first question. Being a journalist, you should know that ain't ain't a word!

I'm aware of my answers, just as I am aware that it's OK – and in fact, even advisable – to break a grammar rule so long as you know why you are breaking it. My reason in this case was I "felt like it." Ain't life grand?

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