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O-Zone Late Night, Week 8: Jaguars 20, Steelers 10

O-Zone Late Night

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — The streak continues.

That's what mattered Sunday. It was all that mattered. And that's why the Jaguars’ 20-10 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Acrisure Stadium was so impressive.

Not that it stood out significantly from the previous four consecutive victories. It didn't.

Not that the Jaguars played exceptionally well offensively. They didn't.

Not that they did anything too spectacular defensively. They didn't.

Spectacular and exceptional weren't necessary Sunday. The Jaguars instead played as they have throughout a five-game winning streak that has them two and a half games clear of the rest of the AFC South and tied for the best record in the AFC at 6-2.

They played solidly. They got a lead and protected it. They made key plays at key times. They played really well defensively and good enough offensively. They won. And now it's time for the bye.

The good guys are hot.

Let's get to it …

Rusty from Ocala

Why is Josh Allen not getting the credit T.J. Watt gets this year? He and the entire defense are having an as good as year as the Steelers D.

This was the much-ballyhooed, mega-anticipated, this-time-insightful First Email of the Game. Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt is a former NFL Defensive Player of the Year and the Steelers' have a longstanding reputation for good defense. Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen has made one Pro Bowl but hasn't had the career production of Watt – and the Jaguars' defense doesn't have a longstanding reputation. That's pretty much the reason. Allen now has nine sacks after having two Sunday and the Jaguars' defense is really good. Credit and praise for the fifth-year veteran are on the way and deservedly so.

Ken from Jacksonville

Second quarter, 10:15 at the five-yard line. Throw it away. Terrible decision-making by Trevor.

This referenced a second-quarter interception thrown by quarterback Trevor Lawrence Sunday. Yep, it was a bad decision.

_Dan from Jax _

Really? What part of throwing the ball away when under pressure in the red zone doesn't Trevor understand?

This referenced a second-quarter interception thrown by quarterback Trevor Lawrence Sunday. Yep, it was a bad decision.

Tom from Nocatee

Try this again … this team has a callous disregard for the football.

The Jaguars indeed have had too many turnovers this season. They had three Sunday and somewhat remarkably still never trailed and felt in control throughout. The giveaways haven't hurt them in the last five games. It's something that inevitably will hurt if it continues.

Mark from Crescent Beach

Bigsby is a bust!


Tom from Somewhere on the Intracoastal

Tom McManus may no longer lay claim to the title of "Greatest McManus to wear a Jaguars uniform."

Kicker Brandon McManus has been really good this season. He was really good Sunday, converting four of four field goals from 50, 51, 37 and 38 yards. This was a game in which three points and extending leads mattered a great deal. A big one fer McManus Sunday.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Signs of a great team are you can turn the ball over multiple times and still make enough plays to win the game. This was ugly, but it may have been the biggest win of the year. I thought we were doomed and we still found a way. Seeing Dewey waving their "little yellow towels" was icing on the cake!

I didn't see Jaguars safety Andrew Wingard waving a Terrible Towel Sunday. I'm a little sorry I missed it.

Hanlon from DC

Classic Jags versus Steelers football. All defense, no offense.

Pretty much.

Eric from Columbus, IN

Winning may be hard in the NFL, but we certainly like to make it harder than it has to be. Holy cow, so frustrating.

The Jaguars have won five consecutive games and lead the AFC South by two and a half games. They have trailed once in the last five games – 3-0 to the Indianapolis Colts, a deficit the offense erased on its first possession. Such streaks in the NFL are rare. Is it hard? Sure. But the Jaguars are controlling games to a remarkable extent.

_Lenny from London _

One for Brandon McManus. This is exactly the kind of game they got him for. Poor weather and field conditions and he still was able to kick 50-yarders with ease in a game where every point is important.


Tom from Mandarin

Two parter. Is the team not good enough or is the red-zone game plan un-executable? Secondly, why has the coaching staff reverted to using Trevor as a "game manager." Have they given up on him being elite?

Red-zone offense has been an issue at times this season for the Jaguars. One reason is the extended absence of wide receiver Zay Jones, who is very good in the area. It has nothing to do with the game plan being "unexecutable." As for Lawrence, he is the quarterback of a team that has won five consecutive games and that has won 11 of 13 regular-season games. Is he elite? I don't know. I know he tends to play really well in big moments and I know the Jaguars' 6-2 record is their best through eight games since 1999.