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O-Zone Late Night: Cowboys 40, Jaguars 7

ARLINGTON, Texas – This was about as bad as is imaginable.

The Jaguars lost 40-7 to the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium Sunday, and there's no other way to say or analyze it other than the game was every bit as one-sided and ugly as the score.

This felt one-sided from the start. It was one-sided from the start.

The Cowboys outgained the Jaguars, 251-64, in the first half; it finished 378-204. The Cowboys had 17 first downs to three for the Jaguars in the first half; that statistic finished 23-10. This was as one-sided as it gets in the NFL, and that's not a good thing for a Jaguars team that entered the game talking about winning a big road game to put a one-sided loss at Kansas City last week in the rear view.

Most notable for the Jaguars, of course, is this: A defense that entered the game ranked No. 1 in the NFL in total yards and passing yards allowed played nothing like that. The Cowboys scored on their first four possessions after entering the game 25th in the NFL in total yards.

The offense struggled, too. That was perhaps expected considering the injured state of the offensive line, the running backs and the tight-end position, but it wasn't expected to the tune of three first-half first downs.

Sigh. Not much to break down Sunday. This was total – and yeah, it was discouraging.

Let's get to it …

Richard from Irvine

The Kansas City loss was at least understandable. The Chiefs are a really good team playing well. This loss makes no sense. Dallas is not a good team. Dallas was not playing well. And yet the Jags got blown out. They look more like a bad team that has had a couple of good games than a good team that had a couple of bad ones. What gives?

That's exactly how it looked. And that was the tone in the post-game locker room. That tone was the right tone early Sunday evening, by the way. Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone talked of owning the loss, and of the responsibility starting with him. The word "poor" was used to describe the performance. No one was fooling themselves. This team knows this is a crisis, and knows the task now is just winning a game. What gives? Injuries are a start. Communication on defense is an issue, too. As Marrone said afterward, it's not just one thing after a loss like that. It would be better if that were the case. There's a lot of work to do. In a hurry.

Stefanie from Quinton, VA

I know that injuries are plaguing the team right now, but outside of that, how do the Jaguars play a perfect game against the Patriots then play the way they do against Dallas?

Injuries are the main answer, because injuries to running back Leonard Fournette and Corey Grant are keeping this team from being the back-centric offense the team envisioned before the season. Injuries to left-tackle Cam Robinson, wide receiver Marqise Lee and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins have conspired to hurt that area, too. That's part of it. As for the defensive performance Sunday? I can't attribute that to injury – or much of anything. Units have bad games. The Jaguars' defense had one Sunday. A really bad one. I don't have much more to say about it. I wish I did.

Andrew from Matoon, IL

...and yet we are still in first place.

You make a good point, Andrew. The Jaguars now are tied with the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans at 3-3 for first place in the AFC South. So, yes, they're in first place. And that's something. Really.

Will from Corpus Christi, TX

Embarrassing would be an understatement.

It was bad.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Jags are broken on offense and what is up with the defense? We are trash, John.

It was bad.

John from Cape May Courthouse, NJ

No other way to put it, this isn't a very good team. This includes players and coaches. There's plenty of blame to go around.

It was bad.

Bruce from Hangtown, NJ

So pretty much ten minutes of any Jags game will tell ya the outcome. Out.

This isn't far off. The Jaguars have yet to trail in a game they have won this season. They have yet to lead a game they have lost. I don't know much of that trend matters in a game as one-sided as Sunday's, but it's definitely a trend.

Big on Blake from Philly

Regardless of the Outcome, the Jags just won with those uniforms! Ooooweee. Gloss black helmet, black tops and teal pants, that's a fashion pick six right there. Duuuuval. Go Jags.

I kind of liked the teal pants and black jerseys, too. It was the first time the Jaguars had used that combination. It didn't feel like the Jaguars won, though.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

Are you ready to admit Jags are a joke?

I sure wasn't laughing Sunday.

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