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O-Zone: Just kidding

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Steve from Nashville, TN

You have entertained a few questions recently about stadium renovations. With a general rise in temperatures globally, I believe it is time to seriously consider fan comfort for September and October home games. Not sure if it's practical with the existing site. Fans will have a breaking point for suffering through a 1 p.m. September home game with triple digits on-field temps. Creative scheduling for the first two months of the year could also be a solution.

Temperatures are absolutely an issue in September and October games at TIAA Bank Field. That has been the case pretty much since the franchise's inception, and I'm confident that will be a strong consideration in conversations regarding either a new stadium or a renovation. I don't know the end game on that because the end game only will come after conversations and planning get significantly further into the process. As for creative scheduling in the early months of the year, this is done at the league level. There is little the team can do beyond requesting certain times.

Jason from North Pole, AK

Got any early free-agency predictions for the Jaguars? Just curious who you think the best fit is regarding needs and money that makes sense.

I typically don't do much predicting regarding free agency. Teams keep free-agency targets very quiet until negotiations and targeting begin, so most predictions are pretty close to worthless. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jaguars pursued a player such as New York Giants defensive lineman Leonard Williams, though. Considering the Jaguars' need for depth and talent on the defensive front, he would make a lot of sense.

Matt from St. Augustine, FL

Most people seem to say the plural of "timeout" as "timeouts," but I've read that the correct way to say it is "times out." So, what's the plural of "moodachay"?  Is it "moodachays" or "moos dachay"?

It's whatever. Or, whats ever.

Marcus from Jacksonville

One decision doesn't determine the future, but, for the sake of the fans, there is a lot riding on the Cam Robinson decision. Whether the team lets him walk, signs him to an extension, or tags him – along with the long-term effectiveness of that decision – will go a long way in determining the fan's perception of the new decision makers. That doesn't change anything, because what the fans think matters not, but it will say a lot. For years Jags fans have seen one of three things happen in these situations: 1) The team re-signs the player and he turns out to be a bust. 2) The team lets the player go and he turns out to be a Pro Bowler for another team. 3) The team re-signs the player, he plays well, then gets upset and forces his way out of town. If the new Jags' brass gets this one right, it will go a long way to building trust with the fan base!

I'm not trying to be argumentative here, but I can't recall your third choice happening. The only players I recall who "forced their way out of town" were cornerback Jalen Ramsey and defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. Neither had re-signed with the Jaguars when they left the franchise. And not to be nitpicky, but the only players with whom the Jaguars have parted ways in recent offseasons who have gone on to be a Pro Bowl player the following season were Ramsey and defensive end Calais Campbell – and Campbell perhaps doesn't quite fit in this scenario. As for the decision regarding left tackle Cam Robinson decision being all-important for how the fans view this front office … perhaps you're right that fans will put that great an emphasis on the decision. My guess, though, is fans will put a lot more emphasis on how the player they select No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft fares. If he's good and the team wins, the fans might not be quite so all-in on the Robinson Watch as you project.

Troy from Anaconda MT

Do you think that if that Jaguars got an unprecedented offer they'd trade the first pick? A lot of people have joked about us trading the pick for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson but I don't like that scenario. What do you think? Do you think Watson would be worth the No. 1 overall pick?

I don't believe the Jaguars will trade the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, and I don't think there's an offer that would entice them to do so. I don't think the Texans would trade Watson for just the No. 1 selection, and I don't think just getting Watson would be nearly enough for the Jaguars to consider the trade.

Matt from Fort Worth, TX

Perhaps the most important question of the year - is Sbarro even good?

If you have to ask, you will never know.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

Quite a few people, myself included, are going to be disappointed when these franchise tags start landing. I see us spending a decent amount, but a lot of the really good players being penciled into our roster for 2021 are just that, really good players. Teams don't like to let really good players go.

True. It's why free agency often is the NFL equivalent of fool's gold. If players are elite, their franchise usually know this and find a way to keep them. There are exceptions. But for the most part, this is why winning franchises build predominately though the draft. Or at least really emphasize it.

Logan from Wichita, KS

The offensive line keeps being a big topic. Some say it's good, some bad, some average. I think the reason why is because each player feels like a coin flip at any moment in time. Right tackle Jawaan Taylor does well but struggled with lazy-feet penalties. Center Brandon Linder can't seem to stay healthy. Left guard Andrew Norwell has to play elite to feel like he is worth the price tag. Right guard A.J. Cann can be outmuscled one game and the next he is a bulldozer among boys in the run game. Left tackle Cam Robinson has been inconsistent and injured; one game he shuts down a top edge rusher the next he is missing assignments. There are moments this line looks very good and moments it's ugly. The struggle is what kind of consistency will the line produce as is. Right?

Pretty much.

Logan from Saskatoon, Canada

Who are the under-the-radar players you might expect to have the highest likelihood to excel and play meaningful snaps for the Jags in 2021? Linebacker Shaq Quarterman, guard Ben Bartch, wide receiver Collin Johnson, Josiah Scott? Any chance tight end Josh Oliver becomes relevant?

I would choose Johnson off your list as the most likely to have meaningful snaps for the Jaguars in 2021. That's because we saw more of him than the others last season. I do think there's a chance Oliver becomes relevant. The primary reason he hasn't been relevant the past two seasons has been injuries. I don't think the Jaguars will enter the season assuming he will be a front-line player, but I expect him to have a chance. If he stays healthy, there's little reason he can't be very relevant.

Roger from Houston, TX

To John from Jacksonville, there is an important difference between college and pro football. In college football, it's all about rankings, so a team cannot afford to lose a game – lest they miss the four-team playoff. In the NFL, you just have to make the playoffs based on a better record than the other teams in your division and conference, and then take it from there. I think Meyer is smart enough to understand that.


Charles from Riverside

Hello, John. There have been some recent questions concerning the value of a tight end in an NFL offense. A one-off takeaway from the recent Super Bowl, for both teams, was the important role both tight ends played for their respective team. With Lawrence most likely the new quarterback, can we assume the team will be looking for a receiving tight end? Awful hard to find that rare tight end talent that can both block and catch at a high level?

You absolutely can assume the Jaguars will look to improve at tight end this offseason – and that effort will include looking to improve the receiving production at the position. It is indeed hard to find that rare tight-end talent that can do both at a high level. That's why you hardly ever see complete, high-level tight ends available as free agents. They're hard to find; when you find them, you keep them. They're also tricky to scout, which is why some of the best are often found outside the first round.

Diaperrhea from Jags4life

Do you like to make fun of people?

I actually don't like it at all. Until afterward. Then it feels soooooo good.