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O-Zone: Just wondering

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Chris from Mandarin:
Hypothetically, would it have been against the rules for the Jaguars to hold off on hiring their quarterbacks coach until Blake Bortles is done with his time at 3DQB with Adam Dedeaux in California, and then hire him to get around the fact that coaches aren't allowed to interact with players in the offseason? That is, assuming Dedeaux would be interested. ...
John: That would not be against the rules, but Dedeaux is a motion mechanics instructor as opposed to a coach. That means he focuses on the specifics of mechanics and fundamentals as opposed to coaching the overall position. He and Tom House run a very successful business out of Southern California and they work with many different quarterbacks on their own schedule – as opposed to the year-round, round-the-clock schedule of a coach. He also presumably is well-paid and doesn't have the stress of needing to win to keep his job – and he doesn't have knowledgeable fans and clueless senior writers criticizing his every move and decision. So, yeah … there's a chance he might not just jump at the chance to work as an NFL position coach.
Greg from Nashville, TN:
"I'd hate to use the phrase 'help him along' because I think Caldwell can succeed without help"... the last four years show otherwise, and Shad Khan's recent moves show otherwise as well. But at least the demoted general manager has the senior writer in his corner.
John: OK.
Clinton from Terre Haute, IN:
Is it out of the question for us to try to bring in Eric Berry? I think that money would be well spent and would benefit almost immediately. I've been a fan since 1995. I just want to see some wins; 8-8 would be like a Super Bowl win with all the luck we have had in the past few years.
John: Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry is scheduled to become a free agent this offseason. He also is a really good, difference-making player and has made it clear in recent days he wants to remain in Kansas City. My experience is that teams like to keep really good, difference-making players and that really good, difference-making players tend to re-sign with their teams in free agency even when there is speculation, talk and dreaming by fans of other teams to the contrary. The guess here is Berry remains in Kansas City. If he doesn't, then by all means the Jaguars should try to sign him. He's big-time. Go for it.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars should hold open tryouts. I'm a better quarterback than Blake Bortles and I can play offensive line better than four of the five starters. But then again, so could my five-year old daughter. We need a better team in Jacksonville. We the fans are done.
John: You're probably right about your five-year old. And you're right that the Jaguars need to improve.
Eric from St. Augustine, FL:
How is it that during the season all the people down on Bortles were clamoring for Brandon Allen to come in at quarterback? Now that the draft is coming up, we must draft a quarterback, or get one in free agency to give Bortles competition. Why was Allen so great during the season, and now not even an afterthought? Is he really bad, and should not have been kept on the roster – or was this the case of the best quarterback is always on the bench? Every fan knows that! Do you see a future for Allen?
John: I honestly have no idea what Allen's NFL future holds, and I have no idea why people clamoring feel one way or the other about Allen. I try not to assess the mindset of clamorers; my experience is that's usually a dangerous, disturbing task. What I can tell you is Allen is an unproven sixth-round quarterback, and while there are cases of unproven sixth-round quarterbacks emerging as four-time Super Bowl champions, there are far more cases of sixth-round quarterbacks emerging as … former sixth-round quarterbacks. Allen looked good at times in training camp and practice last season. I can also tell you that just because a rookie quarterback doesn't play doesn't mean he shouldn't be kept on a roster. I'm sure he will figure into the quarterback competition this offseason. I doubt he beats out Bortles because it's a stretch to believe he's better than Bortles. I also doubt Allen will be the only player considered by the Jaguars as possible competition this offseason for Bortles because I think a vast array of considerations will be considered in the coming months. When you go 3-13 and bring in new leadership, re-considering and re-evaluating is part of the equation.
Jonathan from Duval:
Which of the bands excite you the most that were just announced to be coming to Daily's?
John: I was so disappointed Mister Mister wasn't involved that I didn't want to talk about it for a while.
Bill from Hawthorn Woods, IL:
Nice to see all the information on Daily's Place. It seems to be coming together as a great enhancement to the city and Jaguars experience. I would assume another Super Bowl isn't in the city's near future, but could this addition bring the draft to Jacksonville? Indianapolis has become a combine tradition, so why not Jacksonville becoming the draft tradition?
John: I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see Jacksonville host the NFL Draft. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan has mentioned that as a possibility while discussing the Daily's Place/amphitheater/flex-field improvements and his vision for how those improvements will enhance downtown Jacksonville. Things Khan mentions as possibilities have this weird way of happening.
Carol from Jacksonville:
Here's a shout out to Kelvin Beachum and his parents! They were on the HGTV Show Fixer Upper this past week. What a wonderful family! Kelvin's parents purchased a home that needed to be remodeled and Kelvin helped pay for it. We seem to always hear negative things about players so this was refreshing! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Beachum for having such a wonderful family!
John: Hey, one fer Beachum! And family!
Jonathan from Jacksonville:
You keep saying you believe Bortles will be the Jaguars' starting quarterback in Week 1 next season because you believe it will be difficult for the Jaguars to find a better option given the players available in free agency and in the draft. Now riddle me this O: If Bortles doesn't improve this year, now all of a sudden there's gonna be a better options in 2018? All of a sudden they would be able to find a replacement within two years instead of this year? Care to explain?
John: I think it will be difficult for the Jaguars to find a replacement for Bortles without spending major equity either in the form of money or draft selections. It's always difficult to spend your way to a quality starting quarterback because elite quarterbacks aren't available for purchase, and that usually leaves you spending insane amounts for unproven – and often so-so – players. For that reason, if/when the Jaguars replace Bortles I believe the odds are greater that it will happen through the draft. The 2018 NFL Draft is supposed to be a good quarterback draft while the 2017 NFL Draft is not considered good for quarterbacks. The draft typically is the best place to find a long-term answer at quarterback, so in that sense … sure, there is a decent chance there would be a more attractive option for competition available in 2018 than 2017.
Joe from San Antonio, TX:
I'm thinking the vast majority of Jags fans would be ecstatic if the last home game of the season was boring because the Jags were resting starters for the playoffs. I know I would be, but maybe I'm the weird one.
John: That's not what makes you weird.
Yikes from Jacksonville:
Cardinals hire Byron Leftwich as quarterback coach?! Is this April Fools? Seriously, I never understood how a mediocre quarterback could ever become a quarterbacks coach. It's laughable at best.
John: I'm sorry you don't understand. That can be an unsettling feeling. But no, it's not actually laughable that a mediocre quarterback could become a quarterbacks coach – or a quality offensive coordinator. Or even a very good head coach. It's actually a relatively common occurrence. Jason Garrett. Jim Harbaugh. Sean Payton. Sam Wyche. None were great NFL quarterbacks … all are pretty good coaches.
Chris from London, UK:
O, you say you believe Bortles will be the Jags' starting quarterback next season as quarterbacks of proven better or similar quality are not out there. Two words for you Tyrod Taylor!
John: I agree that Taylor would be good competition this offseason. I even agree that Taylor might be better than Bortles. But might is a key word, and considering what Taylor likely will command … well, I can't see the Jaguars paying big-free agent money for something that's closer to "might" than a sure thing.
Steve from Jacksonville:
John, what do you think? Just wondering...
John: I honestly have no idea anymore.

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