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O-Zone Late Night: Titans 36, Jaguars 22

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Wow. That was disturbing.

How else to describe what happened to the Jaguars in Tennessee Thursday night? The Jaguars lost to the Titans, 36-22, at Nissan Stadium and it didn't seem that close.

Most of the questions in the in-box focus on Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley's job security. Many fans want change. I understand that; it's very understandable in the wake of a 2-5 start that isn't remotely living up to expectations.

A one-sided loss on national television in the manner that the Jaguars lost on Thursday is the sort of loss that often leads to change. Will that change come? I do not know.

I do know what happened Thursday was bad, disturbing and ugly at times.

I'll answer questions best I can. I doubt many answers will satisfy. Apologies in advance.

Let's get to it …

Tommy from Corona, CA:
This is unbelievably pathetic. Looks like the '76 Bucs. I love Gus, but this is Keystone Cops stuff. I am in shock.
John: Frankly, I am a bit shocked, too. I didn't expect greatness from this team. I expected a push for .500, perhaps – and I certainly didn't expect anything like what we saw Thursday. There's very little to say. Thursday was total defeat. It shouldn't be this way.
Paul Paul from Duval:
Week 8. Season over. Goodnight.
John: That's how it feels. It shouldn't feel that way because this season shouldn't be 2-5 with one-sided, national-television losses. But that's how it does feel. Bad. Really bad.
Terry from Chester, VA:
Pathetic and embarrassing.
John: For long, long stretches Thursday – yeah, pretty much.
Devin from Charleston, SC:
Are the wheels completely off yet?
John: If they weren't off in the first half I don't want to be around when they do come off.
Moshe from Mexico City:
The players have spoken: it's obvious they want a new head coach. We (fans) deserve better, much better.
John: That's an understandable sentiment. This was a team that needed to bring its best effort Thursday. That did not appear to be such an effort.
Shane from Washington, DC:
Just no offense...
John: No, there was no offense Thursday – at least not when it mattered. But on Thursday there honestly wasn't enough of anything. There's little question the offensive stagnation hurt, and ineffectiveness on that side of the ball drags everything down. But the Jaguars' defense also allowed a 36-yard second-quarter touchdown pass to wide receiver Kendall Wright that was far too easy and the Titans had 354 yards offense at halftime. This was bad – inexcusably, franchise-shakingly bad – all around.
Brian from Does it Matter?:
You can see it in his face. No confidence. Gun shy with throws. Where is Blake's head at John? And don't say above his shoulders.
John: This is not the time for cute answers, though I'm sure I could think of a few. There seems little question that Bortles is struggling with confidence right now – and with reason. He's not playing well. The Jaguars' offense showed few if any signs of life early Thursday, and you never had a real feeling – particularly in the first half – that that was going to change. I don't know where Bortles' head is at. I only know this Jaguars offense doesn't seem to have answers and it's tearing apart the season.
Adam from Lynbrook, NY:
I have a feeling I'll be going to bed early tonight …
John: This was the much-anticipated, over-analyzed, oft-ballyhooed first email of the game. No word on when Adam drifted into the land of nod.
Marco from Lima, Peru:
O, this project has failed. We have been out-coached by two former head coaches in a row. Offense is non-existent. Defense is undisciplined. Time for a change.
John: Thursday's performance was the sort that often prompts change. I don't know if it will prompt change in this case. We'll see.
Chris from Mandarin, FL:
This year's team is one of the worst versions I've seen. 14-41.
John: That's certainly true of the offense, with the frustrating thing for the team obviously being that the defense in many stretches has played OK. They didn't play remotely OK during the second quarter Thursday. But whatever … we won't nit-pick on this one. Yeah, it's bad.
Ross from Fleming Island, FL:
I feel for you. Your job is like trying to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is shocking how utterly lost this team is.
John: Shocking was absolutely the right word – for parts of this Jaguars season, but certainly for what transpired Thursday night. I expected the Jaguars to play disciplined and turn in an inspired performance Thursday. I don't know that I realistically expected them to win because I thought without defensive tackle Roy Miller III this was going to be a tough matchup for the defense. I also doubted whether the offense could suddenly find itself in four days. But I didn't expect 27-0 at halftime. I didn't expect a 354-60 total-yardage edge for Tennessee at halftime. The degree to which the Jaguars were dominated was shocking. Absolutely.

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