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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Paul from Saint Johns, FL

Suppose every starting Jaguar in 2023 plays to their full potential. How many Pro Bowlers and All-Pros would you guess we have? Assuming we also win a lot of games against good teams along the way.

I suppose we can veer from the discussion over the Stadium of the Future long enough to field a football question. Or two. First: You're correct that the Jaguars will win a lot of games if all starters play to their full potential. That would mean a lot going right, and it would particularly mean the Jaguars mostly avoided injuries. The reality is these awards can depend somewhat on name recognition, so perception can play a role in who actually receives such honors. But more than a few Jaguars players have that sort of name recognition, so let's go with quarterback Trevor Lawrence, wide receiver Calvin Ridley, outside linebacker Josh Allen and guard Brandon Scherff as filling that "requirement." And I would guess all four would make the Pro Bowl if they play at a high level. Here's the thing about perception, though: Winning big can change it in a hurry. If the Jaguars establish themselves as a power team early in 2023, a lot more Jaguars players will become a lot more well-known. And a power team can easily have six or seven Pro Bowl players and two or three All-Pro selections.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

I'm out of town and can't go to a "huddle." But I would like to know that whoever renovates The Bank surely consults with whoever built SoFi to find out what the builders of SoFi feel like wasn't exactly right and what they would have done differently in hindsight. Same with the "Spaceship" in Texas. Surely, that happens right? If you could ask or just steal my idea and request a meeting with Jaguars Owner Shad Khan, that would be appreciated. I'll just take a small finder's fee for your inevitable ensuing raise.

Stadium architecture and design is a relatively exclusive fraternity. It's also rapidly evolving, with current projects constantly building upon the good – and moving on from the bad – from past projects. Projects such as this also cater to specific needs/challenges of each stadium and market. HOK is designing the Stadium of the Future upgrade. The firm is one of the leaders in the field of large-scale sports and entertainment design – and designed Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The idea will be to ensure the stadium is exactly right for this situation.

Crash from Glen Saint Mary

OZ! The new stadium looks awesome and I hope it happens, but I'd still rather watch the game while sitting at the bar of a BBQ joint. Great chow, cheap beer and my own personal cheerleaders.


Eric from Jacksonville Beach, FL

I've been a Jacksonville resident since 1985 and really love this city. All the downtown development – including the stadium – is really exciting for me. Having an amazing downtown has long been a gap for us and the new projects and stadium are a great start for a much-needed face lift. I know part of the stadium plan is to host outside events, too (concerts, NFL Draft, other sporting events). Wouldn't the city get a cut of those profits too? I know all the focus is cost but seems like there are some other revenue streams to be had, too. Excited for the future of downtown Jacksonville!

The City of Jacksonville and its citizens will benefit from the Stadium of the Future – and from the development of downtown Jacksonville. That objective has been central to the design from the start and will remain so throughout the project.

TC from Section 124

The people not understanding the downtown development part of the new stadium need to understand a few things. The Jaguars and the NFL are asking the city to spend a large amount of public funds to build the stadium. To do that, the city must benefit. Property values in that area will soar, bring increased property taxes which will add to the city coffers. Construction and manning of those new businesses will create jobs, which will add to the payroll taxes and add new consumers to the Jacksonville work force. Thousands of people will visit that stadium and shop in stores, which increases sales tax again. Larger events in the area bring in people from outside the city to shop in those stores, stay in the hotels and buy tickets – all of which creates increased tax revenue from people outside of the city, which gets non-Jacksonville citizens helping to pay back the money spent – and that is a big win. Not to mention the fees those events will charge the promoters that are also not Jacksonville residents. The stadium will pay for itself and in the end provide more money to the Jacksonville coffers that are coming from people who don't even live here. Getting someone else to pay for your stuff is the new way of thinking in the world. Jacksonville citizens pay a portion of the initial cash required but get a pretty good return over the long run. Look deeper people, this is a good investment.


_Nick from Palatka, FL   _

Hey Zone: I know the NFL has to approve the new stadium arrangements, but do they have any say as to whether the Jags play elsewhere or in a construction zone during the renovation? Seems like they would frown upon the game being played with tarps and rusting infrastructure in the background during broadcasts.

It's not uncommon for teams to play home games at a stadium while it's being renovated/upgraded. The New Orleans Saints are playing home games at the Superdome during a four-year $450 million upgrade that is being funded two thirds by state/local funding and a third by the Saints. The issue with a four-year renovation plan for the Jaguars projected Stadium of the Future isn't as much appearance during construction as the $190 million increased costs associated with the approach.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

Wondering if you had a personal preference for a Jaguar jersey and pants color combination and in your many years of talking to the players any direction as to which one was a favorite of the locker room?

Not really. Not really. My experience is fans care about this much more than players or media.

J. Hooks from Orange Park, FL

I submitted a question before about what they were going to do with the pools and video boards, which I agree was too early to answer. Have you heard anything of what they are planning for the current practice facility and Daily's Place for the new stadium design?

The pools will remain in the projected upgraded facility and the current videoboards in each end zone will remain intact, with the videoboards essentially attached to new LED ribbon boards that will connect to lower and upper concourses. I suppose by "current practice facility" you mean the indoor field adjacent to Daily's Place. Both will remain intact, but the Jaguars' football operations will use the practice fields – including an indoor practice facility – at the newly constructed Miller Electric Center on the other end of the stadium moving forward.

Gabriel from Wyoming

I know you don't like rankings, but I notice that every quarterback ranking seems to list Herbert above T-Law. As I recall though, Herbert, couldn't win a game where he was spotted 27 points, while our guy came back from 27-0. What does the national media see in Herbert that so consistently has them ranking him above Trevor?

It's not that I like or dislike rankings. It's just that they mean absolutely nothing. Why do some people rank Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert over Trevor Lawrence? I assume it's because Herbert has been good for three seasons while Lawrence has been good for about half a season. If Lawrence keeps improving, he will move up these lists soon enough. And if he doesn't, it won't matter.

George from Arlington, VA

With the new Netflix series, Quarterback, what do you think are the chances we see Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the series in Season 2?

I haven't the foggiest, but I am rewatching Letterkenny on Hulu. Genius.

John from Cape May Court House

I'm tired of reading about stadium questions. Wake me up when something gets finalized. Since we're in the Dead Zone, I might as well ask a dead-zone question. I'm not a baseball fan and this time of the year stinks for sports. If I was Adam Silver, why would I want to compete with the NFL and NHL for half my season? Start the NBA on Christmas Day and have the Finals in September, right as football is kicking off. It would just be nice to watch something else besides a 2-2 pitch getting fouled off for the 5th time in a row. Anyways that is all. As you were.

If I were NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, I'm wondering why I have to change my schedule for the NHL. And maybe I'm wondering why people can't watch Letterkenny in July.